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Les Etats-Unis dans la mondialisation

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Mapping Migration in the United States. On Thursday, we published a series of interactive charts showing how Americans have moved between states since 1900.

Mapping Migration in the United States

The charts show striking patterns for many states: You can trace the rise of migrant and immigrant populations all along the Southwest, particularly in Texas and Arizona; the influx of New Yorkers and other Northeasterners into Florida starting in the 1970s; and the growth in the Southern share of the Illinois population during the Great Migration. In 1900, 95 percent of the people living in the Carolinas were born there, with similarly high numbers all through the Southeast. More than a hundred years later, those percentages are nearly cut in half. The American Century. Davos 2012 - The Future of American Power in the 21st Century. Noam Chomsky (June, 2013) "The Future of American Power" Susan Glasser: US Foreign Policy in 2013 and Beyond. Globalization - America in the 'Global Game' - Clyde Prestowitz 2.20-6.02.

Inside the New York Stock Exchange. Academic Ranking of World Universities - 2013. Us-military-presence-in-the-world. Macdonalds-worldwide. World View of US Role Goes From Bad to Worse. Among the 25 countries polled, the most common view in 18 of them is that the United States is having a mainly negative influence, in five the most common view is that the US is having a positive influence, and in two views are evenly divided.

World View of US Role Goes From Bad to Worse

The most positive countries are Nigeria (72% mainly positive) and the Philippines (72%), while the most negative countries are Germany (74% mainly negative) and Indonesia (71%). Some of the sharpest drops in positive ratings over the last year came from four countries that have tended to be quite positive about the United States. Poland's positive ratings dropped 24 points from 62 percent a year ago to 38 percent. The Philippines dropped 13 points from a very high 85 percent to a still-high 72 percent. India fell from 44 percent to 30 percent. The US military presence in the Middle East is exceedingly unpopular. Interestingly the American public also seems to have serious doubts about US foreign policy. Why Silicon Valley’s Success Is So Hard to Replicate. SA Forum is an invited essay from experts on topical issues in science and technology.

Why Silicon Valley’s Success Is So Hard to Replicate

After decades of bafflement and frustration, the world is still struggling to guess the secret of Silicon Valley’s success. Sure, the towns and cities at the San Francisco Bay’s southern end have plenty of high-tech talent, but that’s scarcely an explanation: those ambitious young engineers and innovators could find work just about anywhere they choose.

You can list the features that brought so many of them to the valley, but the riddle remains. Yes, the surrounding area has its share of universities, government research centers and commercial labs. And a start-up could hardly ask for more encouraging circumstances: a large pool of highly educated workers; access to plentiful venture capital; and a highly entrepreneurial, risk-taking culture. But Silicon Valley has no monopoly on any of those features. Countries around the world are doing their best to copy the valley’s magic. Your Doorway To Silicon Valley - SVIC. Silicon Valley is not just a region, but an idea.

Your Doorway To Silicon Valley - SVIC

Click on the image to see info-graphics! Technically, Silicon Valley is the beautiful Valley of Heart’s Delight, home to 40 cities in the south San Francisco Bay Area which cross four counties: from San Mateo to Gilroy, Fremont to Scotts Valley, and beyond. The Valley includes the nation’s 10th largest city, San Jose, and cities small and large in Santa Clara, San Mateo, Santa Cruz, and southern Alameda Counties. But Silicon Valley is not just a region but an idea. Year after year, entrepreneurs and technology pioneers continue to blaze a trail to Silicon Valley.

The home of Facebook, Apple, Google, Stanford University and other innovation powerhouses, Silicon Valley continues to inspire the smartest, the most ambitious and passionate people to bring to live groundbreaking ideas that change the world. Many places try to replicate Silicon Valley success – New York, Austin, Beijing, Tel Aviv and Skolkovo.