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IRB 6400RF - Robots (Robotique) Box. Ultra Water Drops HD Stock Footage Collection. Mitch Martinez – Director of Photography | Free 4K Stock Footage. WikiFX Trance - WikiFX. Browse | FX Elements. X Muzzle Flash - front - 017 X Muzzle Flash - front - 016 X Muzzle Flash - front - 020 X Automatic Flash - front - 005 X Muzzle Flash - front - 014. Lightcraft Technology - Virtual Production, Real-Time 3D Graphics and Characters. Hervé Bazin - "L'homme - écrivain"'

Vous le savez, je considère avec étonnement et modestie une carrière que durant des années rien n'annonçait. Je sais ma chance et je trouve normales certaines rancunes comme certaines résistances de la part de gens qui ne comprennent pas toujours que ce qu'on a été ne préjuge pas de ce qu'on devient. Ne pas se trahir, ne pas se laisser récupérer, c'est un souci. Mais il en est d'autres: surmonter ses contradictions, ses fureurs, ses partis pris, vivre son âge, se remettre en question au nom même d'une réussite toujours relative, toujours provisoire où finit par dominer le sentiment d'avoir à la mériter davantage et d'assumer la responsabilité que comporte une large audience.

Hervé Bazin Hervé Bazin est connu pour ses romans et notamment Vipère au poing. Il s’illustra également comme essayiste et journaliste. De façon plus anecdotique, Hervé Bazin est l’auteur de plusieurs chansons dont Les derniers sont les premiers chantée par George Moustaki. Extrait de Hervé Bazin: Abécédaire (1985) Mark Florquin – Ellen DC by Mark Florquin, holographer. Reality blog | - Part 2. Metaio’s insideAR closed it’s doors for 2013 and I am now digesting all infos and demos. Today I want to summarize the keynote and continue with the demos in the next post.

A great show definitely! I had great fun, met many cool people again from the industry and sure saw many cool and found a few really amazing demos and ideas I will list in the next days! Always on, always augmented! This was the motto, when CEO Thomas Alt hit the stage in front of around 800 attendees from 33 countries. These can be on a macro or micro scale, leading to new AR scenarios outdoor, indoor and to new forms of interaction with objects and humans. A few demos were listed for these fields, e.g. the new IKEA solution (with SLAM tracking), the Audi eKurzinfo, the highly recognized Volkswagen “Marta” project with repair helper AR for the new XL1 or others.

CTO Peter Meier then took over and was asking himself and us the question how the smartphone of our children will look like? Stay tuned for more!

Matte painting

Supervision. 100 Years of Visual Effects in 5 minutes. Greg Downing - Portfolio - Panoramas, photogrammetry, High Dynamic Range Imaging. Milk « Aurum Light Blog. Today I have an interview for you that was just published by N-Photo photography magazine in the UK. In the actual print you can find only an unauthorized shortened version of my thoughts below. So, I thought it would be nice to drop a full length of the 10-Q&A, I hope you will find useful! Keep up great work Guys! Cheers Jaroslav [N-Photo] How did you make the move from architect to pro photographer? [JW] Depends on the assignment I still work simultaneously as an architect and a photographer. I went into photography because in this field the creative pay-off is much faster. Tell me more about promoting your work on FB, Flickr and Twitter – how do get your work and your name talked about? The truth is I don’t use social media very well, nor do I like to do that. To me the most important thing is the content.

To give you an example, the Milky Pinups series took me fifteen months to finish and eleven months before I posted them online the first six to promote the calendar. Florian Knorn. Débuter avec Evernote Smart Notebook. Le Smart Notebook Evernote de Moleskine Le Smart Notebook Evernote de Moleskine est le premier carnet papier conçu spécifiquement pour récupérer vos notes physiques sur votre compte Evernote. Il est même possible d'étiqueter et d'organiser automatiquement les notes tirées de votre Smart Notebook Evernote dans votre compte Evernote à l'aide des Smart Stickers fournis et de la fonctionnalité d'appareil photo pour page d'Evernote pour iPhone, iPad, iPod touch et appareils Android. Commandez votre Smart Notebook Evernote maintenant ! Evernote Premium offert Au dos de chaque Smart Notebook Evernote se trouve un code à activer pour bénéficier d'Evernote Premium gratuitement. Evernote Premium vous offre un quota mensuel de téléchargement montant plus élevé, des options de partage supplémentaires, une assistance prioritaire, des carnets hors connexion et bien plus encore.

Vous n'avez pas de compte Evernote ? Vous utilisez déjà Evernote ? Installez Evernote pour tous vos appareils Mobile Bureau. 360x180° Panorama Tutorial - Pt.1: Shooting the images. A new wave of brilliant invisible effects. In our continuing series on invisible effects, we go behind the scenes of the seamless face replacement work in surfing movie Chasing Mavericks, building extensions and day-for-night work in Hyde Park on Hudson, creating digital traffic for the TV series Banshee and delivering conjoined twins for the film Maattrraan.

Safer surfing Surfer Jay Moriarity’s spectacular wipeout at Mavericks – a big-wave location in Northern California – in 1994 is the inspiration for Chasing Mavericks directed by Michael Apted and Curtis Hanson. But to capture the story without placing actors and stuntriders in perilous danger from the immense waves, the filmmakers looked to innovative visual effects solutions from Digital Sandbox and VFX supe Scott E. Anderson. Face replacements The ultimate goal was to convincingly show Jonny Weston as Jay Moriarity and Gerard Butler as Frosty Hesson tackling the big-wave conditions. Watch Digital Sandbox’s breakdown of the face replacement work. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. The State of Rendering – Part 1. Part 1 of 2. This part deals with the rendering trends in the VFX industry today. Part 2 includes a run down of 14 of the most popular renderers for VFX. Many of the issues in this special two part series will also be covered in more depth in the July term at

Each Tuesday at ILM in the Presidio in San Francisco at the former military base on the northern tip of the San Francisco Peninsula overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge there is a lunch for all the ILM visual effects supervisors. It is a private lunch where they get to discuss anything and everything. ILM has an incredible wealth of visual effects supervisors with an astonishing collection of both Oscars and technical landmark innovations. “It is great. Rendering often comes up in conversations. Pacific Rim. ILM is not alone in seeing rendering as something in need of constant evaluation and far from a simple solution. Star Trek: Into Darkness. People can be very religious about their renderers! Mark Elendt 1. Rob Cook 1.1. JOSE ORTIZ. Reference / Inspiration | MUSIC + FORM. Bird Inspiration / Camera Here’s a pretty tight and simple model/animation of a bird. 16 sec can be the part when the first bird appears from the flower’s pollen.

It’s going to look very magnificent when the bird appears and we can have the close up of the bird. The model of the bird doesn’t have to be like this, but the camera of the bird can be similar to this. Transition reference Look at the 27 sec in the video, would be a good transition between jellyfish and flower. Bubbly and Empty Space Inspiration The bubbles can represent the jellyfishes. Scijinks :: What causes lightning and thunder? Zap! You just touched a metal doorknob after shuffling your rubber-soled feet across the carpet. Yipes! You've been struck by lightning! Well, not really, but it's the same idea. Your rubber-soled shoes picked up stray electrons from the carpet.

What causes lightning? So, do thunderclouds have rubber shoes? Lightning begins as static charges in a rain cloud. It's a little more complicated than that, but what results is a cloud with a negatively charged bottom and a positively charged top. When the strength of the charge overpowers the insulating properties of the atmosphere, Z-Z-Z-ZAP! How does the lightning "know" where to discharge—or strike? The electric field "looks" for a doorknob. But the lightning we usually care about most is the lightning that goes from clouds to ground—because that's us! As the storm moves over the ground, the strong negative charge in the cloud attracts positive charges in the ground.

Click for larger animated image What causes thunder? VFX Law reveals who the key decision makers are in VFX. GALLERIES STARNO.NET Frederic St-Arnaud - Matte Painting | Concept Art | Illustration. Deep Image Compositing › In Depth. The basic idea behind deep images isn’t new – storing more data than just the standard RGBA frame buffer has been a standard workflow for some time. As mentioned in the overview – what deep images try to solve is how this data is stored and referenced to avoid standard issues like edge aliasing etc. 2010 emerging from animal logic’s deep image implementation a paper was submitted to Siggraph, but got rejected. For anyone who wants to read up on it you can find a copy here. Creating Deep Images The initial implementation of the deep image tool set leverage’s Pixar’s deep shadow map as the file format due to ease of implementation and adoption within a production that was currently underway.

Reading Deep Images Currently there’s still a reliance on a proprietary, though documented, format, Pixar’s deep shadows, and the only way to read this format is to wrap up the dtex library that’s provided with Photorealistic Renderman. Data Storage Saving the deep data must ensure one important aspect. Course listing. HDRi Locations - ICT Graphics Lab. Introduction: We demonstrate a novel light probe which can estimate the full dynamic range of a scene with multiple bright light sources. It places diffuse strips between mirrored spherical quadrants, effectively co-locating diffuse and mirrored probes to record the full dynamic range of illumination in a single exposure.

From this image, we estimate the intensity of multiple saturated light sources by solving a linear system. Recording on-set illumination to render virtual objects into a real scene is often accomplished by acquiring a panoramic, high-dynamic range (HDR) image where the object is to be inserted, and to use this HDRI map as an image-based lighting source on the CG object. The spherical panorama can be obtained by stitching HDR fisheye images from different directions, or more rapidly by photographing a mirrored sphere. Material: Full Abstract: Supplemental Material: A_Single_Shot_Light_Probe_Supplemental-SIGGRAPH2012.pdf, 28.7 MB. Tandent Lightbrush: engineering an image. One of the more interesting new products shown at SIGGRAPH 2012 in LA was Tandent’s Lightbrush.

This was first previewed at a prior SIGGRAPH but it was not yet a product that could be purchased. Lightbrush comes from computer vision research and allows artists to independently work and manipulate surface colors and shading separately in a still picture. The image is split for artist adjustment. While video applications have been demonstrated, for now the product is sold for stills only. There is talk of a video version late next year but no details or pricing for that version have been published. While Photoshop has been able to select regions and manipulate them for a very long time, Lightbrush separates the original into a reflectance map and an illumination map.

This split was previously something only possible with computer graphic generated material. Original. Brightened shadow and edited reflectance. The company is not new, it has been doing computer vision research for some time. The Art of VFX | Exclusive VFX Interviews. VFX'n'3D.