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Mental health in fashion: it’s time to talk. Last week, the CFDA announced that New York would join London, Paris and Milan in getting its own men’s fashion week.

Mental health in fashion: it’s time to talk

The response was lukewarm. “New York Finally Gets Its Own Men’s Wear Week – But Will Anybody Come?” Questioned Vanessa Friedman’s piece for the New York Times, before pointing out that this addition to the calendar would mean almost non-stop fashion shows from January to March, a month of which kick off the AW15 womenswear season today. For those on the outside, the relentless pace of the industry is difficult to grasp. For insiders, the system of seasons and shows has become so familiar that it’s impossible to imagine abiding by any other calendar, or to conceive of a break in the cycle – despite suffering from what The Business of Fashion founder and editor-in-chief Imran Amed dubs “fashion week fatigue.”

Galliano and McQueen were human beings struggling to please with the eyes of the world watching their every move. Who Are Women Really Dressing For? The Answer Matters More Than You Think - Lone Wolf. Take a good look at the image on the left, who do you think Betty Brosmer (the Barbie-proportioned 50s model and author) had in mind when she put that outfit together in the morning?

Who Are Women Really Dressing For? The Answer Matters More Than You Think - Lone Wolf

We’re guessing it wasn’t her mother. Traditionally, women’s fashion has always been about drawing the male gaze. During an interview on Good Morning, America in 1979, sex-goddess Sophia Loren said that, “A woman’s dress should be like a barbed-wire fence: serving its purpose without obstructing the view.” The popular sentiment was that clothes were there to protect the body, but not so much that they cover up a woman’s sexy curves. But whatever may have been true of the past, today women are no longer dressing to impress men. What does meadham kirchhoff’s struggle say about the fashion industry?

When I was featured in the i-D x Business of Fashion #BOF500 film, I said something on camera that was singled out and duly lambasted on i-D's Instagram.

what does meadham kirchhoff’s struggle say about the fashion industry?

"The fashion industry is about creativity first and foremost and hopefully commerce second. " How Much Fashion Jobs Really Pay: 2014 Edition. Want to know how much your dream job pays?

How Much Fashion Jobs Really Pay: 2014 Edition

Fashionista's second annual salary survey can offer you some guidance on that question, and also give you a sense of what you might make at every step in your career. We surveyed more than 5,000 Fashionista readers about their jobs: what they do, where they work, and yes, how much they get paid. Categories, which are purposefully broad, include retail/sales/e-commerce, marketing, publicity, design, social media, editorial and creative.

Employees from some pretty major brands -- like Vogue, Marc Jacobs and Prada -- participated, so we're confident that these numbers are evident of what's really happening in the industry when it comes to pay. Stella McCartney on Proving Her Doubters Wrong. Stella McCartney was the keynote speaker at last night's CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund festivities, where Paul Andrew won the top honors.

Stella McCartney on Proving Her Doubters Wrong

McCartney gave a refreshingly frank speech about her career in fashion, opening by saying, "To be honest, I never felt comfortable saying, 'I’m a fashion designer.' Somehow, it never seemed to sum up exactly what I do. I’m far more interested in why and how we choose the clothes we wear, the psychology behind it. " The rise of the multi-talented multi-tasker. The people making waves in fashion, art and entertainment today seem to continuously morph into new roles and industries, revealing a host of talents instead of one signature skill.

the rise of the multi-talented multi-tasker

A new generation of creatives is finding success as model-actor-writer-creative director hybrids. Is multi-tasking the only way to make a name for yourself in the creative industries today? Think of your favorite writer, editor, designer, or model, and you can probably think of at least two other careers that person identifies with. Today’s “Ones to Watch” lists now include bold-face names with titles like DJ/photographer/activist/curator - think of Alexa Chung, Derek Blasberg, Tavi Gevinson, Michael Bailey Gates, and James Franco.

The Business of Fashion devoted its most recent print issue that debuted September 22nd to this new kind of celebrity, titled “Polymaths & Multitaskers.” How to Wear a Plunging V-Neck and Keep It All In. If you're planning to wear a plunging V-neck to an event anytime soon and don't want to flash everyone while raising the roof or reaching for the bread basket, you'll need to professionally secure your cleavage.

How to Wear a Plunging V-Neck and Keep It All In

But with a little preparation, the right tools, and this handy GIF guide, you'll no longer live in fear of freeing a nipple. Here, five easy steps to battening down the hatches. The Secret To Wearing High Heels Without Any Pain. How to Wear a Scarf Like a High-Fashion Cowboy. Printed scarves can be hard to wear.

How to Wear a Scarf Like a High-Fashion Cowboy

How to tie one without looking stodgy? Here's a solution that’s simple and chic: Tie it in the back, and let the point hang down the front, like a cowboy. It’s the perfect style to spruce up a slim, classic turtleneck or sweater, and it can instantly add an unusual drape to an outfit. Below, how to tie a colorful scarf, in three easy steps. Andre Leon Talley: 'There Are Ceilings That I Have Not Broken That I Should Have Broken'

"Yes, You Can Make It In Fashion" is a new HuffPost Style series that profiles men and women across every area of the fashion industry and explores how they rose to the top, how they thrive and practical advice they have for young people trying to break into their world.

Andre Leon Talley: 'There Are Ceilings That I Have Not Broken That I Should Have Broken'

Very few people have a resume that can rival that of Andre Leon Talley. Born in North Carolina, the 65-year-old fashion pundit has worked closely with Andy Warhol at Interview Magazine, Diana Vreeland at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Anna Wintour at Vogue -- so you could say he has the most impressive list of mentors in the biz. For a man with a personality that is larger than life and a longgggg list of accomplishments -- among other things, he has written books, served as a judge on "America's Next Top Model," hosted an Oscars show and received an honorary Doctorate of Humanities from Savannah College of Art and Design -- he is one of the warmest, most impassioned people we have ever met.

El debate: una fashion week para profesionales. Los fans de la moda están pidiendo que las Fashion Weeks estén abiertas al público, pero esta idea arruinaría su razón de ser.

el debate: una fashion week para profesionales

Anna wintour tiene razón: la pasarela está sobrevalorada. Hace pocos días, Anna Wintour comentó que para los nuevos diseñadores “una presentación creativa e interesante es igual de efectiva que hacer un desfile.” Las mejores parejas creativas. Terry y Tricia Jones empezaron i-D en 1980, imprimiéndola en el piso de arriba de su casa. Llevan en este negocio juntos durante más de 30 años. Soy becario, no idiota. Tradicionalmente, los becarios -los de expresión cansada y frustrada; las que llevan las maletas y envían cajas a showrooms- han estado poco menos que esclavizados en el mundo de la moda, trabajando gratis para las principales empresas del sector. ¿Continuará así esta tendencia? In Japan, Used Luxury Goes Mainstream. TOKYO, Japan — Luxury resale sites might seem like a threat to sales of new luxury product at retail stores. But, as with luxury cars and gadgets, services offering an easy way to offload unwanted items often encourage further consumption and attract new customers without the means to shop at full price.

In Japan, wardrobes are bursting with little-used luxury clothing and accessories. (With an estimated value in the range of ¥600 billion to ¥1.2 trillion, about $5 billion to $12 billion, Japan’s luxury market is one of the largest in the world). Etsy Wants to Get More Sellers' Goods in Brick-and-Mortar Stores. If you've stopped into a West Elm or the home goods department of Nordstrom sometime in the past two years, you might have stumbled across a smattering of goods from Etsy sellers, the outcome of a wholesale initiative Etsy has been beta-testing for the past two years.

The Etsy Wholesale program, which officially launches out of beta Tuesday, was founded to help some of Etsy's more established sellers take the next step and start selling their creations through third-party retailers, and to help the many independent boutiques that were scouring Etsy for new wares to identify sellers that are willing (and capable) of selling their goods wholesale. "We knew retailers were already coming to [to find] emerging designers," Vanessa Bertozzi, a senior program manager at Etsy Wholesale, tells Fashionista. WGSN Debuts Revamped Platform in Growth Drive.

LONDON, United Kingdom — Eight months after acquiring its rival Stylesight for an undisclosed sum, trend forecasting agency WGSN Group has debuted a wholly redesigned web platform that unites its products and services with those of its former competitor as part of a £50 million (about $84 million) initiative to drive growth and expand the company’s global reach. “Over the past two years we have had a £50 million investment programme in people, content, technology and acquisitions to ensure we remain at the leading edge of trend forecasting and trading insight,” Steve Newbold, managing director of trends at WGSN, told BoF in an exclusive interview. “One of the things we loved about Stylesight was its products and the technology they were using.

André Leon Talley, Isabel and Ruben Toledo's Advice For The YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund Recipients. Photo: The Coveteur/Trunk Archive André Leon Talley joined Isabel and Ruben Toledo at famed Broadway watering hole Sardi’s on Wednesday night before an audience of YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund recipients. Talk quickly turned to their shared histories: the three worked together as interns at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute in the mid-seventies, where former Vogue editor in chief Diana Vreeland served as a special consultant.

“I did not meet Mrs. How Far Can a Condé Nast Employee Walk in Heels? As Condé Nast prepares to move down to One World Trade Center, businesses are flocking to relocate within optimal walking distance from the publishing house. What is optimal walking distance? You may wonder. Well, if Condé Nast employees cannot walk there in heels, they will not walk there at all. What Thirteen People Wore to Their Interview With Anna Wintour. The only thing that’s more intimidating than a meeting with Anna Wintour is a job interview with her. Even among staff members whom she likes working with, the editor-in-chief of Vogue is notorious for giving employees’ outfits a knowing once-over. So what happens when you not only need to dress up (it’s an interview, after all), but also must choose a look that convinces her you’re Vogue material? That’s what we asked dozens of people who’ve been through the ringer in the past few decades.

Our thirteen favorite responses, full of Prada and plenty of subpar handbags hidden under desks, are below. In Fashion E-Commerce, Service is the Key Differentiator. Parisian ‘It’ Girl Jeanne Damas Can’t Live Without Red Lipstick and Heels. Anna Wintour and Sarah Jessica Parker: a power duo on: 'Late Night With Seth Meyers' Gauzy Lace Socks - AnOther's Lovers. Socks are perhaps the most banal, yet essential item in the wardrobe.

In winter, we cannot live without them – outside, they protect ankles from the icy blast, inside, they are the fleecy backbone of the ideal lounging outfit. And yet, come spring and the merest inkling of sunshine, we turn our backs on these once beloved companions, consigning them to the back of the drawer in favour of flimsy sandals and garish pedicures. Truly, the sock is the forgotten victim of summer. But help is at hand, in the sterling work of designers who are recalibrating the sock for S/S14. Prada's Animated Comics - Collections Digest. Instagram Fashion Memes - Style Tropes. Hanging Up Her Heels? Anti-Agency Seeks Out Talent 'Too Cool' to be a Model. Having a memorable personality and a cool job isn’t a consolation for not making it in the world of modeling anymore, at least according to the mission statement of a relatively new start up called Anti-Agency.

Dylan Brant and Chloe Perrin. Are Camera Phones Killing Fashion? LONDON, United Kingdom — Wow! All those live social media reports from Fashion Weeks in London, New York, Paris and Milan. 10 COMMANDMENTS OF FASHION WEEK, WINTER STYLE - afterDRK. What’s So Alluring About a Woman Known As Man Repeller? Jenna Lyons JCrew - Lena Dunham HBO Girls. New York Fashion Week Attendees - Fashion Tribes. Los looks masculinos del Paris Men’s Fashion 2014. Carta abierta a los medios: crítica 080. Why It’s a Great Time to Be a Young Designer. Bad Sample Sale Shopping Stories. Cómo combinar una full skirt para no parecer más ancha ni más baja. Cómo llevar una falda encima de un pantalón sin ganar tres tallas. Opinion: Is NYFW killing the circus? Jessica (Freaking!) Alba. Jessica Alba.

Isabel Marant Interview - H&M Collaboration & London Store. The making of a Vogue cover. Always & Forever. Always & Forever. Scott Schuman. The Sartorialist. Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele. Jenna Lyons J Crew Style and London Store Interview. Think Tank: When Skinny Suits Got Too Skinny - Sportswear - Men's Wear. The YOUTH issue. Miss Robin. Hillary Clinton Fashion - Reddit Pantsuit Rainbow 2013. 50 Shades Of Angela Merkel. Designer Trunkshows. Anna Dello Russo And Giovanna Battaglia Video. Spotted: the best model discovery stories gallery. Isabel Marant for H&M: interview and every item from the men's collection. Hamish Bowles in Drag... Kinky Gerlinky! Tavi gevinson's blog: oh my god an alpaca.

Entrevista a Pilar Pasamontes. Discovering Vladimir Restoin-Roitfeld - Journal - I Want To Be A Roitfeld. IWTB Interview: Fabien Constant - Journal - I Want To Be A Roitfeld. Carine Roitfeld: 'I want to show fashion can be a nice world, if a bit crazy' Garance Doré's Fashion Week. 10 Types of People You Meet at Fashion Week Parties. Why It’s So Hard for Assistant Designers to Become Fashion Stars. How Much Fashion Jobs Really Pay. Miuccia Prada, head of luxury brand label, speaks of fascination with 'ugliness' Disney Princess Dresses Up For Auction — Harrods. Rachel Comey Shoes Designer - Career Advice. The New Stylist Behind Lady Gaga’s Makeover. Gaga Talks Breakfast; Others Discuss Her Weight Loss. Fashion: Why fashion will always need shock treatment - News. Ugly Shoes- Birkenstocks, Tevas, And More. Kering Stories by Garance - Family. Fashion’s Blind Spot. Feature_Chanel Iman_Jourdan Dunn_Arlenis Sosa_Is Fashion Racist_Vicki Woods_Norman Jean Roy - Magazine.

Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman on what keeps her grounded. Exploring Jessica Fletcher's Closet. En el estudio de Andrés Gallardo. May I introduce: Jon Kortajarena - {{ choosen_album.subline. Kate Young Interview, Photos, And Home Tour. Vivienne Westwood. 360 Degree Panoramic VR Photography. Cameron Russell: El aspecto no lo es todo. Créanme, soy modelo.

Inside Dolce & Gabbana's exclusive couture club. Letter from Paris: Elegant Monsters. John Galliano, A Second Chance, but on His Own. John Galliano. Mr. Letterhead - McQueen Shows A Corporate Side - THE BIG MCs. Alexander McQueen - The Real McQueen. Friends Reflect on the Designer Alexander McQueen’s Death. The Metropolitan Museum of Art Honors Alexander McQueen. The Circus of Fashion. TAKE MY PICTURE. Blog is a Dirty Word. The Business of Blogging.