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Make my lemonade

Make my lemonade

Happy New Year my little chestnuts ! I allowed myself one more day to recover from my atomic new year’s eve… But I’ve heard that you can wish people happy new year until the end of January so no rush… There we are, I wish you, in no particular order, love (of course), but also health (we don’t think about it when everything is fine but is is incredibly important), work (a lot of work), creativity (especially), trips (lots) and encounters (inspiring)… Wonderful Year 2014 to all… I’d like to use this post to talk to you about the news in 2014. I’m not going to tell you everything but there will be new things, nothing radically different but little tools and other goodies not to waste a single drop of your lemonade…

Dashing Dish, Healthy Alternatives to the Food you Crave

Dashing Dish, Healthy Alternatives to the Food you Crave Have you ever found yourself thinking, “If I could just lose those last 10 pounds…”, “If I could only get that promotion…”, ” If I could only have nicer things…”(and the list goes on). If you are living and breathing on this earth, then there’s a strong possibility that you’ve found yourself thinking these types of thoughts whether you realize it or not. As women, much of where we feel our ‘imperfections’ lie are discovered only after we measure ourselves against others. Often times, we may even feel like we ‘look pretty good’, or that ‘we’ve got great things going for us’ only to go outside of our homes and see someone who has something that we don’t.
18 décembre 2013, posté par Fricotin dans C'est BeauEvénements Le canard…ce mot bizarre, qui vous faisait rire, petit, quand vous trempiez votre morceau de sucre dans le café de votre grand-mère, a inspiré Malongo, et de nombreux jeunes designers qui ont participé au concours « Sortir le café de sa tasse ». Le but ? Daily Fricote Daily Fricote
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