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Dashing Dish, Healthy Alternatives to the Food you Crave

Dashing Dish, Healthy Alternatives to the Food you Crave
Have you ever found yourself thinking, “If I could just lose those last 10 pounds…”, “If I could only get that promotion…”, ” If I could only have nicer things…”(and the list goes on). If you are living and breathing on this earth, then there’s a strong possibility that you’ve found yourself thinking these types of thoughts whether you realize it or not. As women, much of where we feel our ‘imperfections’ lie are discovered only after we measure ourselves against others. Often times, we may even feel like we ‘look pretty good’, or that ‘we’ve got great things going for us’ only to go outside of our homes and see someone who has something that we don’t. Suddenly, we find ourselves feeling dissatisfied, wishing that we could change or improve something about our lives. I’ve definitely been a victim to this way of thinking, and I’ve observed it in people all around me.

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Make Your Own Silhouettes Have you noticed that silhouettes are all the rage these days? I see them in magazines, on blogs, books, and the TV. I’ve priced them out a few times, only to be disappointed by how costly they can be. In kindergarten, I vaguely remember my teacher shining a light at us while we stood by a wall with a big piece of white paper taped on it. It was so hard trying not to wiggle as she traced our shadow which we turned into a silhouette. Thank goodness things have gotten a little more sophisticated so that as we can replicate this process without the need for a large light, and trying to make a 4 year old sit still for a whole 3 minutes.

Blendtec 725 + {Cauliflower & Quinoa Pizza Sticks} Some mail days are better than others. Am I right? These days it's usually junk or a bill... or junk disguised as a bill. Smoked Mackerel Salad By Vicky in Salad 4 Comments Tags: almonds , Mackerel , oranges , radishes I love smoked mackerel. It’s such a great fish, readily available and with the added bonus of being very good for you. I think some people find its flavour a bit too strong, so I created this salad which I think balances out the strong fishy flavour with some other great tastes. It’s best to prepare all the elements first and then assemble just before serving so that everything stays crunchy and fresh.

Oh Mega Carrot Cake Breakfast Cookies & Superfood Green Monster Well, I didn’t end up making the Itty Bitty Carrot Cake Cookies, but I did end up making an off-spring! Meet the carrot cake cookie in breakfast form. I cut down the oil (using applesauce to replace some of it) and amped up the protein, fibre, and healthy fats naturally using ground flax. In my first version, I used protein powder instead of flax, but the texture was weird and the flavour was off. Ground flax all the way! I also left them chunky instead of flattening them down. roast chicken with dijon sauce This is a story about closets, and how messy they can get when you spend a year caring for a baby and put things away so haphazardly that one day, they won’t close at all and you beg your in-laws to watch the baby for a few hours so you can go to a barget some sleepclean out your closets. Yep, things can get that bad. But if I hadn’t cleaned out this closet, I wouldn’t have snuck off to the bedroom for a while with an old issue of Gourmet I discovered in a totebag, the French Bistro one, and found a chicken recipe I couldn’t believe I hadn’t made yet. That I had to make immediately.

Homemade Holidays: Crock Pot Candles Growing up in my house, we always made our own holiday gifts. We were pretty poor, and I suppose it was our only option. But it was never presented to me like that (I didn’t even know what ‘poor’ was, really, and I had a stupendously fabulous childhood full of ‘thing finding’ and ‘government cheese’. But that’s another story.) It was all about crafting our caring into something unique, something personal. My mom and I made play-doh ornaments, or baskets of baked goods, or clay coffee mugs.

Radish, Mascarpone, Honey, Salt recipe on Food52 Author Notes: I lurv radishes! I’ve done the radish/butter thing, which is a great combo. I even roasted them – good, too! World’s Healthiest Chocolate-Chip Cookies? I wanted to thank everyone who likes the Chocolate-Covered Katie Facebook page. It means more to me than you will ever know. Cookie Monster! The other day, I got an urge to make chocolate cookies. 'American Idol' Elimination Night: Who Are the Remaining Top 4? Michael Becker / FOX This week’s American Idol theme of Brit Pop produced some of the strongest vocal performances of the season. Alas, after 60 million votes cast -- according to host Ryan Seacrest -- one of the Top 5 got the boot. VIDEO: 'Idol Hangover': Season 10's Haley Reinhart Talks Taking Risks on 'American Idol,' Feeling Sexy on New Album

Lentils Folded into Yogurt, Spinach, and Basil recipe on Author Notes: Make this with a light touch so you can taste the different ingredients involved. And serve it in smaller portions than you might imagine -- let people come back for seconds. It is a nod to pesto and a salute to yogurt. You can buy baby spinach year-round.