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Prepping--Stockpile & Security

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Solar Powered Generators, Stand Alone Systems, Solar Panels, Charge Controllers. How to Store Fuel Properly. Fuel is one of the most important things that you can use in an emergency.

How to Store Fuel Properly

Whether it powers a car, generator, or stove; you’ll need to make sure that your fuel is ready for when you need it. Handle all fuels with care. Remember that all of these could light at a moment’s notice. How to Make Your Own Pepper Spray. Master the Craft of Knife Throwing. 8 Ways Anyone Can Prepare for a Power Outage. A few weeks ago we arrived back home from visiting family to find that we had no electricity and no running water.

8 Ways Anyone Can Prepare for a Power Outage

It was about 8 p.m. so it was beginning to get dark and we were a little disorientated anyway from just getting home after a long road trip with the little ones. 25 DIY Weekend Preparedness Projects. Have some extra time on your hands?

25 DIY Weekend Preparedness Projects

Looking for projects you can do today (or this weekend) to be better prepared? Well, look no further. Here are 25 great weekend preparedness projects I’ve gathered up from around the web. Scratch Mommy – Life, From Scratch Top Animals for the Homestead - Scratch Mommy - Life, From Scratch. As I transitioned from a suburban homesteader to a rural one, animals were one of the first things I wanted to add to our property.

Scratch Mommy – Life, From Scratch Top Animals for the Homestead - Scratch Mommy - Life, From Scratch

I was positively enamored with the idea of raising my own flocks and herds to help feed my family! Several years later, I am still constantly adding animals to our homestead, and I’m here to warn you that livestock can be addictive! Here is my list of top animals for the homestead, based on copious amounts of research and my own trial and error. Chickens (for eggs) Chickens were the first animals we added to our little homestead. Chickens (for meat) Once you fully embrace the homesteading lifestyle, you might really want to consider raising your own meat chickens. Chicken processing day is a family affair for us, with everyone pitching in to make light work. Rabbits (for meat) Rabbits are another small animal that are frequently raised in backyards for meat. Ducks (for eggs and meat) Root Cellar Plans. The cool, moist and dark conditions of a root cellar make it the perfect place to keep many fruits and vegetables crisp and delicious for weeks — even months — of storage.

Root Cellar Plans

And while there are myriad ways to store vegetables, our innovative root cellar plans show you how to build a root cellar by modifying a new, precast concrete septic tank. Build Your Own Crossbow in 10 Steps. Ten Principles of Preparedness: #10 Communication. In the second season of one of my favorite television shows, "Jericho", there was a perfect illustration of what can happen if reliable communication does not exist (I recommend you renting this two-season series or at least catching some of it on

Ten Principles of Preparedness: #10 Communication

While communication is the last aspect of the Principles of Preparedness, this doesn’t mean it’s insignificant in any way. In fact, there’s a lot of danger, panic, relying on misinformation and chaos that can arise, all from the lack of communication. When the earthquake occurred in Haiti, the first thing that concerned anyone who knew anyone in that area was “were they alright?” So much so that working phone lines were maxed out for as many as 5 days after the event. This made for difficult circumstances not just for family and friends trying to check on their loved ones, but also hindered the coordination efforts for relief and recovery. Learning Morse Code, mirror signaling, etc. isn’t just for those ambitious young Boy Scouts. Supply Checklist for Your Bugout Location. A bugout location, or BOL, is where you plan to go in case of a mass evacuation or panic, such as what follows an earthquake or tsunami.

Supply Checklist for Your Bugout Location

If you live in a city devastated by a natural or manmade disaster, you might wish to leave the city and head for the h ills. Maybe you have a hunting shack on 40 acres a couple hours away — this would be your bugout location. If you live in the country, you might prefer to hunker down at your home, in which case you want to be sure you have reserves to sustain you for several days or weeks without the need to restock. Learn more about bugging out. The Survivalist group on Facebook has over 1000 members, many of whom are experienced hobbyists in the area of survival skills or emergency preparation.

I asked them to post three items they would want to have at their bugout location. Not all suggestions will apply in every situation, but go through them and pick out what will work for you: Thanks to all the group members who participated! What is the Best Gun for Emergency Preparedness? 10 Items to Stockpile Right Now. Even if you don’t fear economic meltdown, war, or tyranny, nature doesn’t care who’s in control of the government.

10 Items to Stockpile Right Now

At this writing it’s 12 days after hurricane Sandy struck the Northeastern United States, and there are still hundreds of thousands of people without food, water, fuel, heat, and electricity. In this article we’ll discuss ten items to stockpile right now for natural or political disasters. It blows my mind that with all the warning people had, so many of them still failed to prepare.