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Living A Creative Life. ABOUT - Florent Tanet. Florent Tanet (1987 ) is a French photographer and art director working and living in Paris .

ABOUT - Florent Tanet

In 2013 he devoted himself exclusively to photography and art direction with a strong interest for still-life . Multidipliscinary photographer, he works at the intersection of art, sculpture, graphic design and photography. His photos make ordinary scenes and objects into something complex and remarkable. Florent takes complete freedom with the objects and use them as material to create his compositions. Les fondateurs. Accueil. HURBAN VORTEX - Boris Wilensky. Boris Wilensky est un photographe français de 43 ans.

HURBAN VORTEX - Boris Wilensky

Saddo. ELECTRIC PUSSY. M O N I C A L O Y A. Jacob Mcgraw-Mikelson & Rachell Sumpter @Park Life (5/23) "Six Degrees" opens tonight, Friday Jan 16th (7-10pm) at FFDG in San Francisco.

Jacob Mcgraw-Mikelson & Rachell Sumpter @Park Life (5/23)

~Group show featuring: Brett Amory, John Felix Arnold III, Mario Ayala, Mariel Bayona, Ryan Beavers, Jud Bergeron, Chris Burch, Ryan De La Hoz, Martin Machado, Jess Mudgett, Meryl Pataky, Lucien Shapiro, Mike Shine, Minka Sicklinger, Nicomi Nix Turner, and Alex Ziv. Work by Meryl Pataky In Wake of Attack, Comix Legend Says Satire Must Stay Offensive Friday, 09 January 2015 09:59 Ron Turner of Last Gasp "[Satire] is important because it brings out the flaws we all have and throws them up on the screen of another person," said Turner. Dulk’s Broken Thoughts at Galleria Varsi. Landscape and animals draw human attention since the dawn of mankind.

Dulk’s Broken Thoughts at Galleria Varsi

Artists were challenged how to represent them independently of their perception of reality. Especially animals were of great interest because of their symbolical depictions as man. Sans titre. Gallery — Print Van Paris. The embroidered portraits of Cayce Zavaglia. The creations of the American artist Cayce Zavaglia, who uses colored cotton threads to achieve some very beautiful embroidered portraits, with great finesse and impressive realism.

The embroidered portraits of Cayce Zavaglia

Images © Cayce Zavaglia / via. Matthew Quick Artist - HOME. About. Nous contacter. Joana Vasconcelos. Peter Kogler. Yago Partal. About International Initiatives Invitational. IN3 Art Worldwide delivers real world exposure to visual artists around the globe.

About International Initiatives Invitational

IN3 currently sponsors (1) Exhibits, (2) Catalogues of Fine Art Prints, and (3) the International Art Business Incubator® which awards the International Master Artist (IMA) designation. 4 Startups Bringing Art into the 21st Century. It’s easy to skip over the arts when you’re considering starting up in your local tech ecosystem.

4 Startups Bringing Art into the 21st Century

But the art community is ripe for technological advancements, and they actually tend to mirror entrepreneurs in the sense that they’re always looking to build a better brand, reach a bigger audience, and make sure their audience is satisfied. Fractured Atlas is dedicated to supporting a new generation of artists and art organizations that are finding answers to some of the industry’s most persistent problems. In fact, they launched a program in 2014, The Arts Entrepreneurship Awards, in line with their dedication and today they unveiled the four winners of this year’s program. The Laundromat Project. Board of Directors Naomi Beckwith MCA Chicago Naomi Beckwith is the Marilyn and Larry Fields Curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, focusing on conceptual practices in contemporary art.

The Laundromat Project

François-Xavier Trancart, Co-fondateur et Directeur Général d'Arstper. Maynards Makes Its Bid on the Future of Auctions. There was a telling scene at an auction I attended recently.

Maynards Makes Its Bid on the Future of Auctions

It was the Modern Woman show at Maynards, where the 108-year-old auction house had assembled a group of 35 contemporary fine-art works from 24 emerging artists. Canadian Art Buyers, Beware – Appraiser Kate Bellringer of Maynard’s Fine Art Interview. Kate Bellringer, Director of Contemporary & Canadian Art Auctions at Maynards Fine Art & Antiques.

Canadian Art Buyers, Beware – Appraiser Kate Bellringer of Maynard’s Fine Art Interview

For most of us, the auction house doesn’t really inspire excitement. Canadian Art Buyers, Beware – Appraiser Kate Bellringer of Maynard’s Fine Art Interview. Paola van der Hulst. Contemporary Artist. The James Black Gallery. 144 East 6th Avenue Vancouver, BC V5T1J5 // // Tel: 778-835-9819 For general questions regarding events and services please use the form below: Wednesday nights are open studio drop-in starting at 5 PM. Sorry, no. We have studio spaces available for rent in the sculpture workshop and painting studio. These come at the monthly rate of $125 per month. Yes. You can send us an email at . Feel free to email us work you are interested in showing at Email us at Art Olympia2015 Official Site//Art Olympia Executive Committee Office//

Karine Garnier : Creative Talents Agency. Valentin van der Meulen. Contact Us. Jessica Grist, MAAuction Floor Supervisor Jessica Grist joined Maynards Fine Art and Antiques department in 2010 after receiving a Master of Letters degree with distinction from the University of Glasgow, through completion of a program in History of Art and Connoisseurship with Christie’s Education in London. Jess’ time in London also included an internship with the curator of the Goldsmith’s Company, a livery company founded in 1300 and charged with regulating and supporting the goldsmiths’ trade. Prior to her M.Litt. Jess completed a Bachelor of Arts in Art History from the University of Victoria with a concentration in early 20th century European art. At Maynards Jess is responsible for the consigning and controlling of inventory, the preparation of the auction floor for viewing and sales, as well as photography and condition reports. Aderyn Davies, BAAuction Floor Manager

Efecto minimalista en marcas internacionales. Avelina Lésper. About Visual News - Visual News. Welcome to Visual News, a place where you can find daily visual inspiration from around the world. We’re an adventurous and socially aware group that believes the planet we live on is one of continual beauty and curiosities, so each day we strive to bring you some of the most interesting stories in art, design, technology and people. As a collaborative project of Column Five, we are strong advocates of the union between data and design, and continually searching for new ways to express the world around us in visually beautiful and easily understandable ways.

We hope you enjoy your time here. Easy Steps to Capturing Light in Acrylic Painting. For artist John D. Cogan, acrylic painting helps him capture the landscapes and wildlife of the American West. Balanced with the knowledge of a scientist and the eye of a plein air painter, John focuses on color and the effects of light on his subject. About Supersonic Art.

Schroeder Romero Abandons Chelsea, Deciding Physical Gallery Not Worth the Price. With expensive art fairs clogging up the annual schedule, and mega-galleries like Gagosian, David Zwirner, and Pace each taking up almost a whole block in the neighborhood, is there any chance for smaller outfits to continue paying the rent in Chelsea? Dealer-duo Lisa Schroeder and Sara Jo Romero are saying so long to 26th Street and taking their 11-year-old gallery on the road — closing their physical space on December 31 to “think outside the white box,” as they both told ARTINFO on Wednesday. Instead of having a brick-and-mortar gallery, they will collaborate with other dealers to promote their artists in other spaces, beginning with a Michael Waugh show at Winkleman Gallery in January, in addition to making a push for online sales. “The press seems to focus on the big buildings and the trendy, and we are neither at this point,” said Romero of the Chelsea gallery space.

“Our gallery sort of seems like a stop for High Line tourists and for grad students.” ART/WORK: Everything You Need to Know (and Do) As You Pursue Your Art Career - Heather Darcy Bhandari, Jonathan Melber. Noah NJ Bowman - Contemporary Art. Excavation series. West Van gallery curator sets sight on Art Vancouver. Modelled after internationally renowned art conventions such as Europe’s Art Basel, Art Vancouver’s inaugural year will feature dozens of artists from the North Shore, across the Lower Mainland and around the world. After visiting Art Toronto, Lisa Wolfin, curator for Hollyburn Country Club in West Van, knew the Lower Mainland was missing what many other major cities have — an event where the public can view the work of hundreds of top artists at one location.

“Art Basel is a famous week-long event. People come from around the world,” says Wolfin about her inspiration. Art! Vancouver: An International Art Fair Comes to Vancouver Next May. Randy Grskovic. About Us. Los Angeles natives Chelsea Neman (L) and Jordan Klein (R) met at the University of Michigan. New Online Venture, Tappan Collective, Seeks Emerging-Art Buyers at Lower-End of the Market. Bare walls? The Tappan art collective can help you with that. Me - Bringing creativity back to the real world. The Pen & Brush, Inc. An Organization Dedicated to Women in the Arts.

An architectual rendering of the new Pen and Brush, Inc. space located at 29 East 22nd Street The Pen and Brush, Inc. is an organization that has been dedicated to women in the arts since 1894. Behance Support & Forum : Behance Knowledge Base and FAQ. Behance Team Blog. Facebook.