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Nevada Gives Green Light to Self-Driving Cars. Last week, the state of Nevada passed a bill that will require its state Department of Motor Vehicles to draw up rules for self-driving cars, essentially paving the way for autonomous vehicles to be used on state roadways.

Nevada Gives Green Light to Self-Driving Cars

Section 8 of the law, which governs autonomous vehicles, will take effect on March 1, 2012. It was approved by Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval on June 16. Self-driving cars have been tested by Google since 2010, and most recently by Volkswagen, whose Temporary Auto Pilot (TAP) car is part of a research project in the EU, but with what the company describes as "production-ready" components. Nevada defines "autonomous vehicle" as a motor vehicle that uses artificial intelligence, sensors and global positioning system coordinates to drive itself without the active intervention of a human operator. First commercial jetpack is 'months away' after record-breaking 7-minute test flight. By Daily Mail Reporter Updated: 14:02 GMT, 14 April 2011 Test flight saw Martin Jetpack reach heights of more than 100ft It has been the stuff of science-fiction legend for generations, but the era of futuristic personal space-age travel may have finally dawned.

First commercial jetpack is 'months away' after record-breaking 7-minute test flight

After completing a gruelling seven-minute outside test flight, the longest ever by a jetpack, the world’s first commercial rocketman suit could be just months from hitting the shelves. Reaching death-defying altitudes of more than 100ft, the Martin Jetpack's flight last week brought 40 years of development near to a conclusion and the dreams of millions achingly close to reality. Moth Foiling (Hydrofoil) video 1 of 3. Powerski Jetboard. DuPont Aerospace DP-1C first hover - run 1. VerticopterTutorial Part 1. Short on Verticopter on X-Plane 9.40. Garrow Aircraft's Verticopter VTOL concept. Universal Hovercraft - UH-18SPW Hoverwing™ Flying Ground Effect Hovercraft.

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