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Sound emotional response

Justin Bieber 800% Slower. Big Rod Oscillation: BCIT Physics Demonstration. Music Stuff. SoundCloud - Your Sound, The Center of Attention. Music Production. Julian Treasure: The 4 ways sound affects us. Acoustics Sound Science. Sound Art. 3D sound. Color of Sound. Synths,Theremins. Osolation. Ultrasonic. Sound to light. Light to sound. Visual sound. Cymatics vibe patterns. Music visualization. Music Theory. Sound waves. How to Break Glass with your Speakers. Create Digital Music. Silver heptagon secret. Opal MIDI keyboards. The Opal is an example of a sonome, a new musical instrument with its notes arranged in a unique way that has interesting and revealing characteristics with many advantages for the user.

Opal MIDI keyboards

(fig.1) Fig 1.