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What to Cook When It's Too Hot to Cook. The Best, Non-Crazy Ways to Use Grocery Coupons. I use the circulars from our favorite grocery store each week to plan our weekly menu.

The Best, Non-Crazy Ways to Use Grocery Coupons

Our circulars are included in our Sunday paper and we have a subscription for just that day. Then, I use coupons included in the paper or those I've stumbled across and sometimes I'll go online to or similar to scan for items of interest. I really only bother with coupons for things that we regularly purchase anyway or that fit in with the weekly sales and our menu. I also save up coupons for items we regularly stock and will wait for those items to go on sale. After I started doing this, after about 2 months, I had a really well-stocked pantry where pretty much everything I bought on sale (and much of it with coupons, too).

It may sound a little nuts, but after a few weeks of getting used to it, it now takes me maybe one hour on Sunday to plan the weekly menu around the sales, clip new coupons, and scan through my existing coupons to match up to the sales or find those that will expire soon. Pack a Better, Tastier Lunch for One by Adding Tons of Variety in Smaller Portions. Five Best Recipe Organization Tools. Trust me, I was just as surprised when tallying the votes for the top five.

Five Best Recipe Organization Tools

I thought more recipe organization apps would be in the running, but - as mentioned several times above - they just weren't nominated. Managed to get a few into the honorable mentions though. My fault also, I keep running across the finalists for these things instead of the original nomination article. Too little, too late for my two cents!

This Is How You Should Cook Your Turkey Next Thursday (Or You Could Waste Hours of Your Life) Top 10 DIY Food Geek Projects. Bake Bread in a Coffee Can for Perfectly Round, Evenly Baked Loaves with Little Crust. International Food Etiquette Customs To Know Before You Travel. Plan Your Weekly Meals, Stress Free. I've been planning my recipes and doing my shopping for the week ahead for years now.

Plan Your Weekly Meals, Stress Free

Awesome idea. One thing I've learned - you just cant set meals for specific days. Even choosing tomorrows meal is a bit wonky. I used to try at first, but there are just way too many things that crop up to stop you - meeting a mate for a drink after work, small (or missed) lunch so you're starving when you get home and your meal takes an hour to make, 'accidentally' snacking mid-afternoon so not hungry when you get home, delayed journeys, too tired when you get in to start faffing around with big recipes. If nothing else, sometimes you just don't fancy whats on your list. Its a nice idea but for me, no. What works for me is just to have a list of meals, and to make sure that you have some that are quicker and/or easier than others.

Even better, make sure that at least one of them is a store cupboard dinner - i.e. most of the things come out of tins or packets. [] 10+ Dishes and Drinks Everyone Should Know How to Make At Home (Including You) A Station-by-Station Guide to Becoming a Kitchen Pro. Top 10 Crazy Kitchen Tricks That Speed Up Your Cooking. I would like to add that the wider the ring, the easier it seems to be.

Top 10 Crazy Kitchen Tricks That Speed Up Your Cooking

I had a titanium ring more than twice the width of the one shown in the video and it was easy as hell. My wedding ring (which is about the same size as the one in your linked video) still works, but takes more effort and can hurt if I don't leverage it JUST right. I would also like to echo the sentiments of not using your wedding ring (At least in view of your significant other). The one time I got caught doing it, my wife was PISSED. Yea, definitely the wider the ring the better. I usually just use another bottle of unopened beer. Top 10 Things Every Budding Foodie Should Know. Crack an Egg with One Hand. The Stupid Things You Do in the Kitchen (and How to Fix Them) Love cooking or hate it, much of your time in the kitchen is likely wasted by easily correctable mistakes you probably don't even know you're making.

The Stupid Things You Do in the Kitchen (and How to Fix Them)

You waste time prepping ingredients, use your knives incorrectly, mix and match the wrong utensils, and throw out food that's still good—and those are just a few of the stupid things you do in the kitchen. Here's how to fix them. P Stupid Thing #1: You Spend Too Much Time Prepping IngredientsP Few people enjoy the tedium of prepping ingredients. Say you're cutting a bunch of carrots into sticks; it doesn't make sense to trim, peel, and slice each one individually. Top 10 Things Every Budding Foodie Should Know. Kitchen hacks News, Videos, Reviews and Gossip - Lifehacker. Lifehacker Cookbook: Homemade Coffee Shop Addictions. The Lifehacker Cookbook.