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Modèles anatomiques. 123 Sonography. Abdominal US BacherlorClass Course. SonoSlam 2017. If you attended the AIUM convention the past 2 years you may have heard mention of SonoSlam in passing.

SonoSlam 2017

So what is it? SonoSlam is a medical student ultrasound competition and educational event. It was conceived as an idea to promote medical student ultrasound and was officially born in Orlando in 2015. A few members of the medical education committee were discussing how to get students more engaged in ultrasound at the national level. A national ultrasound student interest group had been formed and got behind the idea of nationalizing ultrasound activities for medical students. Posakony notes on the Howry scanners. Historical Notes from Mr.

Posakony notes on the Howry scanners

Gerald Posakony: I first started working with Dr. Douglass Howry in 1949 when he moved to Denver to work with Roderick Bliss in a company called Decimeter, Inc. Rod Bliss had an excellent background in electronics and microwaves and Howry relied on him to help him understand what conceptually could be done in the field of ultrasonics that might be analogous to the field of microwaves and useful to the medical diagnostic field. Howry was an avid reader and his mind was going around constantly. The picture shows the original reduction to practice of Howry's "Somascope". This picture shows the system and operation. The results from a long series of studies clearly showed us that a conventional linear back and forth motion and/or a simple polar oscillation would not provide the kind of detail required for medical diagnosis.

This is the picture of the scanner. The third system is the Pan Scanner. The scan on the right showed the kidney and the liver. SonoGames. DIY Ultrasound Phantom Compendium - Ultrasound Training Solutions. DIY Ultrasound Phantom Compendium 25th Apr 17 Unlike the Ghost Who Walks, the low-cost, easy to make ultrasound training phantom is no longer a myth shrouded in the mists of time.

DIY Ultrasound Phantom Compendium - Ultrasound Training Solutions

[Created 25 April 2017; Updated 06 May 2017] Do-it-yourself ultrasound phantom development - as far as we can tell - first entered wider academic literature in 1978 where Madsen et al. catalogued their efforts to develop a gelatin based analog. Over the next 40 years - and particularly over the past ten years - a growing body of academic research and kitchen based experimentation has emerged to meet the growing demand for ultrasound simulation tools. The increasing demand for cheap and reliable simulation phantoms is attributable to the rapid growth of point-of-care ultrasound. Approached almost daily for advice on how to continue to develop skills in a cost effective way, we made it our mission to create a comprehensive phantom resource for all POCUS users. Abscess and foreign body phantoms Biliary phantoms. Ultrasound Conferences & Society Meetings. No PACS, no problem – POCUS GEELONG.

Finally you have realised the importance of logging all your scans on your US machine.

No PACS, no problem – POCUS GEELONG

Now you want to save and archive them so that your supervisor can review them with you at your next meeting is a new product to the market It’s #FOAMed – that’s right it’s FREE! Using SonoClipShare, you can now archive all your POCUS stills and cine loops securely to the cloud and share them with others.

Congres echo

Small bowel obstruction: Diagnosis by ultrasonography. A 64 year old man with an extensive history of abdominal surgeries presents to the emergency department with abdominal pain and vomiting.

Small bowel obstruction: Diagnosis by ultrasonography

Because you suspect a bowel obstruction, you bring an ultrasound machine to the bedside prior to the completion of any laboratory testing or other imaging. A curvilinear probe in the abdominal mode setting was used to scan in all four quadrants of the abdomen looking in both the sagittal and transverse planes. Ultrasound imaging With a curvilinear probe on the patient’s abdomen (Figure 1), the following ultrasound (US) image (Figure 2) and video (Figure 3) were obtained.

Échographie : WebSite Médecine tactique CITERA 69 - Baron Desgenettes. Press GM et Al.

échographie : WebSite Médecine tactique CITERA 69 - Baron Desgenettes

Acute Abdomen - Role of Ultrasound. The diagnosis of sigmoid diverticulitis is often made on clinical grounds.

Acute Abdomen - Role of Ultrasound

In the classical case the patient presents with localized pain and guarding in the left lower abdomen, fever, leukocytosis and, later on, elevation of the sedimentation rate. However, the diagnosis is not always clear. 5 Min Sono Vids - 5 minute sono. 6.1 Shoulder : Case 6.1.2 Biceps tendon rupture. Biceps tendon rupture: DEVELOPMENT: .

6.1 Shoulder : Case 6.1.2 Biceps tendon rupture

Traumatic . Degenerative . Inflammation / RA TYPE OF RUPTURE: . Echo-Urgences – " Il ne sert à rien de diagnostiquer trop vite, il faut échographier à point… " Foie Archives - PinkyBone. INDICATION Bilan.

foie Archives - PinkyBone

Lung Ultrasound for Pneumothorax. BIENVENUE SUR LE SITE DE WINFOCUS-FRANCE.


Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine. Accueil. SOS Echographie. Thyroïde [échographie] - PinkyBone. Echo pulm. Smacc sonowars. DIU d'Echocardiographie - Introduction à l'écho-doppler vasculaire. CAE Healthcare - Produits et Services: Solution d’apprentissage en ligne ICCU pour l’échographie. Le programme portant sur l'évaluation des vaisseaux centraux et périphériques traite de manière détaillée les principes et les applications de l'examen vasculaire proprement dit réalisé dans un contexte de soins en phases aigüe et non aigüe.

CAE Healthcare - Produits et Services: Solution d’apprentissage en ligne ICCU pour l’échographie

Le contenu du programme d'une durée de 5,5 heures est divisé en 3 cours et en 26 modules. Les cours permettent aux participants d'apprendre de manière systématique et organisée les éléments de l'examen vasculaire ciblé qui sont requis en vue de l'acquisition des compétences nécessaires à l'évaluation des vaisseaux centraux et périphériques. Echo-loco. Ultrasonographie – Echographie – Doppler. Regardez les vidéos. SERVIER - Atlas d’anatomie des veines des membres inférieurs. Ultrasound of the Pancreas.


Dépistage échographique de la luxation congénitale de hanche. Ectopic Pregnancy Case Study - Part 1. Intrauterine Pregnancy - Part 1 - SonoSite, Inc. Échographie sonosite. E-Learning. 3D Comment: rein droit Ultrasound - SonoSite Ultrasound. One Minute échographie Smartphone App: Podcast à ultrasons. Echobase - Vérifications. V Scan.