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I apologize for the delay in joining your Possible Sci-Net Collaborators Team. I have been very busy curating towards the goal I have for my Pearltrees. I am 80% towards that goal and am now fleshing out and filling in, which includes going back through all my notifications and checking back up on a few pearlers such as yourself.
Then I will link my blog to it.
Let me know if there is anywhere else I could help and thanks for coming back to pick my root pearltree. Having now visited yours i think I'll pay attention to what you curate as well.
Very Nice!
Happy Pearling! by thelastcollaborator Jan 22

yes https://twitter.com/#!/helenetestud by negra May 23

Thanks for sharing your awesome tree! Are you on twitter? https://twitter.com/#!/Jenovesia by jenovesia May 22

Salut José, bienvenue sur pearltrees. Merci d'etre venu au petit déjeuner hier. On parle de pearltrees quand tu veux. Bravo pour tes premières cartes. F by Francois Apr 30