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Sustainable urban farming ideas that think inside the box | Gris Sustainable urban farming ideas that think inside the box | Gris Photo via .hello foto of FlickrIn my last Green State column, I wrote about Agriculture 2.0. The conference, held in Silicon Valley recently, brought together venture capitalists and sustainable ag startups in an effort to jump start a market for the regional distribution of fresh food. This week I take a closer look at some of the companies that tried to catch the ear and checkbooks of the high-profile investors who packed that confab at the Four Seasons in Palo Alto. One of the more intriguing ideas came from startups thinking outside the agribusiness box by developing urban farms in a box. Literally. Take AeroFarms.
Greenhouses Greenhouses Summer is here and you can’t wait to get out into the garden! As the heat ramps up, a greenhouse may not be the first gardening technique that comes to your mind, but maybe it should be. The most commonly cited function for a greenhouse is to protect vulnerable plants from freezing temperatures. That’s hardly a concern when temperatures are the highest they are all year, right? While this is true, it’s far from the only function a greenhouse can serve.