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Leiningen on Homebrew - Leiningen "Leiningen!

leiningen on Homebrew -

" he shouted. "You're insane! GitHub - mikeaddison93/tools.nrepl: A Clojure network REPL that provides a server and client, along with some common APIs of use to IDEs and other tools that may need to evaluate Clojure code in remote environments. Gorilla REPL · Gorilla REPL. 4clojure – Welcome! 4clojure – Welcome! Getting started · Gorilla REPL. Installation The rest of these docs assume that you're familiar with the basics of Clojure, and have a working copy of Leiningen (version >= 2) installed.

Getting started · Gorilla REPL

If you're not yet familiar with Leiningen then you should head over to the Leiningen website and get it installed first. It's a really nice tool that makes things very easy! Try Clojure. Himera.