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Neural Network Prediction Models

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GitHub - mikeaddison93/Neural-Stock-Market-Prediction: Uses back-propagating artificial neural networks (ANNs) and historic stock market prices to predict the future trend of stock exchange. GitHub - mikeaddison93/neural-network-stock-predictor: Semester project for COS 470 (Artifical Intelligence) at the University of Maine. GitHub - mikeaddison93/StockPredictionRNN: High Frequency Trading Price Prediction using LSTM Recursive Neural Networks. Stock-prediction: A long term short term memory recurrent neural network to predict stock data time series. Welcome — Theano 0.8.2 documentation. How to Seek Help¶ The appropriate venue for seeking help depends on the kind of question you have.

Welcome — Theano 0.8.2 documentation

How do I? – theano-users mailing list or StackOverflowI got this error, why? – theano-users mailing list or StackOverflow (please include the full error message, even if it’s long)I got this error and I’m sure it’s a bug – Github ticketI have an idea/request – post the suggestion to theano-dev or, even better, implement the idea and submit a GitHub pull request!