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Implementering 1-1

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How to manage your one-to-one program after you hand out devices. After the Chromebooks and iPads are distributed, admins and IT teams must keep asking the tough questions If there’s one thing schools have learned from the multiple one-to-Kone mobile device implementations that have rolled out during the last few years, it’s that they’re hardly “set it and forget it” projects.

How to manage your one-to-one program after you hand out devices

Purchasing and handing out the iPads, Chromebooks, or laptops are just the first steps on a long path that must also incorporate ongoing professional development for teachers and training for students; the establishment of acceptable usage policies and procedures; management of device support, insurance, and repair…and the list goes on.

“As a one-to-one implementation matures, different things happen that you may not have considered at the outset,” said Scott S. Smith, Ed.D., who serves as chief technology officer at Mooresville Graded School District in Mooresville, N.C — a district with one of the most celebrated one-to-one programs in the country. What are the Biggest Mistakes Teachers Make When Integrating Technology into the Classroom? As part of C.M Rubin’s monthly series in the Huffington post: The Global Search for Education: Our Top 12 Global Teacher Blogs, this is the second post.

What are the Biggest Mistakes Teachers Make When Integrating Technology into the Classroom?

This month we are answering the following prompt: What are the Biggest Mistakes Teachers Make When Integrating Technology into the Classroom? The word “mistake” is a harsh word. It implies flaws, pointing fingers, errors in judgement, something wrong and possibly even a dead end. I would rather think or connect the word “mistake” to first steps, stepping stones, experimentation and exploration.

Technology being used to substitute an analog activityTechnology use being seen as an add-on to allow students to use devices, the Internet, a program or an app as a reward, for entertainment, as a time filler for students who finish earlyTechnology use as a separate subject areaTechnology as a $1000 pencil initiativeTechnology seen as the solution to motivate and engage students.

Filmer om verktyget. Det finns en liten filmserie kring verktyget som utökas allt eftersom.

Filmer om verktyget

Film 1 gjordes i samband med lanseringen av LIKA-verktyget för skolan så en del innehåll kan verka ”förlegat”, men grundprinciperna och tankarna bakom verktyget förklaras där. Vi fortsätter att komplettera med fler filmer och annat stödmaterial efter hand här på bloggen, se t.ex. Are iPads or Chromebooks better for schools? By Meghan E.

Are iPads or Chromebooks better for schools?

Murphy This story also appeared at: For an entire school year Hillsborough, New Jersey, educators undertook an experiment, asking: Is the iPad really the best device for interactive learning? It’s a question that has been on many minds since 2010, when Apple released the iPad and schools began experimenting with it. The devices came along at a time when many school reformers were advocating to replace textbooks with online curricula and add creative apps to lessons. Four years later, however, it’s still unclear whether the iPad is the device best suited to the classroom. Att organisera för 1:1 och modernt lärande. Fem Misstag! A Must-Have Model For 1:1 Success In Schools. Easier as it would be to pretend otherwise, the truth is that integrating mobile technology into a school is not a ‘one size fits all’ sort of thing.

A Must-Have Model For 1:1 Success In Schools

That said, there are some basic principles which I think probably stand true for all schools going on this journey. This graphic illustrates the model which I think any school would benefit from understanding if not following. Rektors roll när eleverna får egen dator. Heidi Sundelin, rektor på Hjalmar Strömerskolan i Strömsund Hjalmar Strömerskolan i Strömsund är en gymnasieskola med både högskole- och yrkesförberedande program, med cirka 330 elever.

Rektors roll när eleverna får egen dator

Skolan bedriver även vuxenutbildning, Sfi och en yrkeshögskola för vindkraftstekniker. – Inför budgetåret 2010 frågade våra politiker oss vad vi skulle vilja önska att göra om vi fick mer medel i vår budget, berättar Heidi Sundelin. Hatt rundar Björklund om skol-it. It-minister Anna-Karin Hatt skjuter till 2,8 miljoner kronor för att främja digitaliseringen i skolorna.

Hatt rundar Björklund om skol-it

Foto: Kristina Sahlén Många har på senare år efterlyst en nationell it-strategi för skolan från regeringen – från moderater och socialdemokrater till Lärarförbundet och It- och Telekomföretagen. Men hittills har utbildningsminister Jan Björklund, FP, förhållit sig kallsinnig till den idén. 4 Stages: The Integration Of Technology In Learning. The 4 Stages Of The Integration Of Technology In Learning by Terry Heick For professional development around this idea or others you read about on TeachThought, contact us.

4 Stages: The Integration Of Technology In Learning

Technology can be used in the learning process in a variety of ways. Some are supplementary, serving the original design of the classroom and usually automate some previously by-human task or process–grading multiple choice assessments, searching for a source of information, or sharing messages and other data across large groups. But fully integrated and embedded in the learning process, technology can be transformative–and disruptive. Scaffolding the learning of anything unfamiliar–somehow–is a way of supporting the learner and setting them up for long-term independent success. Should elementary school be stage 1, middle school stage 2, and so on? 12 Ways To Integrate (Not Just Use) Technology In Education. There are a couple dozen ways to ‘use’ technology in education. There are also a couple dozen ways to integrate technology in education.

Think those two things are the same? Think that throwing a few iPads and a few Edudemic blog posts into a classroom is the best way to launch a 1:1 initiative? In case you couldn’t guess, it’s not. DATORN i UTBILDNINGEN. Teknisk mångfald och öppna skolnät i Helsingborg. Indikatorer för digitalisering av skola och undervisning.

10 Must-Have Tools for Schools Implementing 1:1.