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Comment graver son typon. Theorie - Remplacement. The retrosound of tomorrow.url. Realisation d'un Circuit Imprimé de A à Z. Etronics boutique réalisation de circuits. Ouvert Pour me contacter : ÉMAIL Réalisation de circuit imprimé Simple Je réalise aussi pour vous des circuits imprimés simple face ( sans trous métallisés , ni sérigraphie ) , il suffit de me contacter et de m' envoyer le fichier du typon par émail ou de me donner l' adresse du site ou vous avez vu le montage que vous voulez réaliser et en retour je vous communique le prix et le délais .

etronics boutique réalisation de circuits

Je réalise ces circuits sur de l' époxy 15 / 10em standard , sur une surface maximum de 280 x 190 mm et le perçage au diamètre 0,8 mm ou ( 0,6 mm ; 1 mm ; 1,2 ; 1,3 ;2 mm ... ) si j' ai un plan de perçage. The Electric Web Matrix. Replacing Passive Components to Improve Sound Quality. Das Musikding. This circuit probably looks all wrong – we’ve got an NPN transistor with its base connected to ground, the emitter connected to the positive supply railvia a resistor and the collector hanging out in the breeze!

If we’re trying to build an amplifier, yep, this circuit has real problems. But if we’re building a very simple white noise generator, then this circuit is perfect. It doesn’t seem to be all that well known that transistors when reverse biased actually produce decent amounts of white noise. White noise is random noise across the entire audio spectrum. This particular circuit generates a good couple of volts peak-to-peak of the stuff and can easily be coupled to an audio output amp if you wanted to drive everyone nuts. The reason it works is that the base-emitter junction works a bit like a zener diode. Misc audio (also see Music, Amplifiers, Preamp) La propagation des sons. Ressources - Concevoir une surface multitouch  Francais - DebuterInstallationWindows browse. Transistor Circuits. How transistor works, an alternate viewpoint. Voltage-driven charge-flows First of all, you must abandon the idea that current travels in transistors or flows inside of wires.

how transistor works, an alternate viewpoint

Yes, you heard me right. Current does not flow. Electric current never flows, since an electric current is not a stuff. Electric current is a flow of something else. Transistorized! The History of the Invention of the Transistor - Home Page. All About Capacitors. Units of Measure As with all passive components, you need to have a basic understanding of units of measure when working with capacitors.

All About Capacitors

Capacitance is measured in Farads, named after English physicist Michael Faraday. A value of 1 Farad is actually quite high, so we use sub measures as follows: If you are like me, the concept of base 10 arithmetic is wildly advanced and causes your head to hurt. So I invariably turn to the awesome online and downloadable calculators from for doing unit conversions. Capacitor Types Although capacitors come in an almost bewildering array of types and sizes, no need to worry.

Electrolytic: Usually for large capacitance values, typically 1µf and above. With these basic types in minds, let's learn a bit more about each. Untitled. The choices of static electricity generator designs that are available seem to be either that of the simple Electrophorus or something much more complicated, such as the Wimshurst machine or the Van de Graaff generator which involve mechanical rotators, motors, belts, pulleys etc.


This generator is extremely simple to make, but fills in much of the huge performance gap that exists between the Electrophorus and the Wimshurst machines etc. The generator is made by using a piece of 3/4 inch pvc pipe about four feet long and a piece of cotton fabric. Paper seems to work quite well also. To operate, one simply holds the fabric or paper with the left hand wrapped around the pipe. The pipe is then pushed and pulled through the fabric, with large strokes, while holding the pipe near some fine wire tip pickups to collect the charge.

With the spark gap set at about 1/4 inch, a spark can be produced across it with almost every stroke of the pipe. Static Generator. A guide to electronic music. Farnell. - DIY Forum. Audio Adventures: 555 Timer at Resonance FM Podcasts. Fonction logique. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre.

Fonction logique

Il existe deux grands types de fonctions logiques : Dans d'autres applications, on peut trouver des portes logiques à base de relais, de fluides ou d'éléments optiques ou mécaniques. Selon la modélisation utilisée, on prendra en compte les temps de retard ou pas dans les calculs. NB: L'automatisme et l'informatique utilisent la logique combinatoire mais surtout la logique séquentielle. RFC - Frequency Converter. Pour diverses applications radio-fréquence on a besoin de transformer des fréquences en fréquences plus hautes au plus basses, tout en gardant la même amplitude. Générer directement des hautes fréquences (900MHz, 1.8GHz pour la téléphonie mobile par exemple) consommerait beaucoup trop d'énergie. On préfère utiliser un circuit qui transforme une basse fréquence en haute fréquence (Up converter). Réciproquement, les signaux haute fréquence sont translatés à basse fréquence pour être traités (Down converter).