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Search Businesses for Sale, Research and Value a Business, Buy a. Cadmus - Updates since you last checked in. Fuel your fascination. iCurrent - A Personalized News Aggregator. Private capital (1157) TopNews United States. Business News. Mediagazer. TopNews United States. Microsoft is "Betting" its Future on Cloud Computing. While many other technology giants like IBM and Google have publicly acknowledged that cloud computing will soon have a vital role to play in the future of technology, Microsoft Corp., says that it is actually "betting" its future on cloud computing.

Microsoft is "Betting" its Future on Cloud Computing

Microsoft Chief Steve Ballmer, in a recent speech given at the University of Washington, suggested that a great number of resources at the firm are currently being devoted to the development of cloud-related services. Mr. Ballmer revealed that Microsoft currently has a 70% of employees working on projects which are cloud-related, and by the time next year rolls in, the number is expected to hit 90% of the total workforce. "We're all in... this is the bet of our company", said Mr. Home. Aggreget. Gist.