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Farewell kingdom. Happy red fish - thread art and design. Claire Oswalt « Taylor De Cordoba. Susanna Bauer - leaves. Brecce Collection dal Fuorisalone Milano 2012. Il lavoro delle Brecce nasce dalla ricerca di oggetti naturali che, in qualche modo, sono arrivati al termine del loro ciclo vitale.

Brecce Collection dal Fuorisalone Milano 2012

Sono sfridi di lavorazione di segheria, pezzi di architettura urbana, tronchi portati dal fiume, legna da ardere… A questi oggetti cerco di dare una seconda chance, tirando fuori la luce dalla materia e amplificando l’esperienza sensoriale. In order to realize Brecce’s project I wanted to take inspiration from the research of natural objects that, in some ways, have reached their final step in the life cycle.

They are for example sawmill’s outlets, pieces of urban architecture, logs carried by the river, firewood… I have tried to give these pieces a second chance, tempting to make the light come out from the material and to amplify the sensorial experience. Rachel Whiteread. Spaces 2 - Ashkan Honarvar portfolio. Potato Portraits: The Real Life Potato Heads. A potato is a versatile little veggie, isn’t it? Not only can we cook it about a million different ways, it can also be used as an artist’s canvas.

Next time you are sitting home bored on a Saturday night, just grab a potato from the kitchen, and you’ll be guaranteed hours of fun. Ok, maybe not, but that doesn’t take away from these fabulous real life potato heads. Ginou Choueiri, a visual artist living in Beirut, Lebanon, must really like potatoes because she’s created over a thousand of these potato portraits. She’s made them to too look like everyone she knows, random strangers, pop stars and even politicians. Each one of these potatoes is unique and has so much personality. Via: [Bored Night] Flowers Galleries: Artists - Julie Cockburn.

Julie Cockburn is an artist based in London.

Flowers Galleries: Artists - Julie Cockburn

Her work is best defined by its delicate craftsmanship and by the transformation of every day and found objects into works of art. Through the manipulation of found items and images; such as ceramic sculptures, paintings, photographs, printed paper and books, Cockburn evokes a sense of both the naïve and the spontaneous. Through the combination of second-hand objects and creative labour, Cockburn contradicts the generic and mass-produced with something crafted, imbuing her intellectually and physically worn objects with value. Techniques such as the childlike embroidered patterns that feature on found photographs and printed images, draw the viewer in to a sculpted journey of labour and creation.

Cockburn's work challenges the means by which things are seen and visually digested, shown by the playful visual exploration of the materials she employs. M jealous of random loveliness. I’m jealous of random loveliness I find all sorts of amazing bits & pieces in my travels around the internet.

m jealous of random loveliness

I usually post them to my “random lovely things” board on Pinterest, but today I thought I’d share a few of my favorites with you… a lovely/random way to kick off the weekend, yes? I didn’t fully realize {ok, I had a hunch}, that I seem to have a thing for neons & neutrals… … ahhh, finished off with an amazing piece by Banksy. Ok, everything in this post makes me want to make stuff… good thing it’s the weekend! {1. inaluxe 2. (POP)culture on the Behance Network. John Frame - Portland Art Museum. Three Fragments of a Lost Tale Art, music, poetry, and film come together in John Frame’s ambitious project The Tale of the Crippled Boy.

John Frame - Portland Art Museum

The end goal of this ongoing project is a feature-length collection of animated and live film vignettes. ART 2D - CRAFT. Jose Romussi. Shaun Kardinal. /////EVOLTASTE:COM_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Matthew Cusick. Ida-Lovisa Rudolfsson.