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More Universities Offering Professional Certificates Over 4-Year Degrees. Reggie Herndon returned to college because he wanted to change careers. What he didn’t want was another degree. Herndon, a University of Tennessee graduate from Lynchburg, Va., is on his way instead to finishing a nine-month professional certificate in counterintelligence from Mercyhurst University in Erie, Pa., which he hopes will bolster his odds of landing a job as an intelligence analyst with a defense contractor or government agency. ( The Jobless Generation ) “I decided that I wanted to re-engineer myself,” said Herndon, 56, who handles marketing for an employment program runs under contract to the Social Security Administration. “But I didn’t want to go back and do the whole graduate program, and come out with a tremendous amount of debt.”

“The growth is huge,” said Anthony Carnevale, director of the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce, which is studying this new phenomenon. ( 5 Hypothetical New Taxes That Americans Actually Support ) The Hechinger Report. Online video tutorials & training. Academic Integrity Office - University of Windsor. PowerPoint Presentation - The_Marketers_Pocket_Guide_to_Writing_Good.pdf.

True true true! You Don’t Have to be Motivated or “Productive” Every Day. Somewhere along the line I absorbed the nearly universal belief that hard work is a defining value of a person’s worth.

You Don’t Have to be Motivated or “Productive” Every Day

Intellectually, I don’t buy into this meme – but emotionally I can feel its pull and weight for every hour “wasted” on “non-productive” work. Although the nature of work has changed dramatically since I was a child, the thinking that governs the value of hard work hasn’t changed much. If anything, it’s gotten worse. In the “halcyon” days of my youth, most people generally worked 40 hours a week. Back then, white-collar “bosses” rarely asked workers to work late, and labor laws required hourly workers get overtime pay to compensate for their efforts.

In the highly publicized article, Nurse Reveals the Top 5 Deathbed Regrets – the subject of work shows up on the list at #2 – I wish I didn’t work so hard. First, let’s define what work means. But let’s face it – most of us have to work to make money. Everyone has a work mindset. You Can Never Be Too Productive? Like this: Top Tools for Getting Your Sh*t Together by @KristiCasey. Alright Betty, put the event binder down and slowly back away.

Top Tools for Getting Your Sh*t Together by @KristiCasey

That 40-lb. albatross is weighing you down and destroying the environment. How many trees have to die before you acknowledge there’s a better way to plan and manage your meetings and events? Don’t believe me? Check out these digital project management systems. Basecamp Cost: Free 60-day trial. $20/month for up to 10 active projects and 3 GB of storage; $50/month for up to 40 active projects and 15 GB of storage.Who it’s best for: People who know what they need to do, but need an easy way of keeping track of what’s been promised, achieved and must be done in a way that they can see on a calendar.What it’s good for: Setting goals, managing deliverables, eliminating email chains, creating project checklists, keeping all your documents in one place.Why it helps: You can assign tasks to specific team members and they’ll receive alerts when assignments are due. Podio. 5 Myths about Introverts and Extraverts at Work. The Cook Abides.

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Technorati says there are 50 million weblogs, and as you can see, it's going up. This is overwhelming. Today's show is about a new and efficient way to keep up with all this cool stuff that's happening on the Internet. I'm going to talk about two ways that you can keep up with what's happening on the Web. There's the old slow way - Boo. This is you, and here are your favorite websites. Now, let's consider the new and fast way, which is simply taking these arrows and turning them the other direction. So, what we're talking about is using a single website that becomes your home for reading all the new stuff that's coming from your favorite websites.

The first step is you need a home for reading new posts. Step number two, is to set up a connection between your reader and your favorite websites. To set up these subscriptions, you just need to look for funny little icons. After you click that button, one of two types of pages will appear. MONDE : Langue Française - Dictionnaire, Jeux de lettres et Francophonie. Empire Records - Wee Paper People. Rex Manning Day is coming!

Empire Records - Wee Paper People