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Creative writing for young people. The Educator's PLN - The personal learning network for educators. Free web apps & blog and website widgets. Haz tu Sitio Web Flash Gratuito con Wix. New Tool Makes PD Planning Simple. Salt Lake City, UT (PRWEB) December 19, 2011 PD developer School Improvement Network has added yet another tool to its premiere professional development platform, PD 360.

New Tool Makes PD Planning Simple

The new addition, called My Portfolio, is a groundbreaking function within the PD 360 platform that gives educators the opportunity to create, share, and implement personalized professional learning plans. With My Portfolio, teachers and administrators alike have the ability to create professional learning plans and share them with anyone in their network across departments, schools, and the entire district. My Portfolio’s reporting function makes follow-up and accountability simple and easy, giving educators the power to turn goals into accomplishments.

With My Portfolio, teachers and instructional leaders can: Create their own professional learning plans Showcase the professional learning elements that have been completed Easily generate reports of plans and what has been completed. Fakebook: homepage. Create educational games and quizzes at 2011. Vidque. Free Photos - Free Images - Royalty Free Photos - Free Stock Photos. Engaging Thinking. Mind Mapping with Mindomo Mind Mapping is a fantastic tool that helps students (and teachers) to visualise thinking in an organised way.

Engaging Thinking

Personally, mind maps have helped me to learn a vast amount amount of information without needing to read through pages of endless notes. Tony Buzan’s Mind Map strategy has helped educators around the world to break down the concept into simple rules to help students understand how they can organise their ideas in an effective way. Mind maps that are drawn by hand allow you the flexibilty to control various aspects of the map and until now, I have struggled to find a software program that allows you to manage various features in the same way. Other programs such as Inspiration provide the users with the ability to create concept maps, but not true, authentic Mind Maps. Mindomo is an online application where users can create, view and share mind maps in their browser.

‘New Horizons’ in engaging technologies Key Trends 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Challenges 1. 2. 3. 4. The Economics of Seinfeld. Free Computer Tutorials and Lessons at ThinkTutorial, Basic Computer Training, Computer Knowledge for Work, Beginners Computer Tutorials Lessons! Browse more than 1,439 free tutorials! Tutorials on social media. A roundup of guides on how to use blogs, Facebook, Twitter & more Here are tutorials our team has created to help show nonprofits, cause organizations, businesses and individuals how to effectively use social media, divided by subject area.

Tutorials on social media

For even more, see the Sharing Center, our posts on resources, tools and video interviews. • Social media • Blogs • Facebook • Twitter • Video & multimedia • Fundraising • Mobile • LinkedIn • Google Plus • Pinterest. Weblog of Wesley Fryer. Beautiful Word Clouds. Inspirations and Innovations in the world of Education. Fried Technology. Signup. The Super Book of Web Tools for Educators. The Super Book of Web Tools for Educators A comprehensive introduction to using technology in all K-12 classrooms.

The Super Book of Web Tools for Educators

There are teachers around the world who want to use technology in their classrooms, but they’re just not sure where to start. That’s why eleven prominent bloggers, teachers, and school administrators got together to create this free ebook. Introduction: pages 2-3 An Administrator's View: pages 4-7 Elementary School: pages 8-25 Middle School: pages 26-35 High School: pages 36-42 ESL/ELL: pages 43-46 Teaching Online: pages 47-50 Connect Via Skype: pages 51-61 Elementary School Blogging: pages 62-65 Alternative Ed Tech: pages 66-68 Social Media for Educators: pages 69-71. The 25 Worst Passwords of 2011. The annual list of the 25 worst passwords is out, based on actual compromises.

The 25 Worst Passwords of 2011

After all these years, why are "monkey" and "qwerty" still on this list? Whenever idiotic passwords are discussed, the following story always comes up: five years ago, a group of Slovak hackers breached Slovakia's National Security Bureau (abbreviated NBU), which stores tons of classified information. It was an easy hack. The NBU's master login/password was simply nbusr/nbusr123. After cracking it, the hackers publicized the information, much to the NBU's embarrassment.

» Top Tools 2011 C4LPT. 11 Techy Things for Teachers to Try This Year. The new school year is here for many teachers.

11 Techy Things for Teachers to Try This Year

For those who haven't started school yet, the new school year will be here soon. If you've set the goal of trying something new in your classroom this year (shouldn't that always be one of our goals), here are eleven techy things teachers should try this year. 1. Build a Blog or Build a Better Blog Blogs can serve many purposes for teachers. Three good platforms for classroom blogging are Blogger, Edublogs, and Kid Blog. 2. 2 Extensions That Improve The Speed & Functionality Of Google Docs [Chrome] Google Docs is without a doubt one of the easiest ways to collaborate with multiple people on a single document.

2 Extensions That Improve The Speed & Functionality Of Google Docs [Chrome]

Instead of having to share a file in the cloud or keep emailing each other with changes, you can simply work on one document and have the luxury of having it save automatically and be visible to all the other people working on the document. Google Docs offers a slew of features that make it easy to collaborate with others.