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How To Make Your Classroom A Safe Haven For Your Students. We know about the public cases, those gossiped about so offhandedly—the homeless student, the one whose mother is in jail, the two with drug dealing fathers no longer around.

How To Make Your Classroom A Safe Haven For Your Students

But what of the others? What of the secrets hidden and locked away, keys all but resting on an ocean floor? What about the shy boy seated near the front who won’t look you in the eye? 10 Technologies to Use in A Laptop/Tablet Classroom. As more and more work migrates to the web, these ten+ technologies are particularly effective for classrooms and schools with one-to-one programs.

10 Technologies to Use in A Laptop/Tablet Classroom

They could be used in traditional classrooms with some modification too. 1. 6 Reasons Tablets Are Ready for the Classroom. Vineet Madan is Vice President of McGraw-Hill Higher Education eLabs, which works with colleges and universities, professors and students along with technology partners to develop innovative, cutting-edge digital educational tools to improve the way instructors teach and students learn.

6 Reasons Tablets Are Ready for the Classroom

Since the debut of the iPad, tablets have captured the imagination of consumers. In just one year, the iPad surpassed even the most optimistic of projections to define a brand new product category and become the best-selling gadget of all time, and Forrester analysts project that in 2011, tablet sales will more than double. But are tablets ready for the classroom? 9-Point Checklist for 1:1. Check this list before you start your 1:1 program -- or to improve an existing program.

9-Point Checklist for 1:1

Search for more funding: The state may be providing machines and some training/support but I will guarantee it will not be enough. Questions to ask yourself: What extra financial resources can the school deploy? How much can the photocopying/textbook budget be scaled back? What needs to be done to the infrastructure of the school and classrooms? Tablet - Overview - Hatch Early Childhood - Innovative Classroom Solutions - Instructional Technology & Educational Materials. 1 to 1 Schools. One-To-One Computing: Pitfalls to Avoid. Just because a technology is available for students doesn't mean it has to be used all the time.

One-To-One Computing: Pitfalls to Avoid

Find out what the research says about the benefits of one-to-one computing, and read about educator concerns about the overuse of technology. Included: Ten Web sites offering research, concerns, and tips on one-to-one computing!