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Hip San Francisco Coffee Shop Bans Instagram. San Francisco’s Four Barrel Coffee made a stir last week when it posted a sign of rules including “not talking about annoying hipster topics”.

Hip San Francisco Coffee Shop Bans Instagram

Ever the fans of self-reference, its bohemian customers wouldn’t stop snapping camera phone pics of the sign so Four Barrel had to update it with a new rule: “No posting this on Instagram, you hipster.” And that’s not Four Barrel’s only bone to pick with laptop-toting techies. Despite its location in the youthful Mission District just a mile from the offices of Twitter and Zynga, Four Barrel refuses to offer wi-fi. Why? Apparently it sees a coffee house full of people reading paper-back books and chatting with friends as more intimate than a sea of glazed eyes on MacBook Pros.

As a resident of the Mission, that’s just fine by me. But even the cafe’s obvious shunning of connectivity and camera apps can’t keep the computing at bay. Still, kudos for trying to create a tech-less sanctuary. First discovered by SF’s Uptown Almanac. 20 Funny 'Special Request' Pizza Box Drawings. Funny Pics & Cool pictures!!!OMG! - StumbleUpon. SEJ Editor - Melissa is the owner of SEO Aware, LLC.

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She is a consultant and trainer helping companies make the most of their content marketing and SEO. She specializes is the Psychology behind blogging and content marketing. Melissa is also an associate on the Community team at Moz, an associate and writer at CopyPress and an editor at Authority Labs. The Internets Best Photo Captions! Vol.9 - 46 Photos.

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