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Celtic dueling violins. Famous Composers from Ireland. 1 Aphex Twin Richard David James, best known by his alias Aphex Twin, is a British electronic musician and composer.

Famous Composers from Ireland

He has been described by The Guardian as "the most inventive and influential figure in contemporary electronic music", and is the co-founder of Rephlex Records with Grant Wilson-Claridge. Aphex Twin's ...more more ABOUT Age: 44 Birthplace: Limerick, Republic of Ireland Profession: Film Score Composer, Musician, Electronic musician, Disc jockey, Composer, + more Credits: Children of Men, Marie Antoinette, Four Lions, Grand Theft Auto V see more on Aphex Twin> 2 Bill Whelan Bill Whelan, is an Irish composer and musician.

He is best known for composing a piece for the interval of the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest. Enya is an Irish singer, instrumentalist, and songwriter. Enya began her musical career in 1980, when she briefly joined her family band Clannad before leaving to perform solo. What is Celtic music?

Africa masquerade dance. Famous Composers from South Africa. 1 Abdullah Ibrahim Abdullah Ibrahim is a South African pianist and composer.

Famous Composers from South Africa

His music reflects many of the musical influences of his childhood in the multicultural port areas of Cape Town, ranging from traditional African songs to the gospel of the AME Church and ragas, to more modern jazz and other Western styles.more more ABOUT Age: 81 Birthplace: Cape Town, South Africa Profession: Film Score Composer, Jazz Pianist, Pianist, Bandleader, Composer Credits: Chocolat, Amandla! A Revolution in Four Part Harmony, Sophiatown, Tilaï, No Fear, + more see more on Abdullah Ibrahim> 2 Bakithi Kumalo Bakithi Kumalo (also Romanized as Bakhiti Kumalo, Baghiti Khumalo, pronounced bah-gee-tee koo-mah-low) is a bassist from South Africa, notable for working with Paul Simon as the backing bass player on Simon's albums from Graceland in 1986 to Surprise in 2006.

John Joubert is a British composer of South African descent, particularly of choral works. Music of Africa. Given the vastness of the continent, the traditional music of Africa is historically ancient, rich, and diverse, with the different regions and nations of Africa having distinct musical traditions.

Music of Africa

Traditional music in much of the continent is passed down orally (or aurally) and is not written. In Sub-Saharan African music traditions, it also frequently relies heavily on percussion instruments of every variety, including xylophones, drums, and tone-producing instruments such as the mbira or "thumb piano. "[1][2] Music by regions[edit] Traditional Japanese Music 1.

List of Top Japanese Composers. 1 Ayumi Hamasaki Ayumi Hamasaki is a Japanese recording artist, lyricist, model, and actress.

List of Top Japanese Composers

Hamasaki has achieved popularity in Japan and Asia by enforcing her position as an artist and not trying to be forced as a "product", which was a common factor within the Japanese music culture and Avex Trax. Traditional Japanese Music. There are several types of traditional, Japanese music (hogaku).

Traditional Japanese Music

Some of the most important ones are listed below: Gagaku: Ancient court music from China and Korea. Indonesian folk music. Indonesian Composer Biographies. Biographies of Indonesian Composers from Bakers Biographical Dictionary of Composers, eighth edition written by Jody Diamond based on field work conducted in Indonesia in 1988-89 © 2001 all rights reserved R.L.

Indonesian Composer Biographies

Martopangrawit I Wayan Sadra. Indonesia - Music. Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world, with a 2010 population of more than 237 million people.

Indonesia - Music

Indonesians inhabit approximately 6,000 of the 17,500 islands in the archipelago. Indonesia is a modern nation-state of great cultural and ethnolinguistic diversity. Bahasa Indonesia is the official national language, but more than seven hundred languages are spoken. Due to its large and diverse population spread out over such a vast expanse of land and sea, it is difficult to make general statements about Indonesian music as a monolithic entity. Most studies in this entry pertain to the music of specific ethnic groups (only a small fraction of the more than three hundred ethnic groups are represented in the scholarship). Itzhak Perlman plays Klezmer. A History of Klezmer Music. The word "klezmer" comes from two Hebrew words that refer to musical instruments.

A History of Klezmer Music

Over time, they have come to signify the musicians and the type of music that these musicians play. It now refers to the musical genre that is a type of secular Jewish music with roots dating back as far as the 16th century. Yiddish Theater and Beyond In the 1870's, a man named Abraham Goldfaden founded the first Yiddish theater in Romania. The Yiddish theater popularized Jewish music and had a large influence on the Jews of the time. The Downturn for Klezmer After the large immigration of Jews to the United States from 1880-1920, klezmer started to lose favor with these European Jews.

The Upturn for Klezmer. Italian Music History. One of my friends recently completed a course in the History of italian music from the Accademia Europea de Firenze in Florence, Italy.

Italian Music History

I was amazed at the evolution of Italian music when she narrated to me the journey of medieval madrigals. List of Top Italian Film Score Composers. List of Top Italian Composers.