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Robert Jones. Josan Gonzalez on Behance. Anatomy Scan Reference Dump. 33 Orange Color Schemes and Inspiring Ideas for Modern Interior Decorating with Orange Colors. Orange color is a wonderful choice for optimistic, warm and modern interior decorating.

33 Orange Color Schemes and Inspiring Ideas for Modern Interior Decorating with Orange Colors

Orange paint colors, modern wallpaper in orange, room furniture and decor accessories in orange colors bring cheerful and happy mood into interior decorating, improve creativity and make rooms look welcoming, bright and energetic. Orange colors, inspired by nature, are amazing and can create different mood in every room in your house. Orange color schemes can be relaxing and welcoming, romantic and seducing or bold and exciting, depending on what other room colors you select for your interior decorating. Painted in pure orange rooms are extravagant and could be too bright for human eyes. Her there, Mr. Gillen. In Über #17's afterward,... - Another Way To Breathe. Chameleon Marker Pens. The Body Shapes Of The World’s Best Athletes Compared Side By Side. We’ve been fascinated with the ideal human form since ancient Greece and before, although that ideal form has been constantly changing.

The Body Shapes Of The World’s Best Athletes Compared Side By Side

Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why Howard Schatz’s Athlete series is so striking – it taps into the same focus on physical human beauty that ancient Greek sculptures and modern advertisements do. Easily group Photoshop brushes into "folders" Multiversity Comics » Talking Art with Becky Cloonan and Sean Murphy [Podcast] Multiversity’s David Harper hosts a conversation with creators Becky Cloonan (The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys, Demeter) and Sean Murphy (The Wake, Punk Rock Jesus) to talk about all things comic art, the difference between being a writer/artist and an artist, why they started writing on top of being artists, where artists are at today in comics, and much more in terms of insight into the creations of comics that we all love.

Multiversity Comics » Talking Art with Becky Cloonan and Sean Murphy [Podcast]

Thanks to Becky and Sean for talking with us, and we really do hope you enjoy the conversation. If you do, let us know if you’d like to hear more podcasts like it in the future in the comments. You can either stream it below, or download a copy for your listening pleasure. Brian Stelfreeze Painting part 1. Kyle's Pro Design Tools. How to fix Wacom Tablet driver not starting. Art Marker Showdown: Copic Sketch Vs. Prismacolor Premier. EDIT: If you enjoyed this review, please consider donating!

Art Marker Showdown: Copic Sketch Vs. Prismacolor Premier

Donations go towards the purchase of additional art supplies, which may include more markers for testing. If you found this review useful, please consider sharing it on your social networks.

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Ol' Groove's Request Line: "Killer's Roulette" by Frank Robbins. Goni Montes. New York 360 View. WebGL Water. Loading...

WebGL Water

Made by Evan Wallace This demo requires a decent graphics card and up-to-date drivers. If you can't run the demo, you can still see it on YouTube. Interactions: Draw on the water to make ripples Drag the background to rotate the camera Press SPACEBAR to pause and unpause Drag the sphere to move it around Press the L key to set the light direction Press the G key to toggle gravity Features:

29 Incredible Pictures Of Kiev Transformed Into A Warzone. The area around central Kiev descended into a warzone on Wednesday with protesters and police clashing against a backdrop of flames, burning tyres and snow.

29 Incredible Pictures Of Kiev Transformed Into A Warzone

Heavily armoured officers met protesters throwing Molotov cocktails, and brandishing chains and guns. Three people have already died, according to emergency services, with more fatalities expected. SEE ALSO: Protest Video Shows Demonstrators Throwing Molotov Cocktails At Armoured Police. Vietnam War photos reveal moment U.S. troops unleashed hell on Viet Cong sniper in hills above an Army camp. By Daily Mail Reporter Published: 22:33 GMT, 20 June 2013 | Updated: 09:35 GMT, 21 June 2013 A Vietnam War veteran has released incredible night-time photographs he took of American troops opening fire on a Viet Cong sniper who had been firing on a U.S.

Vietnam War photos reveal moment U.S. troops unleashed hell on Viet Cong sniper in hills above an Army camp

Army camp. Vietnam War photos reveal moment U.S. troops unleashed hell on Viet Cong sniper in hills above an Army camp. The Comics Journal - Part 12. FRANK SANTORO. 10 Things... About Value. Anatomy references. Pinup Research & Development: The Canopy Effect. You might wonder what tree canopies and beautiful women have in common.

Pinup Research & Development: The Canopy Effect

True, they share an organic nature, composed of many broad and subtle curves, but their simplest geometrical outlines reveal other similarities. Look at how, in each instance, we are able to break the tree into flat, sawed-off diagonals. Notice the very few (if any) incidents of 90 degree angles, and how the diagonals oppose each other strongly. Compare that to a similar treatment of the images below. Realism vs. Simplicity. Observational Accuracy These paintings depict real spaces with real light.

Realism vs. Simplicity

As such, they are 'observational' images (even if they were based off of photographs). Where they succeed is in their accurate selection of colors -- which is not easy to do. The graphic, simplified, paint strokes leave no room for error. Each color has been carefully tweaked to capture the scene. Cloud Tutorial Part 1 by yuumei on deviantART. 10 Things... About Value. The Art References - face/expressions tutorials & references masterpost. Film Noir Lighting with Lighting Diagrams. April 12, 2011 by Darkman Filed under All Articles, Featured, Film Noir Lighting, Film Noir Lighting Books, Film Noir Lighting Diagrams, Film Noir Photography, John Alton, Lighting Diagrams, Videos and Tips, Painting with Light, The Noir Style Film Noir, emphasizing low-key lighting and unbalanced compositions and literally translated means “Black Film”.

Film Noir Lighting with Lighting Diagrams

Not just the colors of the film but the sub-currents or undertones of the movie moods and expression. Film Noir is a visual style who’s roots are in German Expressionist cinematography, and typically set in the early 1940′s to the late 1950′s. Film Noir is typically thought of as being a crime drama, usually involving a Femme Fatale(a women of questionable virtue). The femme fatale usually thought of as a danger to the hero or underdog, sometimes being the one thing that can bring the hero down, or elevate him to hero status. Film Noir Lighting became the hallmark of the Film Noir movie, and is seen in many types of photography today.

CONCEPT ART. The DC New 52 Timeline of Departures, Firings, and Bridge-Burnings — Gutters and Panels. Pixar's 22 Rules of Storytelling.


The Best of Milligan & McCarthy: Peter Milligan, Brendan McCarthy, Brendan Wright: 9781616551537: Jeff Wamester (jeffwamester) Dynamic Brushwork. There's a challenging threshold for beginners to cross as they learn to digital paint: dynamic brush strokes. It's a pretty linear process as you learn to make smooth, crisp, rendering with the basic three brushes. Taking the leap to active, dynamic, strokes can seem daunting. That's where the newest edition to the Ctrl+Paint store comes in: Dynamic Brushwork. Don't expect to flail about with stylus in hand - my goal was to provide a structured framework to achieve expressive results. Case Studies. Pinup Research & Development: Action / Repose. Think of someone driving a car with automatic transmission : One foot works the gas/break pedal while the other stays idle.

One hand grips the steering wheel while the other rests on their leg or by the window. Many activities are like this -- with some parts of the body in action and some in repose. We can use this knowledge when inventing poses for our pinups. In these photos by Bunny Yeager we can see these action/repose states in evidence. A) The model's upper body is in action while her lower body is in repose. Stroke Economy. Two weeks ago talked about pushing further, and adding extra polish to your paintings. Color in Sketching and Rendering: Arthur Leighton Guptill: 9780685094792:

Head References for Artist – Lighting. Do you need lighting references for a human head? In my reference library I have various lighting references on faces, but it’s never complete as they come from difference sources and of different people. So here I have taken the 3D head model from my Lady Dragon statue and created an animation with various lighting angles, creating a complete head reference for lighting. Preview: Baltimore: The Infernal Train #1. Complete Image Size Chart For Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube & Other Social Networks.

John Romita Jr On Leaving Marvel For Superman, And Working With Neil Gaiman, Mark Waid, Jonathan Ross And More Mark Millar. Syd Mead, art of ... X-ray delta one's Photostream. WHY DID NOBODY TELL ME ABOUT THIS PALETTE. Must Read: Tom Scioli on good/bad coloring and Barry Windsor Smith. View topic - Crits on mixed color styles. Airold's deviantART gallery. Samsung Ativ Q - Tablets. Print Protectors. Wolverine Origins Braithwaite-Reinhold 33-36 by BillReinhold on deviantART. Write about comics… Write about comics. A Roundup of the Best Wordpress Plugins. I’ve been going through WordPress Plugins left and right lately so I thought I’d do a quick post to let you know what I’m finding useful. (Quick? Robert Bonfils. Videos by JohnRauch on deviantART. Which suit do you prefer? Printing something out onto watercolor paper and working over it? Hi, What I've really been meaning to do is to actually print a digital painting, or perhaps just line art, onto watercolor paper.

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Kilian Eng on the Futuristic Forefront. - All the Photo References and Textures Comic Artist Wants. Comic Class. NYCC2011 Archaia's HOW TO MAKE A GREAT GRAPHIC NOVEL (5 of 5) Pitching. Wartime Camouflage Colours.