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Dominique Merriweather

Inquiry Based Learning by Julie Anne Bankowski on Prezi. Inquiry-Based Learning. Digital Learning. Digital learning is any instructional practice that effectively uses technology to strengthen a student’s learning experience.

Digital Learning

It emphasizes high-quality instruction and provides access to challenging content, feedback through formative assessment, opportunities for learning anytime and anywhere, and individualized instruction to ensure all students reach their full potential to succeed in college and a career. Digital learning encompasses many different facets, tools, and applications to support and empower teachers and students, including online courses, blended or hybrid learning, or digital content and resources. Additionally, digital learning can be used for professional learning opportunities for teachers and to provide personalized learning experiences for students. How the digital revolution is changing learning. The Promise of Digital Learning. Merriweatherd. The Power of Digital Learning. Your Digital Footprint: What is it & How Can You Manage it?

Have you ever Googled yourself?

Your Digital Footprint: What is it & How Can You Manage it?

Did you know you leave a trail of data from every little nook and cranny you visit on the Internet? Whether your info is shared intentionally or unintentionally, it’s being gathered by current employers, prospective employers and even companies from which you shop. Protecting your digital footprint #frit7234. What Does a 21st Century Classroom Look Like: Technology Integration. Posted 03/31/2015 12:25PM | Last Commented 05/09/2015 7:52PM As a follow up to my post on 10 Signs of a 21st Century Classroom, I would like to share some ideas that we have at my school for achieving these goals.

What Does a 21st Century Classroom Look Like: Technology Integration

Some are actively implemented by a significant number of our faculty, while others are still just an idea being trialed by one or two teachers. Winning Equation: How Technology Can Help Save Math Education. Math education in the United States is a broken system.

Winning Equation: How Technology Can Help Save Math Education

So says a national panel of experts convened by President Bush, which warned of the disastrous effects this run-down system will have on individual and national success -- unless we introduce markedly different teaching strategies. During most of the twentieth century, the United States dominated the math field with its output of important mathematicians and its great strides in engineering, science, and finance.

But the depth of the country's decline is apparent in some frightening statistics: Less than one-third of eighth-grade students and fewer than one out of four seniors now test as proficient or better for math, according to recent National Assessment of Education Progress reports. Because You Asked: How Tech Can Transform English/Language Arts Class from Good to Great. English/Language Arts teachers often ask me what technology can do for them.

Because You Asked: How Tech Can Transform English/Language Arts Class from Good to Great

After all, eBooks are revolutionizing both the weight of students’ backpacks and the local bookstore’s bottom line. But the English classroom? The jury’s out. After 20 years, a teacher reinvents her classroom using technology. WASHINGTON, D.C. – Teacher Valyncia O.

After 20 years, a teacher reinvents her classroom using technology

Hawkins knew she needed extra time with students who arrived in her classroom behind grade level, but slowing down the whole class risked boring the more advanced students. But even after 20 years as a teacher, Hawkins still didn’t have a good method to keep everyone moving forward. 8 Engaging Ways to use Technology in the Classroom to Create Lessons That Aren’t Boring.

Merriweatherd. The value behind it all! #FRIT7234. Awesome read on using technology as a tool to support instruction! #FRIT7234. 14 Considerations for Inquiry Based Learning. Inquiry is essential.

14 Considerations for Inquiry Based Learning

The fact is that students come to school with partial knowledges. But the curriculum documents themselves do not address the parts that students know or don’t know. It has been built to present to us about the privileged people and only the most successful moments in history according to those people. Textbooks, websites and other resources generally reinforce this. The opportunities and challenges of digital learning. Twenty years ago this week, one of my very first writings on education policy appeared in print.

The opportunities and challenges of digital learning

[i] It was an opinion piece I wrote while teaching middle school in East Harlem, in which I described my school’s struggle to effectively use classroom computers. Two decades later, as a professor of economics and education policy, I am engaged in several research projects studying the use and impact of digital learning. Digital Learning - Foundation for Excellence in Education. Click here to visit our library of Digital Learning Resources The digital revolution is transforming society at a pace that almost defies our ability to keep up with it.

Digital Learning - Foundation for Excellence in Education

The shelf life of new technology seems to grow shorter every year. Our options for information, communication, entertainment and news have multiplied beyond imagination. This is the world that children are growing up in. The ability of their young minds to grasp digital technology far surpasses that of their parents. Here's a great article on content curation! Must see. #FRIT7234. A great article on curation #FRIT7234 Developing Digital Literacy Through Content Curation #

Here's a great site to use w/ students. They can submit their work using #noflashdrive #frit7234. Enjoying all the information in a great resource! #frit7234. #FRIT7234 here is your Monday Tech Treat: @aasl Best Websites for Teaching & Learning #edtech #tlchat #edchat. Tools for Building your Personal Learning Network.