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RebelMouse sur Twitter : "How to write a blog that people actually want to read. Richard Byrne sur Twitter : "Using Google Apps in a Math Classroom... The Talking Billboard: Introduction to Personalized Digital Advertising. This introduction to Personalized Digital Advertising: How Data and Technology Are Transforming How We Market examines the rationale, opportunity, process, and technology involved in personalizing advertising.

The Talking Billboard: Introduction to Personalized Digital Advertising

This chapter is from the book  In the 2002 movie Minority Report, Tom Cruise walks into a mall and is greeted by “live” billboards that address him by name and show him outfits he will likely be interested in. The billboards do it by scanning his retina. (Turns out it’s someone else’s retina, but you’ll have to watch the movie to know why.) In many ways, as advertising has gone from traditional media to new media, it has not changed very much. Along came newspapers, magazines, and TV—first one channel in black and white and then three channels and then cable with hundreds of channels. Marketers repeated the same formula used in advertising. For some time, pundits have predicted that advertising will become much more personalized and relevant.

Google For Education sur Twitter : "Students of @BlazquezTracy & @AmyPanitch implemented a #PBL using #GAFE w/ Hangout on Air to publish their findings. Lee McFatridge sur Twitter : "Good article: But do they really get it? Sometimes youth is wasted on the young. :) #frit7234. Digital Footprints: A Footprint That Doesn’t Wash Away. In today’s world there is little that has not been dominated by technology.

Digital Footprints: A Footprint That Doesn’t Wash Away

What we do today, whether it’s checking email, calling someone, checking your Facebook account or reading an online journal, it all is stored in the database and leaves a “digital footprint” – an indication of your activity that lingers. This lingering data can be a threat to the user in the future as anyone can access some of that data.

Our digital footprint becomes our very first impression on the interviewer before we step into that interview. It is important to be aware of this trail and be able to reduce it when possible. Getting the point across to youth about the permanence of our actions online. Lee McFatridge sur Twitter : " #frit7234... Your Digital Footprint. Using the Internet » Your Digital Footprint Your Digital Footprint Have you ever wondered what people think of you?

Your Digital Footprint

People learn about who you are from listening to the things you say and the way you say them. Remove Personal Info; Internet Privacy - 10 steps to erase your digital footprint. MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ are social media websites that can be mined by potential employers for personal information.

10 steps to erase your digital footprint

If privacy settings are not at their highest, this could mean viewers can access pictures, posts and status updates best kept within your private life. One thing to remember is that the Web often forgets about context -- and so Tweets can be misconstrued, events from years ago can end up hampering your prospects, and your profile may not show you to be the type of person a company would want to hire.

In relation to accounts you actively use, check your privacy settings. For Facebook, head over to account settings through the top-right button, and then select 'privacy' from the menu on the left. Richard Byrne sur Twitter : "10 Important Google Search Strategies for Students - A PDF Handout via Free Technology for ... Lee McFatridge sur Twitter : "Have a little fun today! #frit7234... Richard Byrne sur Twitter : "Using Google Apps in a Math Classroom...

Google For Education sur Twitter : "Going to #ISTE2015? So are we! Visit us and follow along with our new @GooglePlus Collection. Dr. Kevin Daniel on Twitter: "Engaged vs just on task. These two are often confused in schools at our students' learning peril. Jeff Carney sur Twitter : "Dipsticks: Efficient Ways to Check for Understanding.

Defining Inquiry Learning: Part 1. The above “Tagul” word cloud is a visual definition of what “Inquiry Learning” looks like through my eyes.

Defining Inquiry Learning: Part 1

I placed it in the shape of a checkmark since I think that is what most of us as students look for to show we are on the right track. However, when you look at some of the words I have used as descriptives being correct or right doesn’t necessarily fall into place. One of the main things I have learned over the course of the last couple of weeks is that inquiry-based learning is about the process maybe even more than the final product. In revisiting Tina Barseghian‘s article on Diana Laufenberg, “Creating Classrooms We Need: 8 Ways Into Inquiry Learning“, and Laufenberg’s TED video “How to learn? From Mistakes“, this thought of great process vs. great product becomes clearer.

I think as teachers we don’t have much of a problem with #1 and #2, but when it comes to #3 we kind of take a step back. Attention young professionals! What's in your digital baggage? Edmodo sur Twitter : "EdmodoCon is only two months away! Register for our free event now! Early Modern Information Overload. Find using OpenURL Rent from DeepDyve Early Modern Information Overload Abstract Contemporary discussions of information overload have important precedents during the years 1550-1750.

Early Modern Information Overload

An examination of the early modern period in Europe, including work of humanism, science, theology, and popular encyclopedias demonstrates that perceptions of information overload have as much to do with the ways in which knowledge is represented as with any quantitative measurers in the production of new texts, ideas, or facts. Incorrect username or password. Please select your institution to authenticate with Shibboleth. Russell Faust sur Twitter : "5 Great Online Tools for Creating Infographics -... 50 Things You Can Do With Google Classroom. I am excited to announce that the book “50 Things You Can Do With Google Classroom” is now available for sale on Amazon.

50 Things You Can Do With Google Classroom

The book was co-authored by Libbi Miller who teaches with me at California State University Fresno. We both are users of and fans of Google Classroom. The Twitter Hashtag: What Is It and How Do You Use It? Tools for Building your Personal Learning Network. The Educator's PLN - The personal learning network for educators.

Step 1: What is a PLN? Welcome to our professional learning series on building a PLN.

Step 1: What is a PLN?

This series guides you step by step through the process of setting up your own PLN. The aim of this first step is to: Explain what is a PLN.Help you understand why educators create their own PLN. The following information on PLN was co-written by Michael Graffin, a relief/substitute teacher and blogger from Western Australia. Personal Learning Environments. 5 Things You Can Do to Begin Developing Your Personal Learning Network. Sketchy Explanation: Starting a PLN.