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The Chinook Book: A Descriptive Analysis of the Chinook Jargon in Plain ... - Walter Shelley Phillips - Google Books. Chinook Jargon Phrasebook - English-Chinook Index. This is a list of basic Chinook Jargon words as reproduced in Kamloops Wawa, a publication of the Oblate missionary community in British Columbia during the 1890s.

Chinook Jargon Phrasebook - English-Chinook Index

This is not, as far as I can tell, the same list as one in another edition of Kamloops Wawa, as there are some differences in spelling that I remember from the other version. This list is produced separately here from the rest of the Phrasebook because of the wide divergence in spelling and apparent pronunciation from the other versions of the lexicon, most of which were published in the United States. There are also some words included here which do not appear in the usual sources (Gibbs, Shaw, etc.).

Error 403. Promotora Española de Lingüística - Jerga Chinook. En Norteamérica existen varias lenguas que son conocidos con el apelativo de 'jerga' (jerga esquimal, jerga delaware, jerga mobilian y jerga chinook), pero no hay que sacar conclusiones equivocadas de ese calificativo.

Promotora Española de Lingüística - Jerga Chinook

De hecho, la antigua palabra 'jerga' sería equivalente a lo que nosotros denominamos 'pidgin'. La jerga chinook o cinúk wáwa a veces conocida como wáwa, fue la lengua de comercio en el Pacífico noroccidental y usada durante el siglo XIX y principios del XX. El origen es todavía incierto, pero lo que se sabe es que es un pidgin que incorpora palabras de nootka, francés, inglés y chehalis además de chinook, difundiéndose hacia el sur desde el río Lower Columbia antes de 1830 y hacia el norte antes de mediados del siglo XIX. Penetró a considerable distancia hacia el este pero se detuvo en las Montañas Rocosas y no pudo enraizar en las tierras del salishan interior de la Columbia Británica meridional y del este de Washington. Chinook Jargon (Tsinuk Wawa, Chinook Pidgin) Wawa Press - Chinook Jargon. A Genealogist's Guide to Native American Names: A Reference for Native ... - Connie Ellefson.


Legends. OR_North%20Santiam%20River_283110_1983_100000. NGMDB Image Preview Page. Native American Names and Meanings Pg 1. Native American Names that start with "a", Native American Name Meanings, Meaning of Native American Names. Native American Glossary. 1> Michigan Indian Names Of Cities and Towns2> Algonquian Indian Words In Common Use3> Common Indian Expressions4> Indian Name Meaning5> Ojibwa - Personal And Place Names6> Ojibwa - Animals, Birds and Trees7> Indian Names of Places8> Indian Tribe Meaning9> State With Indian Names10> State Origin, Admin.

Native American Glossary

Date and Common Name Click On The Heading Number To Return Here Back Home Michigan Indian Names Of Cities And Towns Michigan - "Big Sea Water". Indian Words In Common Use Common Indian Expressions Bury The Hatchet Tapioca On The Warpath Cocaine A Feather In Your Cap Indian Name Meanings Personal and Place Names Animals And Birds. "Water" Names.


The First People of Clackamas County, Oregon. The First People of Clackamas County A Legend: Tallapus and the Hyas Tyee Tumwater (Willamette Falls) According to the Kalapuya Indians, long ago a hero named Tallapus (also called Coyote) came to the Willamette Valley from somewhere far over the Rocky Mountains.

The First People of Clackamas County, Oregon

At this time, gigantic skookums (ogres) terrified the people of the Valley. Worse still, the Kalapuyas (people of the Pudding River) had no place to catch the delicious salmon that teemed up the Willamette River every season. Tallapus decided to provide fish for the people before he freed them from the worst of the skookums. First, Tallapus tried to make a fishing place at the mouth of the Pudding River. [Based on "The Reminiscences of Louis Labonte" in the Oregon Historical Quarterly, 1901] John Townsend, a scientist who canoed up the Willamette River in 1834, describes the way Hyas Tyee Tumwater used to be: "There are here three falls on a line of rocks extending across the river, which forms the bed of the upper channel. Tumwata. Chinook Jargon[edit] Etymology[edit] From tumtum (“heart, heartbeat”) + English water.


Noun[edit] tumwata waterfall Synonyms[edit] tumchuck. Chinook Jargon. Native American Placenames of the United States - William Bright. Cross-Search and Context Utility.