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Glaciers of the American West. Mt. Hood - Campsites. EDW/EDW_RecreationOpportunities_01 (MapServer) View In:ArcGIS JavaScriptArcGIS Online map viewerGoogle EarthArcMapArcGIS Explorer View Footprint In: ArcGIS Online map viewer Service Description: Recreational areas are displayed as points starting from scale 1:400,000.

EDW/EDW_RecreationOpportunities_01 (MapServer)

Recreation areas are symbolized using standard USFS recreation symbols as used on other USFS map products. Map Name: U.S. View topic - Map of old Mt. Hood NF ranger districts. Just found this article from June 13, 1952.

View topic - Map of old Mt. Hood NF ranger districts

Rangers Pare River District ... 539D6E1A73 It talks about dividing the Clackamas River drainage into three districts: Estacada (HQ in Estacada), Collawash (HQ at Station Creek Camp....where is that?) , and Lakes (HQ at Oak Grove RS). The article also mentions that the previous Lakes district became the Bear Springs district at this time. UPDATE: Blasted link requires a library card. MHNF 1967 map. Northwest Hiker presents Hiking in the Mt Hood National Forest and Wilderness.

Mount Hood National Forest Mountain Bike and Hiking Trails. <h3>Javascript is disabled.

Mount Hood National Forest Mountain Bike and Hiking Trails

This site uses javascript to enable interactive features, so some content and features will not work while Javascript is disabled. <a href=" title="Site Technical Requirements and Support">Site Technology</a></h3> The Barlow and Hood River Ranger Districts contain a cluster of the best rides in the Northern Oregon Cascades. Extensive wilderness area limits biking in the rest of the Mt Hood National Forest. Mount Hood TrailFinder Sort by column and/or search/filter by word (e.g. Interactive Map: Click on any trail or region. Geocortex Viewer for HTML5. Hood National Forest - Maps & Publications. Free, Downloadable Maps.

Hood National Forest - Maps & Publications

Mt Hood NF Recreation Opportunities. Maps and Data Oregon/Washington BLM. Welcome to the Maps and Data page.

Maps and Data Oregon/Washington BLM

We hope you will take the time to explore it. The page contains links to maps, Cadastral Survey, and Land Records. We provide leadership, management, and technical direction for the development and implementation of the BLM Oregon and Washington’s surveying, mapping, aerial photography, geodesy, resource grade global positioning system (GPS) activities. If you can't find what you're looking for on this site, feel free to contact us at 503-808-6132, or via e-mail.

Oregon Washington Data Viewer How do I know if I am on BLM land? Oregon-Washington Data Viewer The Bureau of Land Management's Oregon/Washington (OR/WA) Data Library contains the spatial data of the Oregon and Washington BLM. Mt Hood National Forest - Data Library. Metadata Information Welcome to the Mt.

Mt Hood National Forest - Data Library

Hood National Forest GIS Data Dictionary. This page contains metadata, or data about data, for our spatial data sets. The data sets, which is in either a shapefile or file geodatabase format, are organized by theme which are shown in the table of contents frame. Historical Maps – Trail Advocates. The maps below are ones that have been collected from a variety of sources.

Historical Maps – Trail Advocates

The list of maps will hopefully increase over time as new maps are found. We will try and keep them organized the same way to make them easy to find.The 24k (7.5 minute) maps have the greatest level of detail, however they do not have as much historical content (they are not as old). If you are looking for historical content, the best maps, would be either the 62.5 (15 minute) or 125k (30 minute) maps. To see what the map names are, hover over the area on each of the detailed maps, and it will pop up the name of the map. Click on the area and it will take you to the listing of maps available for that area for the given resolution.There are a few maps that are outside of the district (Mt Wilson, Detroit and the Mt Hood maps all cover area outside of the Clackamas district), but were included here for reference.

U.S. National Wilderness Preservation System Map. Historic Atlas: Wasco County 1933 Oregon - Historic Map Works. The Oregon Map GIS Viewer. McGee Creek Map. Early Washington Maps. DOGAMI - Mount Hood Geologic Guide and Recreation Map. 1965 Shell Oil Mount Hood Trillium Lake Road Map Oregon Portland Eugene Salem. 1961 Recreation Area Road Map Clackamas County Oregon Mount Hood Forest Trails. Official 1979 Trail Map Mount Hood National Forest Oregon Roads Ranger Stations. The USGS Store - One stop shop for all your maps, world, United States, state, wall decor, historic, planetary, topographic, trail, hiking, foreign, satellite, digital. Message Center: If during your shopping session you encounter an out of stock item, please call Customer Service (1-888-ASK-USGS (1-888-275-8747), Select Option 1) , to verify product availability.

The USGS Store - One stop shop for all your maps, world, United States, state, wall decor, historic, planetary, topographic, trail, hiking, foreign, satellite, digital

Here you can find maps, Federal Recreation passes, scientific reports, educational materials, and much more! Maps, Maps, Maps read more about different kinds of USGS map products. 2013 America The BeautifulThe National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Annual Pass <div class="toolTip2"><p><b>Featuring Product Number: <a href="/b2c_usgs/usgs/catalog/homePageProductLink/(xcm=r3standardpitrex_prd&layout=6_1_61_48&uiarea=2&ctype=areaDetails&carea=%24ROOT)/.do? zUsgsMatnr=206946" class="links">206946</a></b></p><p>2013 America The Beautiful<br />The National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Annual Pass</p></div> Provides entry into US National Parks, National Forests, and other places. Exploring Caves Poster Several hundred of the most useful USGS maps for teaching and learning.

The National Map: Printable Maps. The National Map. Oregon National Forest and BLM Maps.