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Br(az)illiant: Restructuring Shanty Towns For the Future. Yes, these are real … and yet entirely unreal at the same time.

Br(az)illiant: Restructuring Shanty Towns For the Future

After traveling extensively through the shanty towns of Sao Paolo and Ro de Janeiro, Brazil, artist Dionisio Gonzalez has constructed a series of photographic collages that blend imagination and architecture, a kind of hyper-real Alice-in-Wonderland representation of the hodge-podge urban reality around him. His work is not just artistic or theoretical commentary – it is a semi-concrete vision for the possible restructuring of shanty towns. Inside Out. Edward Burtynsky [ Photographic Works ] Dear Photograph. Life in the slow line. Silence. Lilie-Mélo. Maïze. Camilla Engman.