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Traveller T-Shirt With 40 Icons Lets You Communicate In Any Country Even If You Don’t Speak Its Language. I wish I had this shirt when I was in Afghanistan.

Traveller T-Shirt With 40 Icons Lets You Communicate In Any Country Even If You Don’t Speak Its Language

In 2009, we were situated in a little Observation Post somewhere in Kandahar for a week or two at a time, with nothing but rations to fill our bellies. After many days and much elaborate drawing, I finally managed to communicate to a local Afghan National Army soldier that we were interested in real food. For the rest of our stay, and for just a few dollars per week, we were treated to hot meals twice per day.

But had I had this IconSpeak shirt, weeks of eating cold rations could have been avoided. IconSpeak is a useful T-shirt printed with 40 universal icons, perfect for those occasions when you don’t speak the local language and have forgotten how to sign “I think there’s a problem with my carburettor.” Jellyfish Salad 涼拌海蜇. By Ellen L.

Jellyfish Salad 涼拌海蜇

Published: 2012-06-24 A really weird yet delicious Chinese delicacy food is marinated jellyfish salad. That's right, jellyfish, those delicately glowing creatures of trailing tentacles and mushroom bodies that float like so many deadly but beautiful sea fairies through the ocean's waters. Humm, how ever did my Chinese ancestors ever figure out you can eat this? Well, I guess this is just more proof that the Chinese eat everything under the sun! This jellyfish dish is pretty simple to prepare and is really very tasty and has a special textural crunch all of its own. Jellyfish Salad Recipe Ingredients 1/2 lb jellyfish, or 1/2 catty. I’m always looking for practical gifts for wedding, showers, birthdays, you name it.

A few years ago my sisters, mom and I decided to make RECIPE RINGS for ourselves, and it was then that I realized that these would make perfect gifts! It took some work initially, but now that we have the recipes typed up, it is so nice to print them off and give them as gifts. {And I must mention that I CANNOT live without mine!}

Today, I will show you how to make this Recipe Ring Gift Idea and show you just how practical and great they are. – Recipes– 4×6 Blank Note Cards. Harry Potter Gifts For Her. Learn how to fold a super kawaii origami Totoro! Download 2 free printable origami papers or draw on your own face :) ⬇︎ Expand for more info ⬇︎ Do… Picture from CraftPudding Martina turned me on to this cute little video of hand carving a stamp, so I thought I’d put together a post with some links and tips on carving your own.

There are lots of great resources out there, but here just a few of my favs. What you’ll need: • A carving tool – Without a doubt the Speedball Lino Cutter is the carving tool of choice and can be found at most arts & craft stores. There are lots of other brands out there, so don’t worry if you can’t find a Speedball, just look for a Linoleum Cutter. You can purchase all of these online at Blick Art Materials. • Carving Material – If you’re just getting started you can practice on small plastic erasers, or purchase rubber stamping material which should be in the same section of your craft store. Carving Material at Blick Art Materials. • Ink pads – Not only will you need ink to actually use your stamp, you’ll need it to test your stamp and make sure you’ve carved away enough of the rubber surrounding your stamp.

Crédit photos : Olivier Martin-Gambier De toutes les idées créa de mon sujet de Noël dans Prima, ce sont les menus surprises à gratter qui semblent avoir eu le plus de succès !

Le numéro n’étant plus en kiosque, on peut dire qu’il y a prescription et que j’ai le droit d’en parler sur mon blog non ? Les jeux à gratter c’est marrant, c’est marrant parce que déjà, il faut « gratter », avec une petite pièce tout doucement, enlever la fine pellicule, bien souvent argentée, qui cache notre lot, oui parce que les jeux à gratter, c’est aussi marrant parce qu’il y a bien souvent quelque chose derrière à gagner !

Mais on ne gagne pas toujours.. alors j’ai voulu faire mes jeux à gratter à moi, des tickets à gratter où tu es sûr de gagner ! « il n’y a pas de perdant, que des gagnants », des petits tickets à offrir pour annoncer une jolie nouvelle, pour réclamer un baiser, pour promettre un rendez-vous.. avec un simple bout de papier, un peu d’acrylique et du scotch, vous pouvez vous aussi fabriquer votre petit ticket ! Je vous explique… Tout d’abord voici la liste des petites fournitures à avoir sous la main : * du liquide vaisselle * de la peinture acrylique * un pinceau brosse * du masking tape * du scotch transparent 1. 2. 3 . 4. 5. Et voici le résultat :