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Ja, ik accepteer cookies Via cookiesverzamelen AD en derde partijen informatie over jouw bezoek en interesses. Daarmee dragen cookies bij aan een prettige website-ervaring. We zorgen dat jij niet telkens dezelfde artikelen of advertenties ziet en dat advertenties bij ons en op andere sites passen bij jouw interesses. Om de AD-artikelen te kunnen lezen, dien je de cookies te accepteren. Meer informatie over cookies op vind je in ons uitgebreide cookie-statement. Kunstmatig eiland in de Noordzee moet Europa van groene stroom voorzien. IKEA Introduces Kitchen Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles — urdesignmag. Swedish studio Form Us With Love haa teamed up with IKEA to design KUNGSBACKA, the first kitchen fronts line, entirely made from recycled plastic bottles and reclaimed industrial wood.

IKEA Introduces Kitchen Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles — urdesignmag

“A plastic bottle is not waste; it is a resource,” said Jonas Pettersson, Form Us With Love CEO. “Most importantly, this kitchen proves that these materials can be used for household goods in large-scale production. We have to challenge the excuses for not using waste as a resource by showing how to best put these materials back into production, making affordable democratic products that will last.” Besides pioneering kitchen fronts by collaborating on a line completely made out of what others discard, Form Us With Love developed a distinctly angled silhouette in matte, anthracite grey.

Together with the HACKÅS kitchen handles, the KUNGSBACKA line stands out as both clean cut and modular, ready to fit any kitchen plan for decades to come. All images courtesy of Form Us With Love Comments comments. RipeNear.Me - local food, home grown vegies, neighborhood fruit. This Device Can Purify Water, Generate Electricity And Connect To The Internet. Watly is self-described as the biggest solar-powered computer in the world Alternative sources of electricity and safer methods for purifying water continue to be in-demand problems that many tech team are trying to solve.

This Device Can Purify Water, Generate Electricity And Connect To The Internet

The creators of Watly claim to have solved both of these in one device—while also providing an Internet connection. Self-described as the biggest solar-powered computer in the world, Watly can generate electricity off a grid, create internet connectivity from virtually anywhere, and also purify water. The team estimates that over the course of 15 years, Watly can reduce more than 2,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions. The team explains more behind how the device works autonomously on its Indiegogo page: Watly generates the very same energy it needs to function. In addition, it can “collect and send any kind of data (videos, images, audios, texts, ratios, etc.) to the internet as well as to any other compatible communication device.”

Charge Your Phone With This Potted Plant. Using the natural system of photosynthesis, a novel way to channel electricity Due to the growing number of creative gadgets, soon we might not need our standard phone chargers.

Charge Your Phone With This Potted Plant

From a charger that converts fidgeting to electricity and a charger that uses water and oxygen to charge devices, the range of devices only continues to grow. So maybe we shouldn’t be surprised that now one team has figured out a way to charge mobile phones using a plant. Tiny Bicycle Flower Vases Are The Perfect Bike Accessory For Spring. Bikes have always been the green alternative to cars, and now cycling just got even greener thanks to these adorable little bike vases!

Tiny Bicycle Flower Vases Are The Perfect Bike Accessory For Spring

They were created by Colleen Jordan, an Atlanta-based designer and artist who runs Wearable Planter, a company dedicated to products that allow you to take plants and flowers with you wherever you go. The vases are 3D printed and finished by hand and they easily attach to the handlebars of your bike. As well as the vases, Wearable Planter also sells 3D printed jewelry, such as necklaces and badges that contain a tiny living plant.

Colleen draws her inspiration from the world around her, but she was also motivated to start her company when professors at Georgia Tech and Lund University showed little interest in what she admits are her slightly far-fetched ideas. I 3D-Print Vases To Give Plastic Bottle A Second Life. My name is Libero Rutilo and I create a collection of design vases combining upcycling and 3D-printing technology.

I 3D-Print Vases To Give Plastic Bottle A Second Life

The project gives a second chance to such an unvalued object as a PET bottle, which would be normally thrown away after it has been used. Sustainable trends. (Re)Make it Rain: Rainwater Reclamation Designs. Big, bulky plastic rain barrels have their place, but there’s more than one way to capture and store rainwater, as these 12 innovative and versatile designs and concepts prove.

Dual-purpose garden furniture and rain cisterns, personal catchment systems that attach to water bottles, beautiful self-watering planters and towering public installations harvest the most precious resource of all, and they do it in style. Rain Harvesting Garden Table (images via: green launches) Cisterns take up a lot of room, and not everyone has a huge backyard. This brilliant concept doubles the function by turning your rainwater reservoir into a garden table; the slanted surface of the table captures water. Downspouts Double as Water-Recycling Planters (images via: seattle times) This cool concept for urban gutter downspouts turn an otherwise unremarkable element of the exterior of a building and turns it into a decorative planter, routing some of the water to the roots of the plants along the way.

Ja, het bestaat nu: modellenbureau voor planten. Redactie | 12 april 2016, 13:33.

Ja, het bestaat nu: modellenbureau voor planten