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Reminder Apps For The iPad: iPad/iPhone Apps AppGuide. Overview If you are a forgetful person, then this AppGuide is for you.

Reminder Apps For The iPad: iPad/iPhone Apps AppGuide

This AppGuide will explore some great options to let your iPad remind you of bills, pills, birthdays, appointments and more. Essential Apps $1.99 BugMe! Stickies Pro - Ink Notepad & Alarms by Electric Pocket BugMe is the essential reminder app for the iPad. iPhone/iPad Apps for AAC. Home Support Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) Looking for the Apps for AAC list by Jane Farrall?

iPhone/iPad Apps for AAC

It is now hosted on the Jane Farrall Consulting website What is AAC? AAC stands for Augmentative and Alternative Communication and it relates to all the tools and strategies that we use with people who have little or no speech. AAC tools can be low-tech options, such as symbol boards and communication books, as well as no-tech options such as Key Word Signing. With so many AAC apps available through the App Store, the Spectronics Consultancy Team would like to provide you with some tips and tools to help you find the right app. Top tips for successful AAC implementation: Choosing the right AAC app.

Top 12 Comprehension Apps. IPAD APPS FOR EDUCATION by Tim Bedley All apps are free unless otherwise noted.

Favorites are in bold. *My Students should download these Make Your Own iPad Stand (Video) Convert your iPad into a document camera for a few bucks. Griffin Survivor iPad Case This is the case I recommend at my trainings. 5 Dice* Order of Operations math game. The 7th Guest: Infection* Super hard strategy game similar to Othello. Action Movie FX Fun video app that adds an explosion or shooting robots to a video clip. Airsketch* Quickly write and project on your class screen. Alchemy Synth Mobile Music creation app. Educational iPad apps for kids. Best iphone/ipad apps for kindergarten-aged kids.

Last week I shared some of my favorite apps for the preschoolers, and today I wanted to share some of my favorites for my two kindergartners.

best iphone/ipad apps for kindergarten-aged kids

I’ve found some really great tools for my iphone that help reinforce what the kids are learning at school. At our house, we have an ipad, and we also have two iphones (the one I use as a phone, and an older model that is no longer activated but can still get apps via wifi). The kids are constantly asking to play on them . . . and since we use a timer and have mostly educational games, I feel pretty good about our moderate use of technology as a teaching tool. First things first, though: if you have a child playing on your iphone, I highly recommend some kind of a screen protector. I really like the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Apptivity Case.

Digital Natives: Kids and Apps. Posted by admin on Jan 24, 2011 My 4-year-old wears sneakers with Velcro straps. My 6-year-old’s shoes have laces, but he often comes home with the strings flying, his heels popping out of the soles. Once, he arrived missing a sock. His sneaker had fallen off at recess, and after stepping in a puddle, he threw his sock in the trash.

He was too busy to stop playing and tie the laces. Nevertheless, my boys are technologically savvy. In a recent survey , 14% of kids age 4 or 5 could tie their shoes, while 21% could play or operate at least one smartphone app. In the same study, which polled 2,200 mothers in several developed countries, 22% of children that age knew at least one Web address, 34% could open a Web browser and 76% could play an online computer game. The study also found some interesting differences among countries — like the fact that 30% of children between the ages of 2 and 5 in the U.S. could operate smartphone apps, while 11% of kids in Japan could. Apps for iPads. 30 Cool Educational iPad Apps for Science Lovers. If you are a student, a teacher, a parent or just a science enthusiast, you can now expand your knowledge about science in a somewhat enjoyable and convenient method using your iPad.

30 Cool Educational iPad Apps for Science Lovers

By downloading educational iPad apps designed for science learning, you can have access to vast storehouse of knowledge right there on your tablet. You just have to tap your iPad and there you are, exploring the realms of science in a fun, exciting, colorful and in some cases, realistically illustrated method. Science Apps. Educational iPad Apps - Digital Native vs Digital Citizen? Examining a Dangerous Stereotype. There are a lot of dangerous stereotypes out there.

Digital Native vs Digital Citizen? Examining a Dangerous Stereotype

"Asian students are always better at math. " "Boys are always better at sports. " And perhaps the most dangerous of all: "The current generation are all digital natives. " It is easy to see the danger in the first two stereotypes. They tend to influence the way teachers, parents, peers and society in general classify, justify and treat whichever group is represented by the stereotype. The Myth There are many people I come in contact with on a regular basis who assume that any child under the age of 18, were they given a computer, would automatically know how to use it.

To add to the complexity, there are varying degrees of "using a computer. " Indeed, the OLPC experiment debunked the popular myth that students of this generation are "digital natives" because they grew up with computers and technological devices. Explicit Teaching If I were to ask any of my students in grade three or above to define a digital citizen, they could easily do so. Bloom's iPad Taxonomy. Apps to Support Bloom's Taxonomy - Android, Google, iPad and Web 2.0. I had seen two great charts Kathy Schrock had made about Apps to Support Bloom's taxonomy.

Apps to Support Bloom's Taxonomy - Android, Google, iPad and Web 2.0