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N 520437 E 041900 [the hague city hall] Augmented sculpture series. Variations on Pi - making-of. ALFREDO MORTE. Actualizado el día 16 de diciembre de 2013: MUESTRA 15.11 (14.12).2013 LOS MAQUINISTAS (The Machinists) Exposición colectiva 100% mecánica de artistas internacionales que han hecho del mecanismo su lenguaje artístico.


Hasta el día 14 de diciembre en c arte c Avd. Juan de Herrera nº2. _ presentaré las obras inéditas en España: rtJ1 (D.s.v.Z.) rtH8 (auto-satisfacción) y la recién creada rtH15 (LAS REVOLUCIONES EN VACÍO) MUESTRA 20.09.2013 Raum und Identität (Espacio e Identidad) Exposición organizada en el pasaje comercial en deshuso situado en Calle Fuencarral 77 y comisariada por Almudena Mora y Max Meyer con el apoyo de la Embajada de Alemenia en España. hasta el día 20.10.2013 participaré con la obra rth14 faro. _ desde el 4 de Julio el amp001 funcionará como un susurrador dentro de la sección 'The Whisperers' comisariada por Gawel Kownacki (F.A.I.T) MUESTRA 09.02.2013 rtH13, una obra circunsatacial en el escaparate de la tetería Bomec, dentro de la muestra franqueados 2013. Maria Castellanos// Projects// Electric stimulus to face -test4 ( Daito Manabe 's friends )

Alicia Eggert. The Next Black - A film about the Future of Clothing. "Penguins Mirror" (2015) by Daniel Rozin. Nils Völker.

Referentes para el diplomado

One Hundred and Eight – Interactive Installation. Sincronica III by OPN Studio. Alistair McClymont - The Limitations of Logic and the Absence of Absolute Certainty. Ariel Schlesinger at Frieze NYC. STRANDBEEST. Guillem bayo.

Main : Manuel Casellas. Miguel CHEVALIER Magic Carpets 2014, Castel Del Monte, Italy (short version) Quadratura. Showreel 2014. Threaded Interface (2012) Chris Harrison. Poetry on the Road 2010. Hydro-Acoustic Study [sketch Part I] Paul Prudence. NanoKEY experiments. Quayola. Strata #3 - Excerpt. Algorithmic] Visualization Research. Dunne & Raby. Sabine Pieper. Les Miitonnées.

Miit Studio. The Whirlpool® Interactive Kitchen of the Future 2.0 at CES 2015. Stay Closer To Your Pets With Petcube. NIKE+ FUELBAND - THE INSIDE STORY. Osmo in Schools. Leap Motion Intro - Featuring v2 Software. Leap Motion Intro - Featuring v2 Software. Introducing Amazon Echo. Sense: Know More. Sleep Better. by Hello. We created Sense to be simple, uncomplicated and useful.

Sense: Know More. Sleep Better. by Hello

Sense is the first system that combines the insight of your sleep patterns with the data of the environment in your bedroom, including noise, light, temperature, humidity and particles in the air. With Sense's Smart Alarm, it can even wake you up in the morning at the right point in your sleep cycle, to avoid that groggy feeling we all hate so much. All easily available via our iPhone and Android applications. Portafolio- Nico Contreras Diseñador Senior Backstage Studio by Nicolas David. The Urbaneering Companys. Skrekkøgle ∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆ Heeeellloo, we are Skrekkøgle.

Skrekkøgle ∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆

Scroll please. Recent stories. Blog. Child Abuse Prevention Ad Delivers Secret Message Only Kids Can See. Email According to Compassion International, an estimated 300 million children worldwide are subjected to violence, exploitation and abuse each year. 40 million of these children are under the age of 15.

Child Abuse Prevention Ad Delivers Secret Message Only Kids Can See

This Fun Tool Teaches Kids To Program With Pictures. Do you ever feel pressured to know how to code?

This Fun Tool Teaches Kids To Program With Pictures

This Futuristic Pool Cleans New York's Polluted Water, Then You Swim In It. As you approach the edge of the trendy, industrial Brooklyn neighborhood of East Williamsburg, you can smell what divides it from Queens: sewage.

This Futuristic Pool Cleans New York's Polluted Water, Then You Swim In It

That plus oil and other industrial contaminants make the three and a half miles of the Newtown Creek one of the most polluted watersheds in New York. Kickstarter. Awesome Illustrations by Nacho Diaz. This $9 Cardboard Bike Can Support Riders Up To 485lbs. The Futuristic Food Packaging You Can Eat, Even After Washing It. Remember David Edwards, the Harvard professor behind smokable chocolate and inhalable coffee?

The Futuristic Food Packaging You Can Eat, Even After Washing It

When we last wrote about Edwards, in March, he was introducing Wahh, a Philippe Starck-designed canister that delivers puffs of vaporized alcohol. Since then, Edwards’s team has been back in the kitchen, working with designer François Azambourg to develop the WikiCell, a product that has implications for the food industry that move well beyond novelty. Puzzle Queen.  Design,future technology. The designer Marcus Johansson came up with projects lamps take the form of sea creatures. He explored many materials and techniques in developing and finally used for ‘cirrata’.

Vinilolab - mapping - 3d - tv.  Design,future technology. Arquitectura y diseño aplicados a educación. BY BIEGERT & FUNK. Marquez industrial design. Simple Garden - Cool Hunting. Design Milk: Design Blog with Interior Design, Modern Furniture, & Art. Mr L'Agent / News. Mr L'Agent. Fred & Friends » Home.

Design & Art - Official Store. Ben O'Brien's Portfolio. A brief portfolio to summarise my illustration work to potential clients.Advertising, Digital Art, Illustration2012 Quirky characters and landscape illustrations for Candy Land packagingCharacter Design, Illustration, Packaging2014 Sneaker-inspired art prints and mini-zine!

Ben O'Brien's Portfolio

A collection of my 'Twisted Fifties' style artworkAdvertising, Digital Art, Illustration2013. It's All In Your Head. Berlin’s Magma Architecture won several awards for its entry in the JETZT | NOW series of temporary installations at the Berlinische Galerie, Museum for Contemporary Art, Photography and Architecture.

It's All In Your Head

Magma’s installation, 11th in the series, was called fittingly “head-in | im kopf” and its concept is based on exploring the properties of materials, form, color and light. The main feature of the installation is an alarmingly orange flexible fabric (polyamide-elastan mix) stretched between the walls, ceiling and floor. The fabric is the most visible part of the exhibit, yet it is also the tool with which the viewers can focus on smaller details.

Visitors bend down under the fabric into which openings were cut. 69 Sexy Portfolio Designs To Inspire You. Advertisement Today designing a unique, compelling portfolio has become a crucial task for designers, studios, companies and everyone whose business is on the Web.

69 Sexy Portfolio Designs To Inspire You

Not only does it help one stand out among the numerous competitors, but it is also a great tool for self-expression and demonstration of skills. Now designers face new challenges in attracting the capricious web audience – a plain web page with a project list on it is out of date and boring, while fancy Flash websites with intricate navigation are annoying. Fortunately, despite all difficulties beautiful and artistic designs are appearing in an endless stream. Designers skillfully use all the benefits of the digital age and create websites that are rich in effects and eye-popping yet simple and accessible. Marvan Helberger - Arte Post Industrial. Mark Ryden. Ray Caesar - Home Page. Planes. Product design & interior design.

Dino Valls.