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American English Pronunciation Practice (For ESL/EFL) Perfect pronunciations exercises. ESL pronunciation and intonation lesson plans, Phonics, phonetic IPA. ESL Pronunciation Exercises Online. ESL Pronunciation Exercises Online Practice English pronunciation through IPA phonetics.

ESL Pronunciation Exercises Online

We offer free ESL Pronunciation Quizzes, Video Lessons. Intonation Exercises.Hit Back to Return. ESL Reading Activities - Interactive Games. Every ESL textbook will have reading comprehension lessons.

ESL Reading Activities - Interactive Games

Take any reading lesson and here are 4 reading activities and how to make reading more interactive, fun, and interesting for your international students. Even a reading lesson can become an interactive game. Let's get them moving and out of their seats. As ESL teachers you can put them in your bag of tricks the next time you want to 'spice up' your reading lessons. 1. Students get into groups of three.

Writer is given a list of reading comprehension questions at the desk. Writer asks the runner the first question. ESL Games and Activities - Useful for All Classes! Simple and Classic ESL Games - A list of many time-tested games for teaching ESL to young learners.

ESL Games and Activities - Useful for All Classes!

Circle Memory Sentences - Students must remember all of the sentences said before his/her turn. Great for killing time at the end of class or reviewing vocabulary words at the beginning of class. Read for Speed - Read as fast as you can - can you beat the teacher's time? DICE BOMB! - Complete a task and roll the dice for points...but don't roll the wrong number, or else!

Numbers - Spelling. Six ed-tech resources for ELL/ESL instruction. Readers chime in with their suggestions for how ed tech can make a real difference in teaching English as a second language By Meris Stansbury, Online Editor Read more by Meris Stansbury February 10th, 2012 One reader’s tip: Know the products that work!

Six ed-tech resources for ELL/ESL instruction

It’s usually the editors’ job at eSchool News to create our own “Question of the Week” for our newsletters, but a few weeks ago we received a request from a reader that we ask our followers: “What are some ways technology helps in the education of ELL students?” From award-winning software, to a teacher-created program that needs peer input, our readers offered some useful ways in which technology can help English-language learners and those for whom English is a second language.

Here are six of the best responses (edited for brevity). “One great way technology can help ESL students is to provide online English language teaching drills and interactive lessons in language arts. Cool Sites and Tools for ESL & EFL Learners. Sep September 10, 2014 | 11 Comments If you are learning English in the 21st century, you are lucky because you will have numerous alternatives to practise the things you’ve been learning.

Cool Sites and Tools for ESL & EFL Learners

There are thousands of great sites which will help you, but if you don’t have a place to store these cool sites, then you’ll lose track so I will suggest you to bookmark them. I use, diigo and pinterest for the sites I love. +40 000 Free ESL worksheets made by teachers for teachers. Free ESL Worksheets, English Teaching Materials, ESL Lesson Plans. Isabel's ESL Site: English as a Foreign/Second Language in Secondary Education. Genki English, ESL games, songs and ideas to turn ESL lessons into super lessons. Free ESL Worksheets, English Teaching Materials, ESL Lesson Plans. Free grammar worksheets for ESL kids: have got, has got. ESL Teacher Resources, Job Boards, and Worksheets. ESL Listening Comprehension Exercises: Movie clips to practice English. SECTION 1: Movie Clips Learning through media (movies, music, etc.) is one of the best ways to learn a new language.

ESL Listening Comprehension Exercises: Movie clips to practice English

The exercises below use movie clips to help you to better understand spoken English. Here's what you do: Click on the video you want to watch below.Watch the video, and pay attention to it! (You can pause and rewind the video.)Answer the listening comprehension questions below the video.Check your answers. By watching these videos you will: a) Learn real English vocabulary, as spoken by real native speakers. Learning Chocolate - Vocabulary Learning Platform. ESL Videos. Great........ESL - English for Children. Short Stories for Beginners (2) 200 more easy stories, which are a little more difficult and longer Wacky Web Tales Geared for grades 3 and above.

great........ESL - English for Children

Check back monthly for new tales! Tales for Teenagers Fantasy, fiction, and horror; also downloadable for most eReaders and mobile phones Baby Sign Language Baby Sign Language A great way to help you communicate with your pre-verbal baby. ESL Kids Ebook Packs , Resources to download for Parents, Teaching Kids, Ebooks, ESL PPT, Powerpoint. Ebook Packs - zip downloads The long awaited Packs 4, 5 & 6 have finally arrived!!!

ESL Kids Ebook Packs , Resources to download for Parents, Teaching Kids, Ebooks, ESL PPT, Powerpoint

Time Limited Offers - Save Money Now! Lesson materials like none! Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab - For English as a Second Language. Skip Reske's ESL BITS - English Language Learning - ESL Listening Stories, Songs, Audiobooks. ESL Worksheets - Free grammar worksheets, free vocabulary worksheets and free supplemental exercises for teaching ESL. ESL - Real English Videos & Lessons. Completely Free! Real English is a Registered Trademark of The Marzio School. Topic-based vocabulary for ESL kids. English for Kids, ESL, EFL Kids, Young Learners and Beginners Resources -

Highest Paid ESL Jobs Around the World. Hi all… Whoever said about welfare in Canada being around $1000 so why leave?

Highest Paid ESL Jobs Around the World

You’re crazy. As a single person in MB you get $313 towards rent and $283 towards food. That’s it. That doesn’t go far and leaves you living in the hood and usually having to do other things to get by. As for Lisa, traveling with children does face its own set of challenges and considerations that few understand. Whatever job you take that is legit will pay well overseas – far better than most at home esp when considering COL indexes – but the schools your children will go to are far more important.

I lived in Japan for 3 years over 2 stretches. Hope this helps… EduFind Jobs: TEFL, TESOL,TESL Jobs, Resources and Training Courses Online and Around the World. ESL Blues Main Index. Tutorials, Animations, Links Is ESL Blues for you?

ESL Blues Main Index

And more! Adjectives, Articles, Adverbs, etc. Animated Grammar Tutorials. Ship or Sheep : minimal pair ESL pronunciation practice - free online. Songs and Chants for Children. A List of the Best: TOEFL Preparation Resources. “How do I prepare for the TOEFL exam?” This may be the first question you are asking yourself after you officially decide you are going to take the TOEFL. With all the resources and study materials, one would think that studying for the TOEFL would be fairly easy. Unfortunately for a lot of students, this is not the case: a lot get overwhelmed with the large selection of books, online resources, and practice tests. It’s understandable considering there is so much out there! To help reduce the stress, we’ve put together a list of the best and most recommended study materials for the TOEFL. TIP: Before looking into study materials, it’s probably best to get familiar with the test itself.

Books 1. The title says it all: this is the official guide to the TOEFL. Free EFL/ESL Lessons For Teaching English Overseas. Progressive Phonics - Home. Language In Use – EFL CLASSROOM 2.0. It is great to show and offer students many examples of English language in use. Meaning, students appreciate that there are many ways to say the same thing and like to see the "nuance" of the English language. Here are some images showing different ways / expressions to communicate a similar thing. Might be handy. Also, view as a slideshow or you can purchase and edit in ppt. If interested in this kind of approach, you might be interested in my ebook "Get TALKing" which has 28 lessons all based around language chunks. ESL Fun Vocabulary Games,Body Parts Memory Game.

ESL Interactive Fun Games Here we have the games carefully laid out for you. Follow the links to browse the variety of games offered. This is only the directory for interactive games and exercises. EverythingESL: The K-12 ESL Resource from Judie Haynes. ESL Activities. A good choice of ESL activities can turn an average class into a good one, and a good class into a great one.

Here is a list of articles - each one full of useful EFL activities, each one focussing on a different area of teaching English. Below the list of links are brief introductions to each area: listening, speaking etc... More pages of ESL activities are constantly added, and categorized according to the type of language points you want to teach. Subscribe to the RSS feed to keep up to date on the latest articles. ESL Level 7: Summer 2014. Words and Pictures - Sandcastle Quiz Game. ESL Scrambled Sentence Generator. ESL articles printables - Teacher resources (English articles) ESL Games and Activities - Useful for All Classes!

Using Word Games in the ESL classroom - Teaching English. Using Word Games in the ESL classroom by Lynne Hand Instructions to the English teacher These games are a fun way to spend the last 30 minutes of a lesson, or to celebrate the end of a course. Word Association Start with a word. You can find an example of this game on the forum. Write the alphabet out on the board. You can find some examples of this game on the forum.

Tops and Tails Start with a word and then one by one go around the class and ask the students to say another English word that begins with the last letter of the previous word (e.g. You can find some examples of this game on the forum. Add a letter. Charlotte's Web: Pick the Perfect Word. ALGORITMOS ABN. Por unas matemáticas sencillas, naturales y divertidas. Free_ESL_Play.pdf. ESL Games. +40 000 Free ESL worksheets made by teachers for teachers. Free ESL (English as a Second Language) Lesson Plans to Download. English Assistant | English MP3s | Private Lessons | American Slang This page was originally designed to share my materials with other English teaching assistants in France, especially those who have no experience in teaching ESL yet.

I've also included worksheets that I used for private English lessons in France as well as some of the materials I used in my ESL classes in the United States. Feel free to use them as you'd like. Some of the lessons listed under the Assistant section can also be used for private lessons and vice versa. There is a page of English grammar if you need a review.

Esol Activities. ESL Lesson Plans, Printables, Games, Materials for Teaching English. ESL Resources - The Common Core Conversation. ESL Games, Quizzes and Classroom ESL Activities. Free ESL games, printable communication games, free english games to download, grammar games, printable board games for the classroom. ESL Resources - The Common Core Conversation. EFL/ESL Lessons and Lesson Plans from The Internet TESL Journal. If you have a lesson that you are willing to contribute, please submit it.See the main page for this month's lessons plans. All ESL Lesson Plans (Grammar, Vocabulary, Pronumciation...)Search lessons by keyword. Free ESL Teaching Materials-English as a Second Language.

Sean Banville's Websites, Lesson Plans, Handouts, Worksheets. ESL Activities, Using English Songs, Music Activities for TEFL Teachers. FanFiction. Ship or Sheep : minimal pair ESL pronunciation practice - free online. ESL Software & Textbooks - Services and Curriculum. ESL Cafe's Idea Cookbook Table of Contents. ESL Resources for Students. ESL English Lesson using Basic Interview Questions. Practice Speaking English with ESL Robots. ESL Discussions: English Conversation Questions / Debates: Speaking Lesson Activities. ESL Kids World - Role play worksheets. Worksheets. ESL Kids worksheets, flashcards, songs and games.

50 000+ Free ESL, EFL worksheets made by teachers for teachers. 50 000+ Free ESL, EFL worksheets made by teachers for teachers. Animals flash cards. Listening. Start Reading for Children (1) Simple present tense, 50 words per passage for children to start reading and listening Start Reading for Children (2) 100 more 50-word passages for kids to improve English through reading and listening Start Reading for Children (3) 100-word passages to improve children's reading and listening. Listen and Write - Dictation. Dictation. Daily ESL: Conversation Starters for English Students. ESL READING COMPREHENSION TESTS for ESL students, English reading comprehension quizzes. "ESL English as a Second Language Listening and Reading Audiobooks"

Flight by Sherman Alexie Flight is the hilarious and tragic story of an orphaned Indian boy who travels back and forth through time in a search for his true identity. The journey begins as he’s about to commit a massive act of violence. At the moment of decision, he finds himself shot back through time to resurface in the body of an FBI agent during the civil-rights era. It’s only the first stop. Jelly fish. ESLMonkeys. Free ESL Fun Games & Interactive Exercises Online. The Best Free Website for Learning English. With free course books, podcasts, worksheets, games and quizzes for learning English!

ESL Teachers Board, English as a second language, ESL job overseas, ESL teachers, free ESL materials, free list of international ESL schools. Learn English free. ESL Teacher Resources, Job Boards, and Worksheets. Free ESL (English as a Second Language) Lesson Plans to Download. ESOL Courses - Free English Lessons Online. Sean Banville's Websites, Lesson Plans, Handouts, Worksheets. ESL, English Exercises for Adults, Business English, Idiomatic Expressions. ESL Flow. Naming Nouns. Learn all about what nouns are and how to use them © 2012 This website is produced by the Student Recruitment, Admissions and International Development Division at The University of Manchester.

WWW ESL Resources. Daily ESL: Conversation Starters for English Students. Aardvark's English Forum: ESL, EFL, ELT, TESOL, TEFL, TESL. ESL Plans.