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Hyperthermic Conditioning for Hypertrophy, Endurance, and Neurogenesis. Methylation Problems Lead to 100s of Diseases.


MTHFR gene mutation... What's the big deal about Methylation? Do you have a genetic defect in the MTHFR gene??

MTHFR gene mutation... What's the big deal about Methylation?

Maybe you've have a family history of heart attack or stroke... maybe you've suffered through multiple miscarriages. Or maybe you struggle with chronic migraine headaches or irritible bowel syndrome or depression. Perhaps your child or a sibling has autism. Functional Wisdom...healthy updates from Dr. Jill!: MTHFR gene mutation... What's the big deal about Methylation?

Lightanddark. Light and Dark exposure changes cancer risks Subject: Constant illumination increases risk for certain cancers in mice Our long term readers know that I have a specific interest in the effect of light and darkness on cancer development.


Although most people are quick to blame a toxic environment for causing cancer, few consider light as a pollutant. Yet light is a pollutant which is having long term toxic effects on our health. A new study has come out adding another piece to this story. Exposure to light at night reduces production of melatonin, a hormone that calibrates the body's biological clock and its secretion of estrogen. Scientists in St. The mice exposed to constant light also had more regular menstrual cycles and ate less. This isn't the first study on light and dark cycles affecting cancer development in mice. In another study of varying light and dark exposure, pregnant rats were injected with a carcinogen.

The You in Me. Stunned, Fairchild drove home and dug up her children’s birth certificates, as well as pictures of herself during her earlier pregnancies.

The You in Me

She called her mother and broke down crying. The state meanwhile had her submit DNA to a second lab. Within weeks, it confirmed the results from the first lab. Chimeras and Mosaics. The ancients imagined mythical creatures that combined human and animal elements, including mermaids, minotaurs, satyrs and centaurs.

Chimeras and Mosaics

They also mixed up different animals to form new combinations, like the gryphon (eagle/lion) and the chimera or chimæra (lion/dragon/goat). Differ­ent species can sometimes mate and produce hybrid offspring, but there is also a stranger type of creature which, like the mermaid, is half one thing and half another. Human chimera Archives. During grad school, I was amazed to hear that the color of hair on your body is controlled by only one gene.

human chimera Archives

Hence, each person should only have one color of hair everywhere on their body. I wanted to ask: why does my mother have two colors of hair on her body (or as the slang goes, the carpeting does not match the drapes)? DNA Double Take. But scientists are discovering that — to a surprising degree — we contain genetic multitudes.

DNA Double Take

Not long ago, researchers had thought it was rare for the cells in a single healthy person to differ genetically in a significant way. But scientists are finding that it’s quite common for an individual to have multiple genomes. Some people, for example, have groups of cells with mutations that are not found in the rest of the body. GcMAF for the treatment of cancer, autism, inflammation, viral and bacterial disease. By David Noakes David Noakes Human GcMAF, otherwise known as Vitamin D binding protein macrophage activating factor, holds great promise in the treatment of various illnesses including cancer, autism, chronic fatigue and possibly Parkinson's.

GcMAF for the treatment of cancer, autism, inflammation, viral and bacterial disease

Since 1990, 59 research papers have been published on GcMAF, 20 of these pertaining to the treatment of cancer. 46 of these papers can be accessed through the GcMAF web site. GcMAF is a vital part of our immune system which does not work without it; and is part of our blood. GcMAF stimulates the macrophage element of the immune system to destroy cancer cells. How GcMAF Works. Your body’s own internal medicine In a healthy person your GcMAF has 11 actions discovered so far, including two on cells, three excellent effects on the brain, and 6 on cancer.

How GcMAF Works

Amongst these it acts as a “director” of your immune system. But viruses and malignant cells like cancer send out an enzyme called Nagalase that prevents production of your GcMAF: that stops its 11 beneficial effects, and neutralises your immune system. So diseases become chronic, and cancer cells grow unchecked. You're Getting Dumber as You Age: Here's How to Slow the Decline. A healthy brain processes information as a wave (via electrical impulses) and as a particle (via the brain chemicals) at a fast pace along the neuronal highway.

You're Getting Dumber as You Age: Here's How to Slow the Decline

Think of "the wave" that goes around a sports stadium during a football game. Every person in the stadium represents a single cell in the brain that passes along a ball of information to the next cell. As each person jumps to their feet and lifts their hands above their head, they pass a particle of information along. If the timing is off, the wave in the stadium simply stops. In your brain, if the cells cannot pick up all the particles of information, they get dropped and brain speed slows, the information delivery becomes unbalanced and out of sync, and your cognition begins to fade. Cholesterol Sulfate May Be Essential for Health of All Cells.