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5 Young Adult Novels That You'll Never Outgrow. Amazon's top 10 bestselling books of the year - 'The Innocent,' by David Baldacci. 101 Books To Read This Summer Instead of '50 Shades of Grey'. 10 best books of 2012. The Last Policeman: solving a murder before an asteroid wipes out life on Earth. Last year I read Bedbugs , Ben Winters' psychological thriller/horror novel about a woman who was certain that her apartment was filled with bedbugs, while her husband was telling her that she was imagining them.

The Last Policeman: solving a murder before an asteroid wipes out life on Earth

It reminded me of Rosemary's Baby, one of my favorite movies. The Last Policeman is Ben Winters' third novel (he also wrote Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters , which I have not read), and I enjoyed it even more than Bedbugs. A few pages later I learned that the world of The Last Policeman was very different than our world. I follow Michelson’s gaze to the counter and the red-faced proprietor of the McDonald’s, who stares back at us, his unyielding gaze made mildly ridiculous by the bright yellow shirt and ketchup-colored vest.

Trust Me: Three Books With (In)credible Narrators. 10 Novels That Are Scarier Than Most Horror Movies. Teen Tearjerkers « Reading Rants! Out of the Ordinary Teen Booklists! Markus Zusak. 10 Essential Books for Book Nerds. What makes a book nerd?

10 Essential Books for Book Nerds

Reading a lot of books — and liking to talk about said books — is a major requirement, of course, but there’s often something a little more nebulous involved: book nerds are the kinds of people who get a little thrill when walking into a bookstore, who press volumes into their friends’ hands with serious promises of life changing moments, who are fascinated by following the many tangled threads through authors and literature, happily wandering wherever they might lead. Robin Sloan’s recently published Mr. Join the Community. Victor LaValle On Mental Illness, Monsters, Survival. In Victor LaValle's new novel, The Devil in Silver, a man is mistakenly committed to a mental hospital where a buffalo-headed monster stalks patients at night.

Victor LaValle On Mental Illness, Monsters, Survival

The plausibility of a monster roaming the hospital's halls made sense, says LaValle, who has a personal connection to the mentally ill. "The times that I've been in those hospitals — even as someone who was not even institutionalized at the time — I felt so much like I was in a haunted house," LaValle tells Fresh Air's Terry Gross. "And if I had looked down that hallway, for a week, for a month, for a year, at some point, it would not have been that impossible to believe that I would see something rounding that corner, something strange, something impossible, because my mind could no longer register the reality I was living in. And [it] started creating a horror that in some way symbolized the experience I was going through. " hide captionVictor LaValle is also the author of Slapboxing with Jesus, The Ecstatic and Big Machine. Five Books That Changed My Life.

I was incredibly lucky that my Mom owned a beautiful second-hand book store throughout my adolescence, because I constantly got to reap the reward of having amazing literature at my finger tips. Whatever I wanted to read, I was lucky enough to get to read. And as a result of the store taking second-hand books, can you even grasp how many amazing books must I got to read, that I never would have known about otherwise? Every few days, I was switching out. I never kept a book, so she never lost a cent, but I was always reading, always taking in knowledge. Wolfsbane by Andrea Cremer: 25 Must-Read Summer Books: Industry Insider. Short stories at east of the web.

10 Naughty Books That'll Make You Want to Have Sex. Magical Thinking: True Stories (9780312315948): Augusten Burroughs. The Top 10 Banned books of all time - ShortLists. 10 books to read after the 'Hunger Games' trilogy - "Divergent," by Veronica Roth. The Age of Miracles by Karen Thompson Walker (Ha. Shipping and Delivery estimates During Checkout and in your Order Acknowledgement Email you will see an estimated delivery date range. Estimated delivery date range is calculated by: Product Availability: This date range is listed on the left side of the main image on the item's detail page.

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International shipping does not ship internationally, nor do we ship to U.S. Shipping to multiple addresses It's easy to ship your order to more than one address. Entering APO & FPO addresses return policy our promise to you. Laughing Matters: Five Funny Books With Substance. Discover Literary Oddities in the Weird Book Room on AbeBooks. Welcome to AbeBooks' Weird Book Room - heralded by the New York Times, Canada's Globe and Mail, The Times of London, and The Guardian (UK) as the finest source of everything that's bizarre, odd and downright weird in books.

Discover Literary Oddities in the Weird Book Room on AbeBooks

Everyone's talking about it - author Neil Gaiman is even tweeting about it, posting a link and suggesting his followers: "Go to this link and gaze on the titles and be made happy. Trust me. Share Book Recommendations With Your Friends, Join Book Clubs, Answer Trivia. Ten Social Networks For Readers - AppNewser. Books are not the only parts of reading that have gone digital.

Ten Social Networks For Readers - AppNewser

Just as eBooks have gone taken off, social communities around reading are popping up online, in apps and on devices. The latest that we’ve heard about is called inReads. Here is a list of ten social networks for readers: 1. Scribd: “Think of Scribd (pronounced “skribbed”) as the largest book club on the planet — except that anyone can join the conversation on any topic imaginable: vampire fan fiction, European travel, the latest research in neuroscience, even crossword puzzles.” 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. inReads: “inReads sits at the crossroads of books, technology, and culture.

30 Very Funny Books. It's a dreary day, so I thought I'd indulge myself and come up with a list of my favorite comedies.

30 Very Funny Books

A caveat, however: this is not a fancy English-professor-y list of the finest, most exquisitely crafted, most erudite or intellectually sophisticated works on paper in the language. Top 10 Novels of the 2000s. Book recommendations from readers like you. Books "At - Ago. Fairly Sexy, A little Funny, Fairly Beautiful + Definitely Happy. What should I read next.

Summer reading 2012: 50 books that aren't 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Book recommendations for people who like Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment by James Patterson.