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Space_exploration. ESOC - Space debris: evolution in pictures. Research and curation. A new age of discovery Our distinctive approach to research is to use the combination of our collections and our specialist expertise in taxonomy, systematics, biodiversity, natural resources, planetary science, evolution and informatics to tackle scientific questions in novel ways.

Research and curation

Research initiatives Discover more about the new approaches we are taking to our key areas of research, such as biodiversity Biodiversity initiative. Fantasy and Science Fiction. Free Science and Video Lectures Online! This month I present to you my findings on programming language video lectures.

Free Science and Video Lectures Online!

I found some good introductory lectures on C++, Java, Perl, Python and a full blown course on Symbolic Programming from UC Berkeley. Have fun! :) Nanologue. 10-2 (2004): Bridging the Gaps: Science Fiction in Nanotechnology. José López* Abstract: This paper argues that narrative elements from the science fiction (SF) literary genre are used in the discourse of Nanoscience and Technology (NST) to bridge the gap between what is technically possible today and its inflated promises for the future.

10-2 (2004): Bridging the Gaps: Science Fiction in Nanotechnology

The argument is illustrated through a detailed discussion of two NST texts. The paper concludes by arguing that the use of SF narrative techniques poses serious problems to the development of a critical analysis of the ethical and social implications of NST. Keywords: nanoscience and technology, ethical and social implications, science fiction, extrapolation. Nanotechnology. MicroAngela's Electron Microscope Image Gallery. SCIENCE HOBBYIST: Do This Now. Home Page - Popular Science. Time Cube. The Human Cloning Foundation. The Nine Planets.

Space Environment Center. Welcome to Principia Cybernetica Web. Perceptual Science Group at MIT. Slashdot News for nerds, stuff that matters. SETI@home Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence at home.