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What is a PLN?

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Guide to Building a Professional Learning Network by Torrey Trust. 20 Tips for Creating a Professional Learning Network. Educational Leadership:Reflect, Refresh, Recharge:Create Your PLN: 6 Easy Steps. 50 Great Ways to Grow Your Personal Learning Network. Personal learning networks have always existed, but modern technology has put a new spin on how and where we connect with others.

50 Great Ways to Grow Your Personal Learning Network

These days, personal learning networks, or PLNs, extend far beyond friends, family, coworkers, college classmates, and teachers, and can encompass experts and learners from around the world in just about any given field. Through social networks, email, video, and online chats, learners can connect with and learn from a wider range of people than ever before, yet building a successful PLN that doesn't overwhelm you can be challenging. With so much information out there, it can be hard to know whom to follow, what to read, and how to fit it all into your daily schedule.

Here, we offer some tips that can help you not only build and grow a better PLN, but also get more out of the experience and give more back to your online community. Step 1: What is a PLN? – Teacher Challenges. Welcome to our professional learning series on building a PLN. This series guides you step by step through the process of setting up your own PLN. The aim of this first step is to: Personal Learning Networks for Educators: 10 Tips - Getting Smart by Guest Author - EdTech.

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Personal Learning Networks for Educators: 10 Tips - Getting Smart by Guest Author - EdTech

Mark Wagner I often begin my workshop on personal learning networks (PLN) for educators by asking these questions: Who is in your learning network? Who do you learn from on a regular basis? Who do you turn to for your own professional development? 3 Steps for Building a Professional Learning Network. How Do I Get a PLN? What is a PLN?

How Do I Get a PLN?

Will Richardson was the first person to clearly explain to me about six or seven years ago what a PLN was. Back then, PLN stood for Professional, or Personal Learning Network. A better label today, one that might quiet the nitpickers, is Personalized Learning Network -- the shift in nuance maintains that participants are both personal and professional learners. A PLN is a tool that uses social media and technology to collect, communicate, collaborate and create with connected colleagues anywhere at any time.