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You Only Need 2 Ingredients for This Heavenly Chocolate Cake. 50 Cookie Exchange Recipes. I don’t know if you saw all the yummy cookies last week on my blog for my Cookie Exchange Week, but we had some DELICIOUS recipes shared by some of you favorite bloggers. Cookie exchanges are one of my favorite parts about the holidays. Maybe its because I am a food blogger, maybe its because I love to eat, maybe its the spirit of giving… or maybe its all the above. Whatever it is, there is something so special and fun about cookie exchanges. Cookie Exchanges are a great way to spread some holiday cheer to your neighbors, friends and family.

Dulce de Leche Cookiesfrom Mel’s Kitchen Cafe on Chef in Training Cinnamon Roll Cookiesfrom Chef in Training Cherry Snowball Cookiesfrom Taste and Tell on Chef in Training. Banana Cookiesfrom Chef in Training Red Velvet Cheesecake Cookiesfrom Two Peas and Their Pod M&M Cookie Barsfrom I Heart Nap Time on Chef in Training Root Beer Pudding Cookiesfrom Chef in Training Soft Gingersnap Cookies with White Chocolate Chunksfrom Two Peas and Their Pod. Indoor S'mores. Let me guess…it’s cold outside where you are? Thought so. This is the second year in my life where I’ve had to deal with snow. Oh, sure we’d get a slight dusting of snow in Texas every so often. It would disappear almost as quickly as it came, but not before halting all civilization. Texans aren’t made for driving in the white stuff. If you’re driving in snow and see a Texas license plate, I beg you, please pull over and let them slide pass you.

If I could fast forward passed this winter and have it be summertime again, I would do it in a heartbeat for you. I used my mini 6″ cast iron skillet, just like I would if I was using an outdoor campfire instead of my oven. Let’s gather around the stove and pretend it’s a campfire, and scoop up this melted chocolate goodness and toasted marshmallow gooeyness with graham crackers! Case in point: I hope this recipe warms you up in this cold winter season!

Indoor S’mores : Prep time: Cook time: Total time: Serves: 2 Ingredients. Perfect Brownies. Emergency Small Batch Brownies. Do you ever have days where you feel like you need a brownie so badly that you’re sure the sky will fall, continents will crumble, and gravity will release it’s sticky grip and throw us all into chaos if you don’t get one? No? Me neither. In unrelated news, here’s a recipe for making just 2 or 3-ish brownies. For those times when you don’t want to share. You’re going to need something other than the usual 9×13 or 8×8 pan to make these. Once you have your pan selected and prepped, it’s as simple as whisking, pouring and waiting. The waiting in the hardest part. These brownies are my favorite eaten still hot from the oven, straight out of the pan with a spoon. If you must get fancy, add some vanilla bean ice cream or (pictured here) salted caramel gelato on top.

Serves 2 – 3 (or one if you’re bad at sharing and really love brownies) For the 1/2 egg, beat one large egg then measure out about 1 1/2 tablespoons. Ingredients Directions Preheat oven to 350°F. Serve warm. Like this: Like Loading... Tahini Cookies Recipe. Tahini Brownies » We [Heart] Food. Sesame tahini cookies. Sunday March 11, 2012 Two Saturdays ago, we took off across the bridge and drove up into the mountains with some rented snowshoes and a couple of friends.

There had been avalanche warnings that morning and I was a teensy bit nervous as we passed the red warning sign at the bottom of the mountain trail, but a few feet into the snow and trees and quiet, and I forgot all about the potential danger. I should point out that we were assured by the employees over at the ski hill that we would be totally fine as long as we stuck to the trails. And we did. Safe & sound! We made it all the way up to the summit and despite it being an overcast day, it was gorgeous – like being stuck inside a snow globe. I should point out that cookies involved. These sesame tahini cookies that I had baked up the night before helped to take us up to the summit and kept our energy and spirits up. There’s no reason to doubt the awesomeness of tahini in cookies. Fudge Brownies.