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MCW Studio is a group of creative, talented and innovative photographers, directors, cinematographers, video photographers, writers, editors and voice over artists. The motto is to make a compelling visual story out of every project, product, service and brand. The talented artists in our team are completely capable to cater to all your still photography and video needs, be it for online marketing, corporate videos or creating offline outreach. If you have imagined it, we can convert it. We create videos that engage and reaches out to the target audience. We can convert your video goals into reality for we have the expertise to create any and all types of films.

Aerial Cinematography: The Marketing Benefits of Whiteboard Animation for Businesses. It is no news that the online landscape is currently flooded with whiteboard animations.

Aerial Cinematography: The Marketing Benefits of Whiteboard Animation for Businesses

Companies with deep wallets are making it. Small businesses are spending a fortune, by their standards, to make a whiteboard animation video periodically to attract customers. If video marketing is going to bring about a revolution in the digital advertisement world, then whiteboard animations will surely be its knights in shining armours. So, why are corporations so attracted to whiteboards? What are the underlying benefits that they gain out of the videos? An engaging way to tell the company’s story At a time when people are consuming information faster than ever, contacting a whiteboardanimation video maker makes a lot more sense than simply sharing the link to the About page on social media. Add value to customers Not all whiteboard animations are promotional. Cost-effective video marketing alternative A simple way to search optimise Everyone is doing it.

Why Should You Consider 3D Photography for Your Next Shoot? Although 3D photography is not a new innovation, its extensive use in photoshoots has come into trend only recently.

Why Should You Consider 3D Photography for Your Next Shoot?

The popularity, in fact, has been so high that recently, Facebook launched its own 3D photography feature where it uses your smartphone’s dual camera to capture a 3D image. So, whether you are a corporate house looking for brand shoots or a soon-to-be-married couple contemplating the thought of booking a professional wedding photographer, be sure to include 3D photography in your package as its current fame will help you to drive engagement and memories. We are naturally attracted towards 3D images As it is in our instinct to praise the aesthetics of a 3D picture. Biologically, we see the world around us in three-dimension. The quality of the picture is high-definition 3D photography uses two images of the same setting, one superimposed over the other. It often comes in the package As an expert 3D photographer in Delhi will not require any extra tool to capture a 3D image. What to Choose- Candid or Traditional Wedding Photography. Posted by mcwstudio on January 21st, 2020 A wedding is one of the most important events in your life.

What to Choose- Candid or Traditional Wedding Photography

Everyone wants to remember the emotions of this special event. Wedding photography is the best way to capture the moods, emotions and the wonderful moments of a wedding. These days the culture of candid photography is rapidly growing. Huge number of couples likes to make their wedding photography; a candid one. In this blog, let’s have a catch on the differences between candid and traditional photography. The difference Candid photography in Indian weddings is blended with new and old conventions. The Importance of Corporate Photography for Businesses. A mere two decades ago when the options for branding were limited, businesses used to get the attention of their intended crowd by using minimalistic images.

The Importance of Corporate Photography for Businesses

Today, as the marketing avenues have expanded, customers expect to see more in the advertisements as well and that is where Corporate photography is so important. No more can stock photographs of random employees adorn your website. You cannot market your product with a smiling face beside it. The current consumer base engages actively with brands first, decide their credibility based on their online presence, and only then purchases happen. This is where you need professional corporate photography services. Corporate photography help create your identity When you think about a big international company like Apple or Amazon, the common images that you come across surrounding them are not limited to their products or services. It is vital for online presence. Aerial Cinematography: What Is Drone Cinematography And How Does It Work?

Drones are small or medium-sized unmanned flying machines.

Aerial Cinematography: What Is Drone Cinematography And How Does It Work?

These are designed to be controlled from a distant spot using remote control technology. Today, drones have managed to evolve and are widely used in many fields in including photography and videography. Drone Cinematography or aerial cinematography is beautiful. Video and still camera and devices are attached to the drones that are used to capture images and stills from unexpected aerial angles. The technology is considered as ever-evolving and developing. When searching, you may find manufacturers manufacturing advanced drone systems and equipment that can be used for cinematography works. Why are drones used in modern time cinematography? There are many reasons why drones are widely used in this field.

How are drones used in cinematography? Videographer’s today depend a lot on drone cinematography for capturing video and audio from remote distant. Top 5 Benefits of Drone Videography for Businesses - MCW Studio - Medium. The aesthetics of an aerial shot in any video is known to all.

Top 5 Benefits of Drone Videography for Businesses - MCW Studio - Medium

And if you have seen it somewhere, it is only natural that you will want the same angle for your video project as well. The scopes are innumerable if you can take the camera to the sky, and no shot will feel less captivating than the other. Thanks to modern technology, for an aerial shot, we no longer have to depend on hiring helicopters and trained pilots. The budget for such production was obviously outrageous, and then came the hassles of getting approval of the government and the weather gods.

Now, a simple 4-rotor drone can do the trick and return better results than its bigger brother flying in the sky. DRONES.