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First Day of Class Activities

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Classroom Icebreakers - Icebreakers, Icebreaker Ideas, Games, Activities! These classroom icebreakers are teacher-approved activities and games that address classroom needs! We recommend the following icebreakers for students of all ages. Classroom Icebreakers Breaking the Ice / Introduction Games Useful for the beginning of a class period or toward the beginning of a semester when students don’t know each other well, Introduction and Breaking-the-Ice games can dramatically transform the dynamics of your classroom. Try the following activities: Sharing/Opinion Games Advertisements Some games help students to start expressing their opinions, share personal stories, or to have a voice in the classroom. Connecting Stories (Get-to-know-you, Teambuilding)Extremes: Where Do You Stand? Spelling/Word Games These games are all about spelling or using words. Ghost Game (Talking)Word Associations (Talking)Word Chains (Memory)

7 Active Icebreakers to Get Your Students Up and Moving. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, active icebreakers are always a good idea.

7 Active Icebreakers to Get Your Students Up and Moving

Join our Facebook Live event this week to see some of these icebreakers in action, courtesy of Joe Dombrowski and Jessica Rogers. Joe is a self-described unconventional teacher, and he strongly encourages thinking outside the box when it comes to teaching. Jessica is a Chicago-area educator and improv instructor. Below, Joe and Jessica shared some of their favorite active icebreakers to use with their students. You can use these along with our Free Printable Icebreaker Fish to let your students “fish” for the game they want to play. 1.

10 Fun Back-to-School Activities and Icebreakers. As an extremely shy student, the beginning of a school year filled me with angst.

10 Fun Back-to-School Activities and Icebreakers

My heart raced before the first bell ever rang. I’d wonder if the teacher would be as nice, or as mean, as I’d heard. I worried whether I’d make any new friends, and I would literally hold my breath waiting to hear how the teacher would mangle my name. In a 1970s world filled with Annes and Kathys, it was tough being a shy kid named Eugenia Hajduk on the first day of school. Until the fourth grade. Fourth grade was the absolute best start I’d ever had to elementary school. I tell you the story above because I truly believe our own childhood experiences help shape the teachers we become. Who’s in Our Room Word Search. 6 Fun Classroom Icebreakers for Elementary Students [Free Printables]

Icebreaker #5: Candy* Colors Game This is an icebreaker that helps kids learn new facts about each other in a sweet, tasty way.

6 Fun Classroom Icebreakers for Elementary Students [Free Printables]

The students pick several pieces of candy from a bag, and associate each piece with a different fact about themselves. *A slightly healthier alternative to this game would be to use prepackaged gummy snacks. Many versions of gummy snacks provide kids with 100% of their required vitamin C for the day and you can even buy an organic version if you wish. Materials: Any candy (or prepackaged gummy snacks) with about five different variations (of color or candy type) such as gummy bears, Life Savers, gum drops, Skittles, M&Ms, Jolly Ranchers, etc. Instructions: Pass around the candy and tell each student to choose one to five pieces.

On a whiteboard, chalkboard, or chart paper write the following: Red – Favorite summer memoryGreen – Favorite part about school Blue – Favorite sport/hobby/activity Yellow – Favorite bookOrange – Your choice (share anything) 7 Great Activities for the First Day of School. New Year Resolutions Involve students in the creation of a set of classroom new year resolutions to guide you through the coming months.

7 Great Activities for the First Day of School

Work together to brainstorm resolutions, and write them on a sheet of chart paper. If necessary, reword them in a positive manner (such as "walk" rather than "don't run"). These may be resolutions for behavioral expectations (take turns) or class goals (learn our times tables). Each student can write one of the resolutions from the list on a paper bubble cutout. Guess Who. 20 First-Day-of-School Traditions Your Students Will Love. We asked our Facebook followers to share their first-day-of-school traditions and activities.

20 First-Day-of-School Traditions Your Students Will Love

Here are our favorites along with a few more we’ve picked up along the way. 1. Take a selfie. Photo credit: Danielle G. Start the year by taking a selfie with each student. 2. If your school doesn’t allow photos, or you just want to encourage creativity, have students draw a selfie instead. 15 creative lesson ideas for the first day of school. Back to school.

15 creative lesson ideas for the first day of school

Finally! In Belgium, school starts on the 1st of September, after a summer break of two months. Other countries have already begun the new school year, others still have a few weeks to go. 17 Fun First Day of School Activities to Try. Whether you’ve been teaching for years or it’s your first day as a full-time teacher, the first day of school is usually accompanied by some anxiety — no matter how prepared you might be. It’s the same for students. Uncertainty about friends, teachers, and schoolwork is enough to make even the most extroverted students a bit nervous. With that in mind, you should always consider what first day of school activities can stimulate introductions, get students talking, and set the tone for successful classroom management. Get inspired by these 17 fun, creative first day of school activities and try them out yourself. They’re easy, free, and guaranteed to ease the tension on a busy, hectic first day of school. 1.

The “Find a friend” game is a fun activity designed to help students become comfortable with their new classmates. To play, students must first receive worksheets containing a list of topics — such as sports, foods, games, and so on — from which they must pick their favorites. Note that: