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3.8.1 Strategic direction: choosing which markets to compete in and what products to offer

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How And What. Ansoff Matrix in Apple Inc.

How And What

Ansoff Matrix in Apple Inc. This article explores the application of Ansoff Matrix in Apple Inc. It examines how market penetration, market development, product development, and diversification strategies have been implemented by Apple Inc. over the years. And baby product companies are hurting. Birthrates in the US and China have been falling for years.

and baby product companies are hurting

But COVID-19 has decelerated baby-making even more. Citing research from the Brookings Institution, the Wall Street Journal reports there will be 300-500k fewer US births in 2021 than if the pandemic never happened. Throw in China’s projected 8% birthrate drop this year, and things are looking a little poopy-in-the-diaper for one sector in particular: Baby product makers are pivoting The US and China account for more than half of the world’s baby formula consumption.

Nestle launched an upscale milk powder brand (Belsol), a new formula for babies allergic to cow’s milk, and a line of products for a baby’s “first 1k days.”Reckitt is using its formula expertise to launch supplements for adults, noting that it sees “real tailwind in seniors” (now, THAT is dystopian sounding).Pampers (owned by P&G) is making up for lower volumes by luxxing up its diapers with shea butter and premium materials.

Uber and The Pros and Cons of Product ( or… Nissan produces first electric cars targeting Chinese market. Image copyright Getty Images Japan's Nissan has begun producing its first electric car aimed at China, according to media reports.

Nissan produces first electric cars targeting Chinese market

Working with a Chinese partner, Nissan is making a battery powered version of the popular Sylphy. It is part of a growing push by automakers to manufacture greener vehicles for the world's biggest auto market. It also comes as a US-China trade war is casting doubt over US business, a key market for Japanese carmakers. Nissan has started producing the Sylphy Zero Emission along with China's Dongfeng Motor group. It plans a lower-priced electric model for next year and wants battery-powered vehicles to make up about a third of its sales in by 2022, according to the reports. "We're confident that the Sylphy Zero Emission rolling off the production line today will become a main player in the EV market," said Nissan CEO Hiroto Saikawa.

"We're going to roll out a range of EVs that will appeal to customers within all market segments. " Coca-Cola embarks on 'healthy' growth route. Coca-Cola Co, the world's largest beverage maker, is diversifying its product range in China by introducing more healthy and functional products to cater to the changing consumer preferences in the country.

Coca-Cola embarks on 'healthy' growth route

According to Curt Ferguson, president of Coca-Cola Greater China, the "next big thing" in the Chinese beverage market is products with more functional benefits, especially those that focus on health and wellness. The US beverage maker will also consider launching products based on traditional Chinese medicine, he said. In addition, Coca-Cola, which is already the top juice provider in China, will expand its range of juice products, with an added focus on premium brands, he said. The added focus on functional beverages and premium products has been necessitated due to the rapid growth of the middle-income group in China and shifting tastes across various age categories, said Ferguson.

Subscribe to read. 3.8.1 The Short Run versus The Long Run. 3.8.1 Business Strategy: Ansoff Matrix. 3.8.1 How Mobile Phones have Evolved - Superb Video. 3.8.1 Ten years after the smoking ban, vaping is a £1bn business. Mark Twain, so the story goes, used to joke that giving up smoking was the easiest thing in the world – after all, he had done it “thousands of times”.

3.8.1 Ten years after the smoking ban, vaping is a £1bn business

The US novelist, though, did not have the option of e-cigarettes – the quitting phenomenon that started in the US and is now a rapidly growing business here with its own “cloud-chasing” subculture . UK sales of vaping products surged 50% last year to reach £1bn, and are on course to exceed £2bn by 2020. It is 10 years ago this weekend that laws came into effect banning smoking in virtually all enclosed public places in England. According to Cancer Research UK there are now 1.9 million fewer smokers in Britain compared with when the smoking ban was introduced – the lowest smoking rates ever recorded in Britain. But nearly 3 million Britons are now vaping. “They often see it less as a substitution and more as a guilt-free way to carry on consuming nicotine,” he said. Software sales director Gary Stevenson, 44, is a prime example. 3.8.1 Market Cannibalism at McD's. 3.8.1 Marketing Strategy: A&F Struggles To Reposition Itself With Ex-Teenagers. 3.8.1 Chemical giant Ineos to build heir to Land Rover Defender.

3.8.1 The Body Shop: What went wrong? "A confused shop with a mish-mash of products with no emphasis on the fact that this is supposed to be a shop specialising in cruelty-free, fair trade toiletries and make-up," is Suzy Bourke's damning verdict on The Body Shop.

3.8.1 The Body Shop: What went wrong?

The 42-year-old stage manager used to be a regular shopper at the High Street chain, but now she tends to go to Boots instead. And she's not alone. Its owner, cosmetics giant L'Oreal, wants to offload the High Street chain, which has been suffering slowing sales. The Body Shop, founded by Dame Anita Roddick in 1976, was a pioneer using natural ingredients for its beauty products when it started out. It initially thrived, expanding rapidly, and by the 1980s was one of the most well-known brands on the High Street. I remember the chain fondly from my youth, when it seemed to be an exciting shop full of affordable, fun and exciting products. But by the early 2000s, rivals had caught up, with firms such as Boots, for example, developing similar natural beauty ranges.