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Hacked Emails Expose US Working With UAE Against Iran and Qatar. The email account of one of Washington’s most influential foreign operatives, Yousef Al-Otaiba, has been hacked.

Hacked Emails Expose US Working With UAE Against Iran and Qatar

A number of those emails were sent to the Intercept, as well as the Huffington Post and the Daily Beast, the Intercept reports. The hacker has allegedly promised to release a trove of these emails publicly. Otaiba is the United Arab Emirate’s ambassador to the United States, and the Intercept confirms that the Hotmail account in question is the one he used for his business in Washington. The Huffington Post further confirmed that at least one of the emails is authentic, and a UAE spokesperson confirmed Otaiba account had been hacked. None of the eight individuals whose names were involved in the email exchanges – and who were contacted by the Huffington Post for comment – denied that the exchanges took place. Otaiba is well-connected inside Washington. The Intercept reports: Either the hackers are connected to Russia or someone wants to give the appearance that they are. Qatar rift provides 'new opportunity for Israel': Lieberman. Addressing Israel's Knesset in a televised question and answer session, Lieberman said the decision by Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the UAE, Egypt, Yemen and the Maldives to cut ties with Doha over its alleged support of terror showed that a new realisation was taking place.

Qatar rift provides 'new opportunity for Israel': Lieberman

"Arab states understand that the danger is not Zionism but terrorism," Lieberman said. "We saw the United States president visit Saudi Arabia and he spoke first and foremost about a coalition against terror," he added, referring to Donald Trump's trip last month. "The state of Israel is really open to cooperation. The ball at the moment is with the other side," he said. Tensions between Saudi Arabia and Qatar came to a head on Monday when Riyadh cut official ties with its neighbour, citing "gross violations committed by authorities in Qatar". The Saudis also accused Doha of harbouring "terrorist" and sectarian groups that aim to destabilise the region - an allegation it vehemently denies. Israel approves plans to tighten grip on East Jerusalem. Story highlights Palestinians have long complained that Jewish extremists are being allowed to pray at the site, in contravention of agreements.Israel's efforts to bring larger numbers of Jews into the Old City were highlighted with a new government-sponsored programme of ceremonies at the Western wall.

Israel approves plans to tighten grip on East Jerusalem

Palestinian leaders have denounced new construction projects they say will further tighten Israel's grip on occupied East Jerusalem and its holy places, including the incendiary site of Al-Aqsa mosque. The most elaborate plan is for a cable car intended to bring thousands of visitors an hour to the Western Wall and its Jewish prayer plaza immediately below al-Haram al-Sharif, a compound containing Al-Aqsa and the golden-topped Dome of the Rock. The $56m project was unveiled at a meeting of the Israeli cabinet in tunnels below the al-Haram al-Sharif. Israel's Tzipi Livni faces Swiss war crimes probe. Switzerland’s top prosecutor is investigating former Israeli foreign minister Tzipi Livni for war crimes.

Israel's Tzipi Livni faces Swiss war crimes probe

The Office of the Attorney General confirmed to Swiss media that it is examining a complaint brought against Livni in relation to “Operation Cast Lead” – Israel’s assault on Gaza in December 2008 and January 2009 that killed more than 1,400 Palestinians. The complaint was lodged by the Palestinian rights advocacy group Collectif Urgence Palestine in Geneva when it learned that Livni planned to enter the country. Trump declines to move US Embassy to Jerusalem, for now. WASHINGTON (AP) — Stepping back from a campaign promise and incurring Israeli ire, President Donald Trump acted Thursday to keep the U.S.

Under a 1990s law passed by Congress, the president must move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem or the State Department loses half its funding for overseas facilities. But the president can waive the law if asserting that a waiver is in U.S. national security interests. – mcc43

Embassy in Israel in Tel Aviv for now instead of moving it to Jerusalem, a cautious move aimed at bolstering prospects for an Israeli-Palestinian peace accord.

Trump declines to move US Embassy to Jerusalem, for now

Trump avoided a step that threatened to inflame tensions across the Middle East and undermine a push for peace before it even started. Still, the White House insisted Trump was merely delaying, not abandoning, his oft-cited pledge to relocate the embassy. “The question is not if that move happens, but only when,” said White House press secretary Sean Spicer. The praise from Palestinian and Arab leaders and the protest from Israelis showed just how far Trump has shifted from the unwavering support for Israel’s policies that he expressed during the 2016 campaign. Ocampo: Israeli settlement activity war crime. Luis Moreno Ocampo, former chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), said on Wednesday that the investigation being conducted by the ICC Public Prosecution Office in the file of the Israeli settlement activity in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, will most likely lead to the conviction of Israeli leaders.

Ocampo: Israeli settlement activity war crime

Ocampo explained that the Israeli settlement activity is an ongoing war crime that constitutes a blatant violation of the Rome Statute and the principles of the international law which prohibit the occupying power to transfer its civilians to the occupied territory. In this context, Ocampo denied statements attributed to him by a Hebrew newspaper a year and a half ago that the settlements do not violate the law, noting that it is not the first time that the Hebrew media claim such statements and that what was said is contrary to his firm legal convictions. In-response-to-David-Hearst. Saudi Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Prince Mohammed bin Nawaf Al Saud, writes in response to allegations made by David Hearst, editor of the Middle East Eye, in an article claiming a Saudi-Israeli alliance against Gaza.


Is it your intention to insult? Or are you just completely ignorant of the history or politics of the Middle East? Or was it that you wanted to try to be different and really didn’t care what you said, so you decide to tip the world upside down and shake it about from your comfortable London desk with not a thought for the facts in your article titled “Attack on Gaza by Saudi Royal Appointment.”

It is hard to believe that such utter rubbish, such baseless lies, could be written by someone who purports to be an editor of any kind. Have you tossed aside so quickly the claim you make on your website: “Our principal loyalty is towards our readers – and our principal task is delivering them the truth.” i24NEWS - Israel announces test of rocket propulsion system. Israel's 'David's Sling' Missile Defense SystemIDF It is unknown if the test was successful Israel's Ministry of Defense on Monday announced that it had tested a rocket propulsion system at a military base in the center of the country.

i24NEWS - Israel announces test of rocket propulsion system

An announcement from the ministry made it clear that the test had been planned in advance, although it is unknown if the test was successful. Residents in the coastal region of the country reported seeing the launch, with some taking to social media to post pictures and videos, leading to the ministry having to officially acknowledge that the test had taken place.

Rocket propulsion systems are designed to launch large systems such as satellites and ballistic missiles, but could also be used on ground-to-ground or ground-to-air missiles such as the Arrow system designed to counter the missile threat from Iran, or the Jericho system which according to foreign reports could carry a nuclear weapon although it is officially classified as a ballistic missile. We Israelis have no right to deny Palestinians their freedom - Haaretz Conferences - Haaretz - Israel News. Listening to foreign news about the conflict, one might think that there exists a sovereign Palestine, which has some sort of territorial dispute with the State of Israel.

We Israelis have no right to deny Palestinians their freedom - Haaretz Conferences - Haaretz - Israel News

Every once in a while, one of these parties gets violent; at other times they talk to each other, but with little success. Well-intentioned mediators come and go, looking for a formula that will end the hostilities. The average news reader is left wondering how come they didn’t solve this problem yet. The answer is this: The story has very little to do with the reality on the ground. Fuming Netanyahu orders ministers to attend Trump's reception after most refuse to show up - Israel News - Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has required all cabinet ministers to attend the reception ceremony for U.S.

Fuming Netanyahu orders ministers to attend Trump's reception after most refuse to show up - Israel News -

President Donald Trump at Ben-Gurion International Airport on Monday. A senior Israeli official said that Netanyahu issued his instructions after finding out that most ministers were not planning on attending the event. 15,000 rally in Tel Aviv in support of two-state solution - Israel News - Some 15,000 people rallied in Tel Aviv on Saturday in support of the two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

A message from Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas was read during the demonstration at Rabin Square. "There isn't a voice stronger than the voice of just and inclusive peace, just like there isn't a voice stronger than the right of people for self-determination and freedom from the burden of occupation," the message said. "The time has come to live, you and us, in peace, harmony, security and stability. Zeid urges Israel to respect the human rights of detainees. GENEVA (24 May 2017) - UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein on Wednesday expressed serious concern as the mass hunger strike by Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons entered its 38th day without resolution, and the health of hundreds of participating prisoners began to deteriorate significantly.

More than 1,000 Palestinian prisoners began a hunger strike on 17 April, demanding, amongst other things, an end to administrative detention and solitary confinement. The hunger strikers are also demanding an increase in the number and length of family visits and improved access to healthcare. Both Israeli and Palestinian human rights organisations have corroborated many of the complaints of the prisoners and have called on the Israeli authorities to improve the conditions of Palestinian prisoners. The Israeli practice of administrative detention is in breach of the key safeguards of Article 9 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. Haaretz: Israel should talk to hunger strikers before a 3rd intifada erupts – PNN. Nazareth/PNN/ If Israel does not respond to the Palestinian hunger strikers’ demands the situation on the ground could deteriorate into a Third Intifada, Haaretz warned in its editorial yesterday.

The paper said: “The hunger strike by Palestinian prisoners entered its 35th day on Sunday. Hebrew U. cancels conference on Palestinian prisoners, following pressure. Hebrew University canceled the conference after a student group associated with Naftali Bennett’s Jewish Home party penned an open letter to the university president. ‘The very existence of this conference lends legitimacy to terror.’ By Eli Bitan Right-wing students demonstrate in support Operation Cast Lead at Hebrew University, Dec. 29, 2008.

(photo: Hours of insult for minutes with my brother: My monthly trip to an Israeli jail. Palestinian prisoners sit behind glass during visiting at Gilboa prison in 2006 (AFP) Inas Abbad's brother, Mohammed Abbad, has been in an Israeli prison for 16 years, and is one of 1,500 Palestinians on hunger strike in protest at a lack of basic rights in jail. His family gets 45 minutes a month to see him. A Guide To HASBARA TROLLS. Bennett: We must tell Trump the 'truth' about peace process. '$5,000 a Head': Yemenite Babies Who Disappeared in 1950s Israel Were Sold to U.S. Jews,

Statistics on Palestinian minors in the custody of the Israeli security forces. Israeli Prisons and Palestinian Lives – Palestine Square. Israel hires doctors to force-feed Palestinians. Knesset gives first nod to so-called Facebook bill that would allow court to censor internet - Israel News - Israeli law, not Jewish law - Haaretz Editorial - Israel News. UNESCO 248139e. Unesco, approvata la risoluzione su Gerusalemme. L'Italia tra i Paesi contrari. PARIGI - Qualsiasi decisione che da oggi Israele prenderà su Gerusalemme sarà nulla e priva di significato. Il comitato esecutivo dell'Unesco ha approvato, con 20 voti a favore, 10 contrari e 23 astensioni, la controversa risoluzione sulla "Palestina occupata", che secondo i media israeliani comporterà una perdita totale della sovranità di Israele sulla città.

A differenza della risoluzione su Gerusalemme est adottata lo scorso ottobre, quando l'Italia si era astenuta generando molte polemiche, stavolta tra i Paesi che hanno votato contro c'è anche il nostro. Il ministro degli Esteri Angelino Alfano ha spiegato la posizione italiana: "L'Unesco faccia ciò per cui è stata fondata. Deve occuparsi di istruzione e cultura. Il nostro voto contrario alla risoluzione politicizzata su Israele è un passo importante perché dimostra come l'Italia, quando non condivide, vota no, assumendosene la responsabilità".

La democrazia formale non serve più – intervista a Michel Warshawski. La democrazia formale non serve più – intervista a Michel Warshawski A cura di Alessandra Mecozzi | 29 marzo 2017. One week in, Palestinian prisoners continue to join mass hunger strike. Some of Palestine's most high profile prisoners. From right to left: Marwan Barghouthi, Ahmad Saadat, Karim Yunis, Nael Barghouthi, Fouad Shubaki RAMALLAH (Ma’an) -- As a mass hunger strike underway in Israeli prisons entered its seventh day on Sunday, dozens more Palestinian prisoners have declared their participation, while Israeli prison authorities continued to punish those forgoing food by placing them in solitary confinement cells.

The media committee established to support what has come to be known as the “Freedom and Dignity" strike, announced Sunday that six Palestinian prisoners held in Megiddo prison in northern Israel began refusing meals on Thursday and were immediately placed in isolation. The Palestinian Prisoners’ Society has filed a complaint on behalf of lawyers who have been prevented from visiting hunger strikers. Mahmoud, 36, is from the al-Issawiya neighborhood in occupied East Jerusalem and has served 15 years of a 17-year prison sentence.

Bilal Ajarma. Zionism is anti-Semitism – Middle East Monitor. Zionism in the age of Trump: it is becoming increasingly clear to more people that the Israeli state’s officially defined ideology is, at its very core, an anti-Jewish one. It sounds counter-intuitive. How can the “Jewish State” or the Zionist movement be anti-Semitic? But several of US President Donald Trump’s appointments have made it clearer than ever. He leads the most pro-Israel US administration in history, even while appointing key figures with anti-Semitic ties as his most important advisers. Much has been made of chief White House strategist Steve Bannon, who before joining the Trump team ran Breitbart News which Bannon described as a “platform for the alt-right.” UN 'closely watching' Palestinian hunger strike following clashes.

Sharp decline in number of Jews migrating from US, France. Israel approves first new West Bank settlement in over 20 years for Amona evacuees - Israel News - Le leggi crudeli, parte terza: Israele e attivisti israeliani per i diritti. Is a new Middle East war on Israel's horizon? UN official resigns over Israel apartheid report. US Ambassador to Israel: “Great Advantage” to Netanyahu. The Policing of the Palestinian Minority in Israel: An International Law Perspective. Why Netanyahu’s supporters should not celebrate his meeting with Trump. Trump's poisonous gift to Netanyahu. Israeli torture of Palestinian children 'institutional' Paris peace conference: A damp squib. Why Netanyahu rushed to link Jerusalem attack to IS. The End of the Old Israel. Netanyahu questioned by police over gifts; AG: Evidence has mounted over last month - Israel News - Police questioning Netanyahu about suspicions of graft - Israel News -

The annexation of Palestine could be closer than you think. With the two-state solution a distant dream, Palestinians ask if it's time to push for a one-state solution. L’Onu e la lezione che Israele rifiuta di apprendere. Log In.

He added, was driven by a desire to save Israel from “the most extreme elements” in its own government. “The status quo is leading toward one state and perpetual occupation,” Mr. Kerry said, his voice animated. Continue reading the main story RELATED COVERAGE NEWS ANALYSIS In John Kerry’s Mideast Speech, a Clash of Policies and Personalities DEC. 28, 2016 John Kerry, in a Final, Pointed Plea, Will Outline a Vision of Mideast Peace DEC. 27, 2016 RECENT COMMENTS Mary 1 hour ago Does Hamas want a 2 state solution? Do the Palestinians? For decades, that answer was no. Has that changed?I've been to Israel, although... L.Braverman 1 hour ago I'm proud that I voted for John Kerry as POTUS; he's always been an exceptional and honorable servant of the people, going back to his... spinez 1 hour ago "...Settlements a threat to peace".Article 22 of Palestinian covenant:Article 22: Zionism is a political movement organically associated... His speech was a powerful admonition after years of tension and frustration, with the Obama administration giving public voice to its long-held concern that Israel was headed off a cliff toward international isolation and was condemning itself to a future of low-level, perpetual warfare with the Palestinians. – mcc43

Israel's attorney-general orders criminal probe against PM Netanyahu: TV. Ora è ancora più chiaro: Il mondo pensa che gli insediamenti sono un crimine. Tutti gli insediamenti e tutto il mondo – di Gideon Levy. Leaked document: U.S. colluded with Palestinians 10 days before UN settlements vote - Israel News - What’s new and what’s not in the U.N. resolution on Israeli settlements. Israel punishing the world for UN vote will be worse than BDS - Israel News - L’Onu vota contro gli insediamenti d’Israele, storica astensione degli Usa. Egypt: Trump convinced Sisi to withdraw UN resolution. Egypt delays U.N. vote on settlements after Trump, Israel urge U.S. veto. Israel's envoy to U.S. calls on Trump to move embassy to Jerusalem as 'great step forward toward peace' - Israel News -

Israeli settlers agree to leave illegal Amona outpost. Israel's PM Benjamin Netanyahu welcomes Donald Trump presidency - 60 Minutes. Are Israel supporters accelerating its moral degeneration? Netanyahu tells Hollande: Cancel peace summit and I'll meet Abbas in Paris - Israel News - Israel, a light of mediocrity unto the nations - Opinion - Israel News. Jimmy Carter to Barack Obama: Recognize the State of Palestine.

Abraham Yehoshua: "Israele è in fiamme ma non chiamatela Intifada del fuoco" Israel fire updates: 30 arrested in connection with fires, police official says - Israel News - ISIS fighters target Israel and are obliterated by warplanes after firing rockets are soldiers  Keep your kids away from Israel – it’s dangerous for Jewish children, says American Jewish father – Redress Information & Analysis. Netanyahu announces funding of right-wing archeological project following UNESCO vote. 246215e. Morocco tipped off Israeli intelligence, 'helped Israel win Six Day War' Has Israel’s defense minister given up on toppling Hamas? Bennett: We must act now and 'give our lives' for the annexation of the West Bank - Israel News -

Arab lawmakers should be thanked, not reproached, for boycotting Peres' funeral - Opinion - Israel News. Eric Salerno - Ho incontrato molte volte Shimon Peres a... Addio a Shimon Peres, 8 cose da sapere sul falco che diventò colomba. Israeli support for two-state solution based on racism. Why referendum on West Bank is unlikely to change anything. Has Israeli defense minister changed IDF's West Bank strategy? The Palestine-Israel language trap. Renouncing Jewishness: Shlomo Sand and Gilad Atzmon. Massive Money Laundering Reportedly Suspected in Latest Netanyahu Investigation - Israel News - Haaretz. Foreign Funds at Center of New Police Investigation Against Netanyahu - Israel News - Haaretz.

In Unprecedented Move, British Police Summoned Tzipi Livni Over Suspected Gaza War Crimes - Israel News - Haaretz. Israel and Turkey have reconciled, now what? Turkish-Israeli reconciliation deal reached. Roma: trovato l'accordo di riconciliazione israele-Turchia. Domani l'annuncio di Netanyahu. Israel’s Army Goes to War With Its Politicians. Hassan Rohani : «L'État actuel d'Israël n'est pas légitime» Why Would That General Compare Israel to 1930s Germany? Hmm... - Opinion - Haaretz - Israel News IDF Deputy Chief Likens 'Revolting Trends' in Israeli Society to pre-Holocaust Germany - Israel News - Haaretz. Brutale, hideuse et illégale : 9 choses que vous devez savoir sur l’occupation israélienne de la Palestine. Explosion on bus in Jerusalem, 16 hurt - Arab-Israeli Conflict.

Is Israel forming an alliance with Egypt and Saudi Arabia? Egypt Informed Israel in Advance of Plan to Hand Over Red Sea Islands to Saudis - Middle East News - Haaretz. Israeli Ex-Mossad Spy Chief Meir Dagan Dies at 71. Pew Survey: Almost Half of Israeli Jews Back Transfer or Expulsion of Arabs - Israel News - Haaretz. Legitimating the Settlements: Another Congressional Bow to Israel.

Why Israel needs Turkey now more than ever. Shin Bet uncovers Jewish extremist plot to destroy state. Byline.