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How to Virtually GUARANTEE That Your Idea Will Pay Before You Invest a Year of Your Time. Can This Ring Diagnose Your Depression? While grocery shopping, I explode with white-hot rage.

Can This Ring Diagnose Your Depression?

When cooking pasta, I fume with Hulk-like fury. During a stroll through the park, my stress levels are through the roof — or so my ring tells me. It wants me to mellow out and take deep breaths. Who knew a plastic hunk of jewelry could help me stop and smell the roses? Why doesn't backgroundColor=rgb(a,b,c) work? d3-scale/ at master · d3/d3-scale. The Basics of Node.js Streams.

Node.js is asynchronous and event driven in nature.

The Basics of Node.js Streams

As a result, it’s very good at handling I/O bound tasks. If you are working on an app that performs I/O operations, you can take advantage of the streams available in Node.js. So, let’s explore Streams in detail and understand how they can simplify I/O. Build A Real-Time Twitter Stream with Node and React.js. Introduction Welcome to the second installation of Learning React, a series of articles focused on becoming proficient and effective with Facebook's React library.

Build A Real-Time Twitter Stream with Node and React.js

If you haven't read the first installation, Getting Started and Concepts, it is highly recommended that you do so before proceeding. Today we are going to build an application in React using Isomorphic Javascript. Colors - Converting 0-1 number to RGB blue scale (Python) Math - How to calculate an RGB colour by specifying an alpha blending amount? Clean-this-tweet-up. Remove all #s, usernames, phone numbers, addresses, emails, and urls from a given tweet given a tweet, return the text of that tweet with all #s, usernames, phone-numbers, addresses, emails, and urls removed. you know, so that you aren't messing up someone's twitter neighbourhood by letting your bot spam up their stuff all the time.


GitHub - ticup/twitter-scrape: Minor functions to help scrape tweets and followers from the twitter API and work with the tweets/followers per request and requests/15min limits. Emotional/en-sentiment.xml at master · ticup/emotional. Creating a Sentiment Analysis Application Using Node.js. Sentiment analysis helps you in understanding what people think about a certain topic.

Creating a Sentiment Analysis Application Using Node.js

The sentiment analysis app we are going to build will take in a keyword(s) and will fetch the matching tweets from Twitter. Then, it will run each tweet through an AFINN powered sentiment analysis Node module. This module will score the tweet text, and finally will display the relevant statistics. Before we get started, you can take a look at the demo here. You can download the complete source code from here. Technology Stack This app is built on top of Nodejs. We will be using the Twitter module to interact with Twitter and Sentiment module to perform the analysis. So, let’s get started. Setup the App. Node Twitter Sentiment - Michael Herman. In this tutorial we’ll be building an app to pull in real-time Tweets using a Twitter client library for Node called Twit along with NodeJS, Express, and Sentimental (for sentiment analysis).

Node Twitter Sentiment - Michael Herman

This is for the Node-js-Denver-Boulder Meetup <3 Cheers! You can grab the example code here. Requirements: This tutorial starts where this intro tutorial, Getting Started with Node, ends. If you’ve never set up a Node/Express application before, please start with the intro tutorial. Thanks. Project Setup As you know, Node uses Javascript for both the client and server side. Let’s get to it. Transition. The transition property is a shorthand property used to represent up to four transition-related longhand properties: These transition properties allow elements to change values over a specified duration, animating the property changes, rather than having them occur immediately.


Here is a simple example that transitions the background color of a <div> element on :hover: That div will take half a second when the mouse is over it to turn from red to green. How to: Convert a String to Hex Colour (with JS) For this site, when you hover over the Designed by a Turtle logo a colour is shown – which changes through out the site but isn’t random using JavaScript (I’ve updated the site since this post).

How to: Convert a String to Hex Colour (with JS)

On a previous theme for Designed by a Turtle, a colour was picked based on the document title. That meant you could refresh the page and the colour would stay the same – but each page had a unique random colour. This was done by taking a constant to that page and converting it into the 6 digit hexadecimal value and using that as a colour. In this instance the page title was used as the input as it changed from page to page by using the document.title variable. Converting any string into a hexadecimal colour is achieved in two steps, first the string is hashed into a single large int representing the string (for example ‘Hello World’ would be -862545276).

This final step is to simply use this hex colour as you wish. Demo. A Javascript function to calculate a unique color for any English word. Chroma.js api docs! Chroma.js is a tiny JavaScript library (12kB) for dealing with colors!

chroma.js api docs!

Quick-start Here are a couple of things chroma.js can do for you: read colors from a wide range of formatsanalyze and manipulate colorsconvert colors into wide range of formatslinear and bezier interpolation in different color spaces Here's an example for a simple read / manipulate / output chain: Aside from that, chroma.js can also help you generate nice colors using various methods, for instance to be used in color palette for maps or data visualizations. chroma.js has a lot more to offer, but that's the basic gist of it. Bower-installer. Tool for installing bower dependencies that won't include entire repos Tool for installing bower dependencies that won't include entire repos.


Although Bower works great as a light-weight tool to quickly install browser dependencies, it currently does not provide much functionality for installing specific "built" components for the client. Colors HSL. HTML Color Mixer. Edit fiddle. Velocity.js. Jquery/jquery-color: jQuery plugin for color manipulation and animation support. Color Animation. Chroma.js api docs! Color. JavaScript library for color conversion and manipulation with support for CSS color strings. var color = ; color; console; Install Usage Setters var color = Pass any valid CSS color string into Color() or a hash of values. Set the values for individual channels with alpha, red, green, blue, hue, saturation (hsl), saturationv (hsv), lightness, whiteness, blackness, cyan, magenta, yellow, black Getters.

Javascript functions for doing fast binary/hex/RGB color conversions using bitwise operations. RGBColor test. RGB color parser in JavaScript. What is it A JavaScript class that accepts a string and tries to figure out a valid color out of it. Some accepted inputs are for example: rgb(0, 23, 255)#336699ffee66fb0reddarkbluecadet blue. Create a hexadecimal colour based on a string with JavaScript. Percent Color Codes. Percent Color Codes This page demonstrates the percent representation of color of the form rgb(R%, G%, B%), where R, G, and B are the percent values for the red, green, and blue values of the color ranging from 0 to 100. This is one of the several ways you can define colors in HTML or style sheets; you can use a quick reference table to help you choose from among the many color tables available.

The colors in the chart below come from a variety of sources. Color swatches are defined by using the hexadecimal code for the color and are sorted by the hexadecimal code.