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Styled-components. GraphQL. Closure. Algorithms. Vue.js. 'this' OOP. Callbacks. Testing. Javascript Territory. Kal - A Clean Alternative to JavaScript Without Callbacks. Kal is a highly readable, easy-to-use language that compiles to JavaScript.

Kal - A Clean Alternative to JavaScript Without Callbacks

It's designed to be asynchronous and can run both on node.js and in the browser. Kal makes asynchronous programming easy and clean by allowing functions to pause and wait for I/O, replacing an awkward callback syntax with a clean, simple syntax. Kal is also expressive and offers many useful synonyms and constructs to make code readable in almost plain English. Try it in your browser. Kal is designed with a unique philosophy: Eliminate the yucky parts of JavaScript, but keep the good stuff including the compatibility, and the great server and client runtime support.Make code as readable as possible and make writing code straightforward. Check out the examples for some sample use cases. Links Asynchronous Wait The wait for directive allows a function to pause asynchronously, then resume when a task is complete.

Would be equivalent to this in Kal: This includes error handling via callbacks.


APIs. Angular. Aurelia. Bundlers and transpilers. Clean code. CRUD. D3. ES6. Events. Exercises. Express.js. Functional programming. Handlebars. Jekyll. Js terminology. JSON. jQuery. Loops. Next.js. Node.js. Objects. Promises. React. Reg ex. Scraping. Scope. Servers.

Truthy, falsey. WatchAndCode.


Webpack. JavaScript Interview Questions. A Study Plan To Cure JavaScript Fatigue. Like everybody else, I recently came across Jose Aguinaga’s post “How it feels to learn JavaScript in 2016”.

A Study Plan To Cure JavaScript Fatigue

It’s clear that this post hit a nerve: I saw it reaching the top spot on Hacker News not once but twice. It was the most popular post on /r/javascript as well, and as of right now it has over 10k likes on Medium — which is probably more than all my own posts put together. But who’s counting? This didn’t come as a surprise though: I’ve known for a long time that the JavaScript ecosystem can be confusing. In fact, the very reason why I ran the State Of JavaScript survey was to find out which libraries were actually popular, and finally sort the signal from the noise. But today, I want to go one step further. Who Is This For This study plan is for you if: Things We’ll Cover Resources Mentioned Here If you would rather find other resources, Mark Erikson maintains a great list of React, ES6, and Redux links.

JavaScript vs JavaScript But that’s actually the easy part. Notice the difference? JavaScript for Cats. Learn modern web application development with JavaScript. Client or server? Go big or go home. As someone who writes lots of JavaScript, you might think I'd advocate that everything should be a single-page app.

Client or server? Go big or go home.

In short: No. Make things as simple as you possibly can. Programming is complex, expensive, and time consuming. Pragmatism is the only way to finish anything. For many types of applications, building a single-page app is harder and gives you no additional value. So, instead, think about how you want your app to be used. As engineers we over-engineer things ALL THE TIME. Building client-side apps is often more complicated than a server-side rendered app. <patronizing tone> So you've heard of "separation of concerns" </patronizing tone>. HOWEVER, the first thing people most commonly do when building web apps is render a bunch of HTML on the server, then send it to the client and start shuffling it around with a bunch of JavaScript! Pick one or the other, seriously. One of my favorite things to show developers from the And Bang codebase is the HTML we send to the browser.

Check-dependencies. Checks if currently installed npm/bower dependencies are installed in the exact same versions that are specified in package.json/bower.json Checks if currently installed npm/bower dependencies are installed in the exact same versions that are specified in package.json/bower.json Installation To install the package and add it to your package.json, invoke: npm install check-dependencies --save-dev Rationale.

check-dependencies JavasScript: A Basic Introduction and Overview. So before we start writing some JavaScript, let's get some core concepts cleared up.

JavasScript: A Basic Introduction and Overview

It's very common to see JavaScript referred to as one of the three core languages of web pages. You have the HTML markup language for content and structure. What's your headline, how many divisions are in your page, how many paragraphs do you have, what are the contents of those paragraphs? Then the CSS, the style sheet language, for presentation. What font does the headline use, what's the background color of the page, what's the width of the div that the paragraphs are in? What happens when you mouse over a menu, what happens when you type the wrong value in a form field, how long does a photo slideshow take to move from one image to the next? JavaScript only works inside another application, the web browser.