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Parent-Teacher Conferences & Report Cards

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Google Images- parent teacher conferences tips for teachers. Teacher Tips for Successful Parent-Teacher Conferences. Always begin with something positive about the child, then work your way into what needs to be improved upon.

Teacher Tips for Successful Parent-Teacher Conferences

–Janice Allen, Vincennes, IN To prepare myself and the parents for conferences, I send home a form with the conference invitation that asks the parents to write down their concerns and questions about their child or school policies, and return it to me before conferences. I also include a list of major topics we have covered and what I expect each child to be able to do. That way, parents can review what their child has done from papers sent home, and it won't be a surprise if their child isn't doing well. Then, I spend conference time working with parents on a plan to help their child. Don't talk down to parents. As an administrator, I encourage my staff to "Be Prepared". It is extremely important to start with a positive statement about the student and to point out any positive experiences that child has had to date. Simple things...I always include the student. Tips for Parent-Teacher Conferencing.

Each fall, I attend a parent-teacher conference for my son.

Tips for Parent-Teacher Conferencing

I also spend time coaching teachers on preparing for parent conferences. Given these two different perspectives on this tradition, I figured I could share some thoughts for making these conferences meaningful and rewarding for all. 1. Approach Parents with Positive Assumptions Parents are your friends. 2. What is your goal or objective for the time you have with parents? Here's an example: My goal in Maria's conference is for her mom to see the growth she's made in writing this fall and to determine some ways that she can be more organized.

Then prepare your materials. 3. Be specific when asking for change. Whatever support you ask from a parent needs to be something that is within her sphere of influence. A teacher could say: "I'm concerned because your son is often distracted during independent work in my class. Always convey a growth mindset. 4.

What could you ask parents that might help you better support your student? ASCD Express 612 - Tips for New Teachers: Making the Most of Parent-Teacher Conferences. Parent-teacher conferences offer great opportunities to deepen your working relationship with parents.

ASCD Express 612 - Tips for New Teachers: Making the Most of Parent-Teacher Conferences

As you highlight their child's strengths, discuss academic or social concerns, and share information about child development, parents come to see you as an ally and themselves as true partners in their child's education. A little thinking and planning will help you make the most of these great opportunities. Parent-Teacher Conferences. By NEA Staff Found in: Advice & Support Parent-teacher conferences can be stressful, for you and the parents, but with proper planning and organization you can lay the groundwork for a production relationship that will benefit the best interest of the child.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Explore the following resources for advice on getting the most from your parent-teacher conferences. How Can You Deal With Angry Parents? We present advice collected from seasoned classroom veterans, from NEA members who posted their ideas on our discussion board, and from Jerry Newberry, head of the NEA Health Information Network, who used to train teachers to work with parents. Works4Me Tips. 5 Resources for Parent-Teacher Conferences. For many educators, conferences are coming up soon, and it can be a stressful time of the school year.

5 Resources for Parent-Teacher Conferences

To help parents and educators prepare for parent-teacher conferences, we've rounded up a variety of web resources. From ideas for highlighting student progress, to questions every parent should ask, these are some of our favorite articles and resources that cover parent-teacher conferencing. Hope you all have a great rest of the school year! Parent-Teacher Conference Tip Sheets for Principals, Teachers, and Parents: The Harvard Family Research Project produced these tip sheets with English and Spanish versions.

The three sections on each sheet are written specifically for parents, teachers, and principals, and they are available as free PDF downloads. Inviting Students to Lead Conferences Student-led conferences empower learners to take ownership of their accomplishments and their classroom goals. You'll find some wonderful resources in that collection. Successful Parent Teacher Conferences- video. Parent Teacher ConferenceTipSheet 100610.