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Tutoriels permettant d'accéder et de créer facilement des documents avec Google Drive

GAFE. Google Sheets: 3 Add-Ons to Try. If you use Google Forms your data goes into a spreadsheet. Whether you are using Google Forms or are starting straight from a spreadsheet there are some great spreadsheet Add-Ons that can increase your productivity. An Add-On is, typically, not created by Google but rather 3rd party programmers. These scripts add extra functionality to your Google Sheets spreadsheets. You can search for and add Add-Ons from the “Add-on” menu in Google Sheets. Anything by Andrew Stillman is going to be good. The Add-On script rowCall takes your Google Form data and filters it into tabs. By default a sheet in Google Sheets has 26 columns and 1000 rows. I created some scripts that will create a lot of tabs at once ( Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2015.

A Comprehensive Collection of Some of The Best Google Drive Add-ons for Teachers and Educators. January 4, 2015 Google Drive has proved to be an indispensable tool in teachers digital toolkit. It provides everything teachers need to write up a document, create a quick presentation or spreadsheet and design beautiful visuals and drawings, creative possibilities in Google Drive are endless. Additionally, Drive works across different devices and platforms so you can easily continue working on your documents anywhere you go and without even the need for Internet connection. In 2015 Google Drive has known a lot of improvements with the addition of a number of key features.

We have covered all of these features in Drive for Teachers section here in EdTech and mLearning. We have also reviewed a wide variety of educational add-ons and tools for teachers to use on Google Drive to enhance its overall productivity and extend its learning potential. Below is a collection of some of the most popular selections we have shared so far. 3 Great Google Drive Tools for Grading Assignments. November 3, 2015 Below are three great tools to help you with creating, grading and distributing class assignments. While Chalkup is directly integrated with Drive, Flubaroo and Super Quiz are add-ons that you need to install on Google Sheets. 1- Flubaroo Flubaroo is a free add-on to Google Forms/Sheets which lets you quickly grade and analyze student performance on multiple choice and fill-in assignments. Within a minute you'll be able to: Get scores for each student, and identify students in need of extra help. Super Quiz is an excellent Google Sheets add-on that allows teachers to add some amazing functionalities to the quizzes they create through Google Forms. 3- Chalkup Chalkup is a great web tool that allows teachers to create classes and share different study materials on a message board that students can access in real-time.

Some things that are unique to the Chalkup Google integration are: Locate Documents for Multiple Classes. In Google Classroom when you create an assignment where students submit work a folder is created in Google Drive. If you assign the same assignment to multiple sections, a folder will be created for each section. A feature of Google Classroom that I really like is that all the work students submit through Google Classroom are neatly organized into a folder in Google Drive. I can go straight to Google Drive to review student work and provide feedback. With multiple class sections that is multiple folders I need to open. The easiest way to find all of the folders for an assignment is to use the Google Drive search features. type:folder assignment title Type “type:folder” to filter your search for folders.

If you want to move all of the assignments together you can use the keyboard shortcut Shift Z to ADD the folders or assignments to a single folder. Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2015 Like this: Like Loading... Comment faire de Google Drive un outil OCR. Home > Astuces > Comment faire de Google Drive un outil OCR Comment récupérer le texte contenu dans un fichier PDF pour pouvoir le modifier et le travailler dans un traitement de texte ? Google Drive peut vous aider. Vous pouvez également récupérer de la même manière le texte contenu dans une image. Google Drive a de nombreuses fonctions qui sont quelque peu ignorées et pourtant bien pratiques. C’est le cas ici avec cette fonction OCR de Google. Qui n’a pas un jour reçu un fichier PDF et pesté pour essayer de récupérer proprement son contenu dans son traitement de texte habituel ? Il faut tout d’abord uploader votre fichier PDF ou votre image dans votre Google Drive. Drive va créer un nouveau fichier au format Google Doc.

Cela fonctionne parfaitement bien avec des fichiers PDF. 6 nouveautés dans les formulaires de Google. Google Disque (connu aussi sous son nom anglais Google Drive) propose régulièrement des nouveautés. En voici 6 qui se retrouvent depuis peu dans l’outil de création de formulaires, particulièrement utiles en éducation.

Certaines de ces nouveautés seront plus familières pour les utilisateurs actuels. D’abord, voici un rappel de ce qu’est la suite d’outils Google, selon la compagnie elle-même. Google Drive permet de stocker, consulter, créer, modifier et partager des documents, des fichiers et des dossiers de tous types à partir d’un même emplacement. Il vous fournit des éditeurs en ligne permettant de créer, modifier et partager des documents, feuilles de calcul et présentations Google. Sont également disponibles, des éditeurs pour créer des dessins, des formulaires et des tables de fusion.

L’outil de création de formulaires en ligne fait partie de cette suite. 4) Imprimer un formulaire Il arrive qu’on ait besoin d’une version papier d’un formulaire. Sur le même thème.

Tutoriel français, google drive doc. Vue d'ensemble de Google Drive (1/7) Importation de fichiers dans Google Drive (2/7) Création de fichiers avec Google Drive (3/7) Partage de fichiers dans Google Drive (4/7) Organisation des fichiers dans Google Drive (5/7) Mettre du contenu en ligne avec Google Drive (6/7) Création et partage de formulaires dans Google Drive (7/7) Tips. 3 Important Google Calendar Tips Every Teacher Should Know about. September 9, 2015 Google Calendar can be of tremendous help in enhancing your teaching productivity and facilitating your overall instructional workflow.

As a teacher, you can use Calendar for different purposes. For example, you can use it to create events and share them with your students and parents; or use it to share important dates and information with students. You can also create reminders about assignments and share them with your class. Check out these video tutorials to learn more about how to use Google Calendar. Also, below are three important tips to keep in mind when using Google Calendar. 1- Events from Gmail Any email you receive with an event included (e.g a flight, an appointment…etc) is automatically added to you Google Calendar.

Open Google Calendar.Click the settings gear in the top right .Select Settings.Find the Events from Gmail section (stay in the "General" tab).Uncheck Add automatically. Open Google Calendar on a computer.On the left, find My Calendars. Start Here: A Quick Google Apps Script Project. Here is a very quick project you can do to make your first program. Then you can brag to your students that you can code. Do not be embarrassed that you do not know very much, the fact that you coded at all is braggable. If we want to encourage students to think about learning to code, it starts with us. Write a code to send an email through Gmail. function sendEmail() { GmailApp.sendEmail(recipient, subject, body); } Google Apps Script Google Apps Script is based on JavaScript.

You may need to click on a blue start button to take you to the project page. A function tells the computer what to do. The “myFunction” is the name of your function. For fun, change the function name from “myFunction” to “sendEmail.” Click Here to see an explanation You may notice that I capitalized the E in email but did not capitalize the s in send. Note: Capitalization matters. When calling your function later if you put SendEmail instead of sendEmail that does not match. GmailApp Explain. DOWNLOAD Google Docs CheatSheet. 52 Google Docs Secrets for Students. Google Docs is one of my favorite resources for myself, other teachers, and students.

I use it constantly and when I share it with other teachers, friends, or my students, they are usually impressed and start using it too. There are tons of features and functions in Google Docs that make using it extremely useful and effective as an educational tool. The fact that it's free, online, and collaborative make it great for students. Word Processing, Presentations, Forms, Drawings, and Spreadsheets.

Google keeps adding more features too. The folks over at OnlineColleges have come up with a list of 52 Great Google Docs Secrets for Students. If you use Google Docs, or are planning on using them, this is a great list of resources and tips. Related: Google for Educators Resources - tips, using in education, resources, training, apps, and much more. my other favorite resource: Evernote for Education - resources, tips, ideas and more Presentation on Google for Educators. 8 Google Forms Formative Assessment Tips. If you use Google Forms for formative assessment quizzes here are some tips for managing the resulting spreadsheet.

When organizing data it is important that your data match. Trying to sort data by student name can be sketchy when students type in their own name. They might use “Robert” one day and “Bob” another. They may simply misspell their name. While I do not need the students ID number it is harder for students to get creative in how they fill it out. Rather than ask for “name” make 2 questions. From the edit screen of the Google Form you want to “View Responses” in the toolbar in order to open the spreadsheet of data. After creating your Google Form go to the live form and take the quiz. By default the first row of the spreadsheet is frozen. On the left hand side, between rows 1 and 2, hover over the freeze bar. Hovering over the column indicators will reveal a small drop down arrow. Sort each question. You probably want to sort by multiple columns.

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