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Math at the Dinner Table! While setting the table and serving dinner, here are some ways you can get your little one involved in math.

Math at the Dinner Table!

Use the examples below to serve up a nice helping of Common Core State Standards math during dinnertime! Couch Math – Relax! When you’re relaxing in the living room or den with your children, take the opportunity to do some positive math talk.

Couch Math – Relax!

Relax! Use the appropriate activities below to reinforce the math concepts and domains of the Common Core State Standards. 2 years Say, “This blanket is on top of the coach. Car Math – Think Fast, Drive Safely! In your car you’ll find math.

Car Math – Think Fast, Drive Safely!

You don’t even have to be moving to share it with your child. The next time you go somewhere with your little one, before you get on the road, have them sit on your lap and share a math moment. Use the appropriate activities below to reinforce the math concepts and domains of the Common Core State Standards. A Recipe for Math Learning. While cooking a dish or preparing food, there are measurements, fractions, and plenty of counting.

A Recipe for Math Learning

If you have an opportunity, invite your little one by asking them to stir or measure out an ingredient. Get Cooking with Math. Math helps us in cooking and is especially useful in ensuring we don’t burn our dinner!

Get Cooking with Math

Check out the things you can say and do with your child while using the oven or stove. Remember, the activities below reinforce the math concepts and domains of the Common Core State Standards! Bringing Math Into the Closet. You find yourself in the closet when putting away clothes, helping the little ones get dressed, and when looking for toys.

Bringing Math Into the Closet

Take a moment to use the statements below to mention some math while you’re there. Depending on the arrangement of the closet, be sure to modify the statements so they make sense to your child. 2 years. Fruity Math. Having a fruit bowl available for the family is a great way to stay healthy.

Fruity Math

But did you know it also holds opportunities to mention math? You don’t have to have or use the same fruits as we did. Anything about the same size will do. And remember, fruit tastes better with a little math on it! Head to your fruit bowl to use the appropriate activities below to reinforce the math concepts and domains of the Common Core State Standards. 2 years Take out about 6 or 8 grapes. Photo by mathfour. Mathfour : The #dad2summit cook off team... Egg-xact Math. Just like there are many ways of cooking eggs, there are many ways to look at the math in them.

Egg-xact Math

Counting, measuring, buying, and even the way we look at eggs all involve math. So many math opportunities are in such a nice, neat little package. Head to your refrigerator to use the appropriate egg activities below to reinforce the math concepts and domains of the Common Core State Standards. 2 years. Photo by mathfour. Photo by mathfour. Catenary out the window. I hung a rope between two trees for my kids to play on the other day, and when I looked out the window later I saw a catenary graph.

Catenary out the window

The catenary is a curve describing the shape of a in idealized hanging chain, and looks a lot like a parabola (enough so to trick Galileo). Its equation was determined independently by three people in response to a contest challenge. I like to think of it as the sum of two exponential functions:Here’s y = ex and y = e-x …and their sum. Photo by mathfour. WP UI - WordPress tabs, accordions, spoilers and sliders plugin. WP UI for WordPress is a plugin that lets you add smart, beautiful and responsive interface widgets, such as Tabs, Accordions, spoilers, Dialogs into your wordpress posts. This plugin is built on top of the jQuery UI and comes bundled with rich documentation, extended browser support and detailed skins and themes.

Overview WP UI gives you the easier way for the Articles that stand out. Most of the WP UI’s features are implemented with wordpress shortcodes, which means that learning curve is smooth and there is no compromise between appearance and performance. It can significantly reduce the length of your articles, making it easier to read and digest. Mathfour : One of the first drawings for... Mathfour : One of the first drawings for... Mathfour : One of the first drawings for... Photo by mathfour. How Much Income Do You Need to Buy a House? Weighing house purchase- flickr user images of money Source: flickr user images of money If you’re in the market for a new home, chances are you’ll have to compromise at some point along the way.

How Much Income Do You Need to Buy a House?

Mouse Tales Travel, Goldtown Adventures, and That’s Math! Serving Sizes for Children: Real World Math Application. I don’t know how things work in your house, but on the rare occasion that I bring home fun cereal, it disappears at the speed of light. Invariably, one (or both) children feel like they didn’t get their fair share. This past week, Momma wised up and came up with a solution. It’s so easy that I don’t know why I didn’t think of it earlier. Dividing it into serving sizes! As I began to look at the side of the box, I realized – what am I doing?!? How to find the serving size using the information on the box (3/4 cup).Look at the number of servings in the box (12).Divide that number by the number in our family (4) to come up with how many servings he got to have (3).Figure out how much cereal he should put in his zip bag by multiplying his servings by the serving size (2 1/4 cup).Find the correct size measuring cup to most easily use for a situation (3/4 cup in our house) and how many scoops are necessary (3).

Photo by mathfour. What Does it Really Mean to Align Instruction to the Common Core? Flatlists vs. Three-Dimensional Arrays. Surgery Day Math. Photo by mathfour. Mathfour : Signed up for @DirectBuy and... Photo by mathfour. Photo by mathfour. Mommy to the Max – Episode 14: Why Manners and Etiquette Still Matter. Understanding That’s Math! During the Texas Home School Coalition Convention, That’s Math!

Had its “booth debut”. It was a bit difficult, at first, to decide how to present it (verbally) to attendees. The Early Attempts I found myself saying things one minute, and reversing my conceptualization, the next. “Well, it’s not really a curriculum. 60 seconds later… “It’s actually more of a curriculum supplement.” A few minutes after that… “Are you familiar with the term ‘stealth-schooling’ or ‘un-schooling’… that’s essentially what this is.” Back to School GOGO Promo! How does the “Get One Free, Give One Free” Promotion work?

As a back-to-school special, through September 15, 2012, you can sign up to get That’s Math! Free for 30 days. This gives you a chance to see what all the hoopla is about. Experience first hand how to SEE MATH and SAY MATH that’s around you every day. Get full access to all the printable quick reference cards that help you. What is That’s Math!? What is That's Math!? My New Project - Will I Fail or Succeed? [Case Study] Photo by mathfour. Mathfour : Check out what's coming soon... Photo by mathfour. Perfect 10. Photo by mathfour. RimweLLC : @mathfour yes! Collaborative... Photo by mathfour. Free Lesson in Promoting Math Confidence! Paper Dolls are symmetric and That’s Math! Wouldn’t it be nice if your kids were engaged in their math lessons? If they were confident in math, I bet they would be.

And if your kids were comfortable with math, maybe that could lead them to that confidence. Oh – and people (and kids) get comfortable with something when they’re familiar with it. Photo by mathfour. Mathfour : Here's @MathPsych lounging... That's Math! MathPsych : Hey, @mathfour, our #thats... Photo by mathfour. Photo by mathfour. Mathfour : Change "reading" to "doing... Photo by mathfour. MathPsych : @mathfour hard at work des... That's Math. “So, who gets the cookies?”

Oma asked Tom and Pam. They had decided to make cookies together and Oma was not one for making just a few. “Me,” Pam said in her tiny voice. “I want cookies.” Piece » Two Little Girls Explain The Worst Haircut Ever. Math Problem Quickie: Prime Number Fun on Your Wedding Day. The Declaration of Independence is Math! That's Math. Math in the 4th Grade Language Arts List. It’s not Cheating, Mom. It’s Collaborative Learning. According to a survey of 24,000 high school students in grades 9-12, 95 percent of students say they’ve cheated during the course of their education, ranging from letting somebody copy their homework to cheating on tests.

Sixty-four percent of students report one or more instances of serious testing-cheating, which include copying from someone else, helping someone else cheat on a test, or using crib sheets or cheat notes. The problem raises several questions, starting with, “What is cheating?” The answer is not as clear as one might think, and it leaves parents wondering, “Is it cheating when my kid invites friends over to collaborate on a homework assignment or school project?”

Photo by mathfour. How is a Homeschool Mom Like a Mathematician? But mathematics is the sister, as well as the servant, of the arts and is touched with the same madness and genius. Math is Not A Four Letter Word. Insight into the Development of That's Math! Facebook. Cloud Computing, Managed Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting by Rackspace. Simple:Press: A Fully Scalable Forum Plugin for WordPress. Looking for a solid plugin option for adding forums to your WordPress site? You may not have heard of Simple:Press, since it’s not available in the WordPress plugin repository. bbPress tends to dominate the plugin space for forum plugins, so I wanted to introduce you to another option, just in case you’re looking for something a little different. Simple:Press has been under development for the past six years, steadily becoming a full-featured WordPress forum plugin that can scale into the thousands.

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