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React Draggable. ES6 Promises with Firebase. Data for the Front-End I’m a front-end engineer.

ES6 Promises with Firebase

That’s probably why I like Firebase as a back-end service, with its JSON format, real-time sync, and authentication service. As a developer, I find myself trying to cut the server out of the equation and run code almost entirely on the client. Let’s consider here how to handle data transaction and storage with a remote flat-file database in today’s promising ES6 world! An App is Born Let’s pretend we want to architect a sports app that provides two main views: a list of teams, with their name and foundation individual team from that list, with additional data including a full list of players on the team and its schedule.

Baby Steps Well, intuitively, thinking about it from a storage perspective, we simply have teams and some related info to consider. . - teams - firebaseKey1 // unique id's generated by firebase - name - founded - players (long list) - schedule (long list) - firebaseKey2 - repeat... But this is a no-go. Let’s Get Serious. Example Chat - Firebase. Getting started with Firebase. In this post, we will see how to integrate Firebase with a “Pure” Javascript application, an Angularjs application and a Backbonejs application.

Getting started with Firebase

We will start off by setting up Firebase account and then we will take a quick look at the Firebase Authentication API. I have also written a Hybrid app using Firebase and IonicFramework, you can find the details below. We are going a MovieFire app, that will store all your favorite movies. And to persist this data, we will integrate the app with Firebase. We will be implementing the traditional CRUD operations on the movies collection. You can take a quick peek at the demo here and the complete code here. So, Let’s get started. Contents What is Firebase? Firebase is a real time application platform.

Setup Firebase If you do not have a Firebase account already, you can navigate to the Signup page and create an account. Firebase + ReactJS Examples, Demos, Code. FIREBASE + ReactJS Drag Drop. Firebase Tutorial: Building a Realtime App with Firebase. 15 Must-Have Mobile App Development Tools. A lot has changed since 1995, literally anyone with almost no technical capabilities can crank out a web or mobile app with ease.

15 Must-Have Mobile App Development Tools

So I thought I'd take the opportunity to share some of the more interesting app development platforms I've discovered recently. As a small business owner, if you decide there's good reason to develop your own mobile app, there are several tools that will help you do that. You don't have to be a programming junkie before you can use these tools - The frameworks are simpler to understand. Developers don't need to build their own databases or maintain the app.

They just open up an account, then point their app to the cloud. Corona Corona is the platform of choice for cross platform mobile app development. AppGyver AppGyver let you build fully HTML5 hybrid apps with ease. PhoneGap PhoneGap is a free and open source framework that allows you to create mobile apps using standardized web APIs for the platforms you care about. Appcelerator RAD Studio XE5 AppBuilder Tabris.

Knockout-Kendo.js - a set of Knockout.js bindings for Kendo UI. Knockout.js Knockout.js is an open source library that supports declarative data binding, dependency tracking, and automatic UI updates.

Knockout-Kendo.js - a set of Knockout.js bindings for Kendo UI

To learn more, be sure to look at the documentation, examples, and tutorials. Kendo UI, by Telerik, provides fast, clean, and configurable HTML5 UI widgets as part of a jQuery-based framework to support modern web development. For more information see the demos, documentation, and forums. Also, take note of the Kendo UI licensing terms. Installation Download the plugin from here or grab the latest build from the source.

Note: It is fine to reference Kendo UI scripts for individual widgets rather than all widgets (kendo.all.min.js), as this plugin will only create bindings for available widgets. Browse the documentation/examples for each individual widget for usage information.